If you know children who love horses, they will love reading these short horse poems for kids.

Are your five and six year olds are interested in horses? If so, they will likely be more engaged in reading and retelling classic poems about horses. 

Today’s readers are looking to engage with poems and books they can relate to. 

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Easy Horse Poems for Kids

Maybe your kids don’t yet love poems. If they constantly talk about their little horse stuffed animal, that’s your opportunity to introduce fun horse poems for kids. Find their interest, and go with it! 

I’m a Little Horsey

(By Little Learning Corner)

I’m a little horsey

fast and strong.

I’ll let you ride on me

all day long.

When I get hungry,

I eat all the hay. 

Saddle me up and pull the reins.

This is a cute horse poem that can be added a young child’s collection of farm animal poems.

i'm a little horse poem for kids printable
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Ten Little Horses

(By Little Learning Corner)

One little, two little, 

three little horses.

Four little, five little,

six little horses. 

Seven little, eight little,

Nine little horses.

Ten little horses trotting away. 

ten little horses poem for kids printable
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10 Little Horses Fingerplay

(Author unknown)

Ten little horses galloped into town. 

Five were black and five were brown. 

They galloped up, and they galloped down. 

And they galloped, and they galloped,

right out of town. 

fun horse poems for kids

Horses, Horses

(By Little Learning Corner)

Horses, horses,

wag your tails.

Horses, horses,

you jumped the bails. 

Horses, horses,

tighten the saddles. 

Horses, horses,

miss the barrels. 

printable horse poem for kids
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Are your kids into watching horse racing? If so, they are likely familiar with barrel racing.

The amazing strength of the horse is displayed as they power through the obstacles at a fast speed.

Humpty Dumpty Rode a Horse

This poem was adapted from the classic nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty. 

It would be the perfect addition to your fairy tale and nursery rhyme activities.  Children of all ages will enjoy this one!

(Author unknown)

Humpty dumpty rode a horse. 

Humpty dumpty fell off, of course.

All the cowboys, and all the cowgirls,

Put Humpty Dumpty back with the toys. 

humpty dumpty printables and activities


(By Little Learning Corner)

Horses trotting on the hill side. 

I wish I had one to call mine. 

Their manes are shiny and long. 

Their muscles are big and strong. 

The sun is going down.

It’s time for the horses to go home. 

horses poem for kids printable
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The word level for most of these horse poems for kids are easy. This one, however, would be better to add to a second or third graders collection of horse poems.

Five White Horses

(By Little Learning Corner)

Five white horses eating in a row. 

The first one said, “I love hay; ya know?”

The second one said, “I’m ready to go play.”

The third one said, “Today is a good day.”

The fourth one said, “I have spots on my face.”

The fifth one said, “Let’s pick up the pace!”

Then out came the kids, ready to play.

Time to ride the horses on a cool Fall day. 

Five white horses poem for kids printable
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Horse Poems for Older Kids

These poems are a bit longer than the short, catchy poems above.  Older elementary kids would enjoy this collection. 

A Horse to Love

(By Pat Lessie)

I ride the bus to school each day.

I pass the same horse on my way. 

At times, he’s outdoors eating grass

beside a rail fence when I pass. 

But when he’s standing in his shed,

then I see just his neck and head. 

The horse is spotted gray on white.

His ears and mane and tail are light.

I’d like to take the horse a treat,

a carrot or some fruit to eat. 

I’d like to pat his ears and nose,

and rub his neck. Do you suppose

I’ll have a horse when I am grown?

A spotted horse to love? My own?

Advice From a Horse

(By Llan Shamir)

Take a life’s hurdles in stride.

Loosen the reins.

Be free spirited.

Keep the burrs

from under your saddle.

Carry your friends

when they need it.  

Keep stable.

Gallop to greatness.  

Children’s Books About Horses

Whether your kids have a favorite race horse, love wild horses, have their first horse, or simply love horses, these books are a good addition to their horse books.

Horses, Horse Heads, Heads, Stallions, Equines, Mammals

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