Let’s jump into the Summer months with these fun summer crafts for kids! 

Summer time is an exciting few months for so many families.

Going on vacation and getting to spend more time with your kids is great! However, on those rainy days and blistering, hot days, you may need some indoor activities to help fill up your summer time. 

Or you just may not be able to leave the house and need something fun and productive for the kids to do that day.

Fun summer crafts for kids are a great way to spend your time!

If you are a summer camp teacher or an organizer, you may need summer craft ideas for those summer camp groups!

The fun summer crafts listed below are activities that kids, both younger and older, will love to spend their summer time completing.


Crafts for Summer Camp

These fun ideas are perfect for over night campers and day campers spending some of their summer break away from their parents!

If you are taking a camping trip together as a family, you, too, will love these summer crafts for kids.  

Rock Photo Holders

This perfect summer craft will help everyone work on their fine motor skills. Simply paint a rock, wrap it in metal twine, add beads and your favorite summer picture! 

DIY Painted Rock Photo Holder Craft for Kids
Photo Credit: BuggyandBuddy

Kids Camping Lantern

This is the perfect summer craft for those of you who are heading out into the woods this summer! You may even just be camping in your backyard – this fun project will work for that too!

kids camping lantern craft with modge podge and tissue paper
Photo Credit: TheCrazyOutdoorMama

Popsicle Stick Smores

If a rainy day or weekend has interfered with your camping trip, no worries. These popsicle stick s’mores are a less sticky version that kids will love to create.

Photo Credit: GluedtomyCrafts

Clay Camp Necklaces

This is a great way to commemorate activities you did or things you saw at summer camp!

If s’mores were your favorite part of the trip, you can make a little clay version of the treat for the centerpiece of your necklace.

s'more camping necklace for summer camp diy craft
Photo Credit: TheCrazyOutdoorMama

Campfire Marshmallow Painting

It may not be real fire, but this craft is easy peasy.

easy campfire craft for kids to make
Photo Credit: Craftsonsea

Ice Cream Crafts

Summer days, whether you are young or old, are often filled with ice cream. When you have already had your daily fill, complete one of these crafts instead!

Paper Ice Cream Cone

This paper ice cream cone is about as simple and unfussy as it gets.

Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cones

If the summer heat is too much for your real ice cream, make these pretend cones out of puffy paint!

Make cones out of brown construction paper, and paint ice cream scoops using puffy paint!

Cotton Ball Cream Cones

Most of us already have cotton balls ready to go sitting in our bathroom!

cotton ball ice cream craft- toddler at play (1)
Photo Credit: ToddlerPlay

Hand Print Ice Cream Cones

Simple summer crafts that are also personalized are always a winner. This handprint ice cream cone will be a big hit.

Photo Credit: CraftyMorning

Cupcake Liner Ice Cream Cones

Cupcake liners are easy to find and you may already have them sitting in your pantry or cabinet!

Photo Credit: IHeartCraftyThings

Pinwheel Crafts for Kids

Making a pinwheel is a fun craft if you are having a windy day. They make great summer yard decor or decorations for a backyard BBQ!

Paper Windmill

This is a classic paper windmill or pinwheel. If you have never made one before, it’s probably good to start with this particular one.

Spinning Paper Windmill
Photo Credit: EasyCraftsforKids

Watermelon Pinwheels

Nothing says summer like watermelon! These would look adorable sitting in the grass at a BBQ or picnic.

WATERMELON PINWHEELS - This colourful watermelon pinwheel craft is so quick and easy to make. They're great for kids to play with and make gorgeous Summer party decorations too. What a fun and fruity way to add a splash of colour! #pinwheels #windmills #watermelons #papercrafts #kidscrafts #craftsforkids #homemadetoys #summercrafts #kidsactivities #origami #kidscraftroom #watermelon #pinwheel
Photo Credit: KidsCraftRoom

No Pin Pinwheel

These paper pinwheels are made specifically for kids! They may not spin as seamlessly as ones with pins in them, but they are made with totally kid-friendly materials.

Photo Credit: RufflesandRainboots

Flower Crafts for Kids

If you’ve got some rainy days around, just know that what you’ve got in your yard will bloom afterwards.

During those rainy hours, fill up your time with one of these easy flower crafts.


