Get inspired to help your kids show support for our country with these elementary patriotic bulletin board ideas. 

Bulletin boards are a great way to help celebrate holidays in the classroom and around school. 

The collection below has new ideas to help your classroom walls look a little more patriotic.

patriotic bulletin board ideas

You’ll find fun ideas from Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day to the 4th of July.  Or, perhaps you are learning about presidents, and need President’s Day bulletin board ideas.  If so, there are many creative ideas for that as well.

Check the post below for patriotic bulletin boards ready to go for your patriotic holidays and lessons!

Memorial Day Bulletin Boards

This patriotic holiday is all about remembering those who have scarified for our freedom.

It is something that is important for children to learn about, but in an age-appropriate way!

These boards are perfect for elementary Memorial Day discussions and lessons.

memorial day bulletin board ideas

Remember Our Heroes

This board is a great way to get children and students involved. They will love to paint their own heroes!

Photo Credit: Brenda Strickland

Patriotic Yard Bulletin Board

This is a great bulletin board for remembering heroes on Memorial Day. If you want to use it for a different patriotic holiday, you can just switch up the phrase a bit!

Photo Credit: Jamie O’Donnell

Home of the Free Because of the Brave

The United States is a free country because of the sacrifice of those who have come before us. This board would work well for Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day celebrations.

Photo Credit: SchoolGirlStyle

Veteran’s Day Bulletin Boards

Children will love writing letters and helping you make a bulletin board thanking our heroes!

patriotic bulletin board ideas

A Hand for Our Veterans

Each child can paint or color a hand for this board. You could even paint their hands and do handprints instead.

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We Thank You

This board looks different from different angles! Student’s and children can color both the flags and the outlines of the soldiers.

Photo Credit: Art with Jenny K

Hand American Flag

For the red and white stripes, this board uses hand cutouts. You can have students write whatever they want on them!

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We Thank Our Lucky Stars…

This board is a simple idea and a great way to get into the patriotic spirit.

Thank You Veterans

Have children fill in a writing prompt and make their own soldiers with this adorable Veteran’s Day idea.

July 4th Bulletin Boards

While the fourth of July is not during the school year, it is still important to teach students and children all about Independence Day!

Hand Firework Bulletin Board

The Fourth of July may happen after the end of the year, but you can still make a fun board to get students excited about celebrating the holiday over the summer.

Photo Credit: Keep Smiling Away

We’re Having a Blast This Summer

This board is a great way to celebrate the end to a great year and have children get excited for next year!

Baby You’re a Firework!

Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate the Fourth of July. There are so many different sayings you can use with a firework-themed bulletin board.

Our Little Fireworks

This is a cute way to personalize the bulletin board! Children will love getting their hands a little messy and making fireworks.

More Patriotic Bulletin Boards

Here are some extra patriotic bulletin board ideas. Some are just generally patriotic or red, white, and blue.

There are even a few ideas ready to go for President’s Day listed below!

American Flag Paper Chain

Paper chains are a classic decoration and easy to hang over a bulletin board space!

Photo Credit: Judith Marmo

American Flag Hearts

Students can show their big heart with these American flag hearts!

America The Beautiful

This is a simple, patriotic idea!

Classroom Presidents

If you are learning about presidents in social studies, you can use whatever president you are learning about for the model!

Photo Credit: Tunstallsteachingtidbits

Leaders of the Future

This is a perfect bulletin board display for getting students excited about what they can do in the future!

Abraham Lincoln President’s Day Board

If you are learning about Abraham Lincoln in social studies or American history, display this student artwork on your classroom bulletin board.

Photo Credit: K1TeachingBesties

Captain America

No matter what grade level you teach, you will find Captain American fans in your classroom or group!

Shining Stars

If you are looking for a simple board with a patriotic theme or patriotic color schemes, this one is very simple and easy to do.

We hope you’ve found fun and easy patriotic bulletin board ideas for your classroom. 

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patriotic bulletin board ideas

Patriotic Bulletin Board Ideas