20 Free Building Sentences Worksheets

Finding the right Building Sentences worksheets for your kids doesn’t have to be difficult. Today, I’m going to share nearly 30 themed sentence building worksheets great for young learners.

Throughout the post, you will find the important skills learned, how to do the building sentences worksheets, a list of themed worksheets, and a freebie.  Yes, it’s true.  At the bottom of the post, you will find a section to try out a complete set of 20 Building Sentences worksheets for free.  This is a great way to help your kids practice sentence building.

free building sentences worksheets. Skills learned with building sentences activities, and themed building sentences worksheets

Skills Covered in Sentence Building Activities

There are many sentence building activities that help kids, but I’m going to focus on the Building Sentences I created to share with parents and teachers.

When kids complete Little Learning Corner’s Building Sentences, they cut and paste word tiles to build, write, and illustrate basic sentences.

Having a solid understanding of concepts of print is one of the building blocks for strong readers.  I will link a post at the end to better explain concepts of print.  For now, know that concepts of print covers directionality, knowing words are separated by spaces, sentence types, and much more.

A variety of skills, such as the ones below, are covered:

  • Concepts of print
  • Fine motor skills
  • Building complete sentences
  • Sentence writing
  • Sight Words
  • Illustrating to represent print
  • Parts of Speech: punctuation
  • Reading comprehension

As you can see, there isn’t just one important skill being covered with these sentence worksheets.  Now, let’s take a look at how kids, on multiple reading levels, complete Building Sentences worksheets.

How to do Building Sentences Worksheets

Instead of a typical kindergarten worksheet, these activities engage the kids on multiple levels.  There are 2 levels with every Building Sentences resource mentioned below.

I will further explain each level in a moment.  First, here’s a look at each step the kids will complete with the pdf worksheet.

  • Cut and paste word tiles
  • Build the sentence in the correct order
  • Write the sentence
  • Draw a picture to match the sentence


Level 1:

On level 1 worksheets, the sentence is printed at the top.  This is for emergent readers to decode and read on their own.  Then, they use the word tiles to build the sentence just as it’s shown above the “build” space.

Having the sentence at the top is a visual reference for kids who cannot form their own sentences when given a group of words.

The focus on this level is building concepts of print, writing sentences on a ruled line, and using early reading skills.

Level 2:

The level 2 worksheets still provide practice with building simple sentences, but do not have the sentence printed for reference.  In other words, the kids use their own ideas to form what they believe are the correct sentences.

Typically, I find level 2 worksheets to work best with first grade students, or kindergartners that need a challenge.

Sometimes, the kids will discover multiple ways to construct a sentence.  As they are building, and trying to make sense of the group of words, they often produce a whole new sentence.

Great Uses for Building Sentences Worksheets

You’ve learned the skills covered, and how to do the building sentences.  Now, let’s look at the different ways you can use them with your early readers.

There are many ways you can use these with kindergarten students and first graders.  In just one fun worksheet, the kids will get extra practice with their sentence building skills.

free building sentences worksheets. Skills learned with building sentences activities, and themed building sentences worksheets

The no-prep worksheets are perfect for:

  • a writing center
  • literacy stations
  • morning work
  • homeschool activities
  • homework
  • reading groups
  • a practice activity with tutors

You will find these are great when you need kids to complete their own work.  Independent work allows you more time to work with other kids or plan your next activity.

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Themed Building Sentences Worksheets

Below are a series of worksheets (Building Sentences) categorized by theme.  Like all resources I create, my goal is to provide you with a great activity that keeps learning fun.

Whether used at home, or in a kindergarten or 1st grade classroom, these worksheets are no different.  Your kids will love them just as much as you will love the no-prep aspect.

You can find all of the themed Building Sentences in my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE, or click the links below to purchase directly from my Little Learning Corner store.



Literature and Nursery Rhymes

Seasons and Holidays

More Fun Themed Building Sentences Worksheets

Free Sentence Building Worksheets

Are you ready to try the building sentences with your early elementary school students?

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