Handprint Lilies

These handprint lilies are perfect for spring and summer time!

Photo Credit: OneLittleProject

Heart Construction Paper Flowers

Construction paper crafts are always a favorite because of how simple they are. This construction paper flower is so simple and you probably already have everything you need on hand.


Tissue Paper Flower

If you have scrap or extra tissue paper laying around, this paper flower is perfect. Any colors will do just fine!

printable tulip template kid crafts crafts for kids - spring craft for kids -amorecraftylife.com #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool
Photo Credit: AMoreCraftyLife

Coffee Filter Flowers

Kids of all ages will love getting to use mom and dad’s coffee filters for this fun flower craft.

Photo Credit: LittleBinsforLittleHands

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Catching and spotting butterflies is such a fun summer activity. If you’re having a hard time finding them outside, gather supplies and sit down with one of these activities.


Butterfly Suncatcher

This art project is perfect for summer time. Plenty of butterflies and plenty of sun!

Print your FREE template and give your windows a fun stained glass effect with this easy, DIY Easter Spring Butterfly Suncatcher craft! Great for kids, toddlers and adults! #Spring #springcrafts#ButterflyCrafts
Photo Credit: SimpleMomProject

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Coffee filters make such a fun craft material, because they can look like tie-dye when colored with markers!  This coffee filter butterfly is easy and adorable. 


Caterpillar to Butterfly Craft

This craft project is perfect for those who are learning about or have become interested in butterflies. The lifecycle of a butterfly is so unique and this craft does a great job explaining what happens!

Photo Credit: ModernSmallTownMama

Paint Splat Butterfly

A paint splatter project makes for a very fun craft time!

Photo Credit: GluedtomyCrafts

Summer Paper Plate Crafts

Some of the best summer crafts are also the easiest. Paper plate crafts are always easy and there are so many different ways to use them!


Sunflower Paper Plate Craft

Paper plates make perfect flowers!  My daughter had fun making these for the original Summer Crafts for Kids post.  


Paper Plate Fans

There are so many creative ideas around to help you keep cool during the summer – this one included!

Photo Credit: ThePinterestedParent

Paper Plate Ice Cream Cone

Paper plates make a great ice cream cone topper! You can use real sprinkles with this one too!

Photo Credit: EasyPeasyandFun

Summer Vacation Crafts for Kids

These simple summer crafts will have you reminiscing on summer vacation long after your summer ends.

Ocean Craft

This little project gives you the chance to make an art piece that will commemorate your beach vacation!

If you’ve gathered some seashells, you are just a couple of materials away from getting started.



Footprint Flip-Flops

Nothing says summer like flip-flops.

Photo Credit: TippyToeCrafts

Sand and Ocean Painting

This is one of the best ideas – whether you go to the beach this summer or not. If you spend your summer at a lake, you can gather dirt/sand from that location instead of the beach!

beach painting activity
Photo Credit: MustHaveMom

More Fun Summer Crafts

If you’ve got some summer boredom and need more fun projects and activities to fill up those summer months, check out the additional summer crafts below!


Popsicle Craft

Gather some leftover popsicle sticks from your real popsicles to make this fun and crafty construction paper popsicle!

Cardboard Lemonade

This cardboard lemonade craft is lots of fun – especially for pretend play!


Firework Salt Painting

Any time is the perfect time for fireworks! This firework salt painting is made for 4th of July celebrations, but you could use any color that you like!

Uploaded image

Color Changing Slime

Little hands will love playing with this goopy project.


Sidewalk Puffy Paint

Make fun drawings on your sidewalk stand out with this easy to make sidewalk puffy paint.

DIY Bubble Wand

Older kids and younger kids will love making this bubble wand personal to them.

How to Make DIY Bubble Wands & Homemade Bubbles, These Easy DIY Wire Bubble Wands are a fun summer craft idea and Summer Activity for Kids, learn how to make bubbles with only 3 ingredients and The Best Homemade Bubble Wand Ideas your kids will love.
Photo Credit: NaturalBeachLiving

Squirt Gun Painting

This is a great activity for little artists that have a lot of energy on those hot, summer days!

Squirt Gun Painting
Photo Credit: FirefliesandMudpies

Rock Painting 

Go outside and gather a collection of rocks. 


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