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35 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids (2023)

Are you looking for monthly subscription boxes for kids? If so, this complete guide will help you choose the right ones for younger and older children. They make great gifts for kids of all ages. Whether you have early explorers, a little artist, young kids who like to bake, or older kids who love to read, there’s something for everyone.

As parents and teachers, we want to help our kids grow and learn to their fullest ability. One of the ways we do this is by keeping them engaged in fun learning activities throughout the year.

Rather than going out and fighting the “I want this…” battle at the store, you can get the best subscription boxes for kids delivered right to your doorstep.


Toy Subscription Boxes for Kids

toy subscription boxes for kids

1.  Fun in the Box

AGES: Choose from Newborn to 12

ABOUT THE BOX:  These boxes are great if you have kids or grandkids and don’t know what to get them.  They are curated by age and gender with toys, games, and crafts.  You can choose from a birthday box, mystery box, seasonal subscription, annual subscription, or their holiday boxes. 

PRICE: Starting at $29.99

PROMOE CODE:  Get 10% off your first order with code FUN10

GET THE BOX: Fun in the Box


2.  VIP Box of Sensory Toys

AGES: Ages 4-9

ABOUT THE BOX: Get 6-8 sensory toys, conversation cue cards, games, activity book, etc. All boxes are creatively curated with a whimsical theme & sensory items/toys chosen by a special needs children’s therapist/educator. 

PRICE: $44.75 with 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: VIP Box of Sensory Toys


3.  Brick Loot

AGES:  4+

ABOUT THE BOX:  These are unique monthly subscription boxes, custom LED lighting kits for LEGO sets, custom LEGO sets, custom brick sets, and custom LEGO minifigures for individuals and corporations.

Brick Loot Box subscribers receive a Brick Loot Box every month, filled with 4-8 unique, custom, and never-before-seen items – the fun theme and contents inside are always a surprise! 

PRICE: $27.28 a month

GET THE BOX: Brick Loot



4.  Fidget Toy Subscription 

AGES: 8-14

ABOUT THE BOX: Great for upper elementary kids. Includes 6-7 Mystery Fidget Toys and an inspirational quote card. 

PRICE: $26.25 for a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Fidget Toys Subscription


Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids

In this section, you will find kids’ subscription boxes with educational activities they will love. From science experiments to hands-on tinker crates, there are many box options to choose from. Educational boxes are perfect to keep kids engaged in learning over the summer.

toy and educational subscription boxes for kids

5.  Think Outside 

AGES: 4-16+

ABOUT THE BOX: An award winning outdoor adventure box for kids of all ages!  Each subscription starts with our Intro Box with a backpack of you choice, followed by 12 monthly themed boxes filled with 3 – 5 outdoor gear items, reference cards, outdoor education and activities, and more! 

PRICE: $23.95 with a 12 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Think Outside


6.  Green Kids STEAM

AGES: 3-10

ABOUT THE BOX: Award winning hands-on science and craft learning box. Founded by a scientist-mom, each box has 4-6 STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art, and math) themed activities and a magazine.  

PRICE: $33.33 for a 3 month subscription



7.  School Sensory Box

AGES: 4-9 

ABOUT THE BOX: This is a quarterly subscription. The four boxes a year come with 10-12 high quality toys, books, games, and fidgets in each box. They promote skill building, self-regulation, calming, and more.  

PRICE: $69.95 with a yearly subscription

GET THE BOX: School Sensory Box


8.  The Preschool Box

AGES: 3-6

ABOUT THE BOX: Help your preschooler or kindergartener start school off with a bang! The Preschool Box is full of fun, simple activities that will have your child excited to learn. We focus on teaching your child beginning phonics skills, counting, shapes, colors, and writing with different hands-on activities and games.

PRICE: $41.65 with a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: The Preschool Box


9. Finders Seekers Junior Explorers

AGES: 5-10+

ABOUT THE BOX: Explore the world while solving puzzles, discovering natural wonders, and making works of art!

The adventures provide hours of fun where kids explore different world cultures while solving mysteries, examining natural wonders and creating art. Each box contain activities that explore the 5 disciplines in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math PLUS Mystery Critical Thinking!

PRICE: $24.00 with a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Finders Seekers Junior Explorers


10.  Bitsbox

AGES: 6-12

ABOUT THE BOX: Voted #1 STEM box for kids: Bitsbox is a crazyfun subscription box that teaches kids how to code! Bitsbox delivers coding projects that teach kids to make video games, greeting cards, simulations, and more. Kids start by coding from examples and progress quickly to inventing their own apps! 

PRICE: $24.95

GET THE BOX: Bitsbox


11.  Mystery Adventure Club

AGES: 6-12

ABOUT THE BOX: Mystery Adventure Club delivers new and exciting mysteries directly to your doorstep! Your child receives a wholly contained mystery featuring clues, characters and stories all in one box. It’s an interactive experience that wakes up your child’s imagination and makes you want to be a kid again.

