Are you looking for a kindergarten school supplies list for the new school year? Look no further, friend.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I have put together a recommended list that will help you prepare for the upcoming school year.

At the end of the post, you will find a free printable list of classroom supplies.

kindergarten school supplies list

Preparing for Kindergarten

A child’s first year of elementary school is such an exciting time! That first drop-off and first day of school is something parents and teachers will remember for a very long time. 

The switch to a full and structured schedule may overwhelm a new kindergartener at first. Overtime, they will hopefully begin to enjoy being at school.

As a parent, trust that sending a child to school introduces them to subjects and concepts you may not be well-versed in.  Your child’s teacher was trained to teach them and you can trust them to do it well.

A kindergartener will learn so much during their first year of school! It will likely shock you how much new information they learn.

The young children will get to enjoy class parties, new friends, and class field trips. It will be so exciting to watch!

Before you and your new student show up for that first day of school, you need to go school shopping!

Your child’s teacher may have some specific things that they require. However, there are general kindergarten supply lists you can look at for an idea of what they will need.

School shopping often becomes a favorite part of starting school for elementary students!

You will set your child up for a successful school year by supplying them with the supplies they need.

Kindergarten School Supplies List

Please note, not every school district requires the same school supplies. 

These are common school supplies that would be great to have in any homeschool or classroom setting.  

Labeling Kindergarten School Supplies

Your child’s teacher may have additional supplies they need other than these, but this list is a great start. 

At the end of the year, extra school supplies can be sent back home.

Some kindergarten teachers prefer to use community supplies, whereas others like each kid to use their own. 

 If you aren’t sure,  put your child’s name, and their last name,  on the items that will be personal to them.

Their pencil box, crayons, and glue are likely ones that will be kept at their desk. Items like tissues or paper towels on your child’s school supply list will often be put away into a classroom supply.

Every year, I labeled my daughters coats, lunch boxes, bookbags, and water bottles with Mabel’s Labels.  

Mabel’s Labels stay on even through the washes!  They are a great way to make sure other kids don’t take home your child’s belongings.  

Better get to school supply shopping before all of the fun-colored folders run out!

Free Kindergarten School Supplies Printable

Get your free kindergarten school supplies printable HERE.   

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Kindergarten School Supplies List