PRICE: $47.99

GET THE BOX: Mystery Adventure Club


12. Kiwi Crate

AGES: 1-14 There are different boxes for each age group.  

ABOUT THE BOX: This box, geared for ages 5-8, combines crafting with the art of building. Your kiddo will get high quality materials to engage in arts, crafts, and tinkering projects. To keep the learning going, Kiwi Crate also sends a monthly magazine full with comics, games, and experiments. If you need support, or help with the craft, KiwiCo offers online tutorials with tips and tricks.

PRICE: Starting $19.99/month

GET THE BOX: Kiwi Crate


13.  Little Learners Busy Box

AGES: 2-4

ABOUT THE BOX: Developed and created by a former teacher and homeschool mom of 3, this box has what you need to keep 2-4 year old kids learning in fun ways! No prep…just open and go! 3-5 activities in each box. 

PRICE: Starts at $13 a month

GET THE BOX: Little Learners Busy Box


14.  SuperNow Adventure Club

AGES: 6-10 

ABOUT THE BOX: Solve the monthly mission by completing projects in a live, small , online, group class with a fun and engaging instructor. 4 weekly projects come in each box. They are a great option for STEAM activities. The kids will have little passports to personalize before they have so much fun on their monthly missions.

PRICE: Get your first month free. Then $30 per month

GET THE BOX: SuperNow Adventure Club


15.  Groovy Lab in a Box

AGES: 4-8+

ABOUT THE BOX: Groovy Lab in a Box is full of everything a child needs to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments.

Each box activates thinking, questioning, inquiring, and original creation as we guide children through the “SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY & ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS.” Our product featuresall the supplies needed to complete activities, experiments, and design challenges outlined in our custom, subject specific lab notebook.

PRICE:  $29.95 per month

GET THE BOX:  Groovy Lab in a Box



Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

Whether you’re looking for single boxes for the perfect gift, or a subscription service for monthly fun activities, you’ll love these craft boxes.

craft, toy, and educational subscription boxes for kids

16.   Orange Art Box

AGES: 5-10

ABOUT THE BOX: Getting the best value for your buck, you’ll get at least 3 projects in a box! The themed boxes come with detailed instructions for younger children to adults to enjoy making together.

This company was founded by a Mom who loves doing arts and crafts with kids. Jen, the founder, created a promo code just for Little Learning Corner. 

PRICE: $35.95 The longer you subscribe, the more you will save.

PROMO CODE: Use code LEARNING to get 15% off you fun craft box

GET THE BOX: Orange Art Box



17.  Green Kid Crafts

AGES: 2-4 and 5-10+

ABOUT THE BOX: This award-winning STEAM monthly subscription box for kids comes with up to 6 science and art themed kits, materials, an activity magazine, and achievement badges. Choose from the Junior Discovery Box or the Discovery Box. The best of all…Green Kid Crafts plants one tree for each order!

PRICE: $24.95

PROMO: Use code SCREENFREE at checkout to get $5 off your first order!

GET THE BOX: Green Kid Crafts


18.  We Craft Box

AGES: Kids’ ages 3-9

ABOUT THE BOX: Creating quality crafting time without the prep work! Each month as a new theme, and they send you all the materials you need to get the creative juices flowing. 

Best of all, each box has enough crafting materials to share among 2 kids – perfect for siblings. The step by step directions have clear pictures for a better visual reference for the kids.

PRICE: $33.33 for a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: We Craft Box


19.  Kids DIY Monthly Crafts Box

AGES: 3-9

ABOUT THE BOX: Fun, Interesting, Informative, and Creative activities for kids. Let them create, enjoy, learn new skills, and demonstrate their masterpiece & confidence, and feel proud. Each month there is a new theme and focus on skill development while keeping it fun.

PRICE: $68.49 for a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Kids DIY Monthly Crafts Box


20.  Craft + Boogie Box

AGES: 3-8

ABOUT THE BOX: Kids’ crafts, music, and activities that celebrate your family’s favorite days of the year! Each box comes with 4 festive crafts, a family game, simple snack recipes, paper table decorations, activity pages, a Spotify playlist, and a guide that teaches the history behind the holiday. Every purchase helps fund craft kits for kids in need through their nonprofit

PRICE: $28.32 for a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Craft + Boogie Box


21.  Kid Made Modern

AGES:  Toddlers to Adults

ABOUT THE BOX: These crafting kits range from classic crafts, to jewelry making, to STEAM kits, on the go kits, and so much more.  

PRICE:  Starting at $18.99

GET THE BOX:  Kid Made Modern


22.  Little Dreamers Club 

AGES: Ages 3-5 and 6-8

ABOUT THE BOX: Each box includes themed craft projects, a top-rated book, a themed badge, extra projects you can make with everyday household items, and all the art supplies to complete your craft projects.

PRICE: $32.99 for a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Little Dreamers Club 


23.  Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club 

AGES: 5-12

ABOUT THE BOX: A fun monthly Sticker Club! There’s NOTHING better than getting stickers in the mail! Each pack includes a sparkly, reusable storage pouch, 15 sheets of super fun stickers, a postcard, and an activity book! Pipsticks is the perfect screen-free entertainment!

PRICE: $17.95 with a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Pipsticks Kid’s Club Classic


Clothing Subscription Boxes for Kids

clothes, craft, toy, and educational subscription boxes for kids

24.  Kids Pajama Crate

AGES: 2-14

ABOUT THE BOX:  Each month you will receive a specially curated set of pajamas for your little one in sizes 2T to 14 youth. 100% cotton pajamas with new designs and colors every month. Choose your desired holidays and pause your subscription if you want to skip a set. Handmade by a small family business in Arizona

PRICE: $28.33 when you get a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Kids Pajama Crate

25.   Girl-a-Tude 

AGES: 18 months to Adults (Great for mommy and me)

ABOUT THE BOX: Each month your special girl will receive a “girl power” t-shirt, fun gift(s) and a note from G-Girl discussing the theme of the month. High quality t-shirts, age appropriate, and promoting self confidence!

PRICE: $17.66 per month with a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX:  Girl-a-tude

26.  KidPik

AGES:: 2-16

ABOUT THE BOX: Style for every age: they learn your kids personal style & grow with them! Each month, you’ll receive 8 items to mix and match and create unique, stylish outfits. Only pay for the items you choose to keep! 




Book Subscription Boxes for Kids

From board books to chapter books, there are monthly boxes with children’s books for all different age groups below.

books, clothes, craft, toy, and educational subscription boxes for kids

27.  Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club

AGES: 3-7

ABOUT THE BOX: A unique, interactive reading experience for children! Each month, your child will receive picture books, along with unique play costume pieces that match the theme and characters of the new books. Also included are interactive games and crafts.

PRICE: $33.33 per box for a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club


28.  Owl Post Books Imagination

AGES: 1-13

ABOUT THE BOX: Owl Post Books was created to provide amazing quality books in a convenient and fun way that is affordable for everyone. OPB has been featured in several publications and was voted Best of the Best in Austin, Texas.

This is not your normal book subscription. Boxes are carefully curated by an educator that has been teaching for 15 years!

PRICE: $34.00 per box for a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Owl Post Books Imagination


29.  Reading Bug Box

AGES: 1-13

ABOUT THE BOX: Choose from different boxes for various age groups. The Best Children’s Book Subscription!” Perfectly personalized to every child’s age, interests and reading level by the expert staff of our independent Children’s Bookstore. Encourage a finicky reader, inspire an avid reader, or promote parent-child read-aloud bonding, and let the book selections in your Reading Bug Box grow as your child grows.

PRICE: Starting at $18 a month

GET THE BOX: Reading Bug Box


30.  Lil Readers Book Club

AGES: 5-7

ABOUT THE BOX: Lil Readers Book Club is a children’s book monthly subscription for young readers ages 5-7. Each month you will receive 3 books, crafts and more to help make reading exciting for your child! Each month will have a new theme to learn about and is a great way to prepare your child for school.

PRICE: $41.65 a month

GET THE BOX: Lil Readers Book Club


31.  I Read Chapter Book

AGES: 9-12 

ABOUT THE BOX: Give your kid the excitement of a surprise package with 1-3 book items every month! containing a combination of exciting fiction chapter books along with an interesting non-fiction activity book i.e.,a How-to guide, joke book, journal, or graphic novel perfect for the tween reader in your life.

PRICE: $14.42 per box for a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: I Read Chapter Books Book Club


32.  My First Reading Club

AGES: 1-12

ABOUT THE BOX: My First Reading Club is guided by a passion for reading. Reading inspires, empowers, and links to all education throughout life. Whether you are reading to your child or simply helping them along, reading fires the imagination, builds confidence and creates a platform to a prosperous future. 5 Distinct Age Groups. Choose whichever group fits your reader best! Additional Activity Book included in every shipment!. A small gift for Mom in every box!

PRICE: $19.00 per box for a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: My First Reading Club



Cooking and Baking Subscription Boxes for Kids

cooking, baking, books, clothes, craft, toy, and educational subscription boxes for kids

33.  Junior ChefBox

AGES: 4-14

ABOUT THE BOX:  JuniorChefBox is a cooking education subscription box. It educates kids on how to cook with its picturized step-by-step recipes that will be sent to your home. Kids friendly animated cartoon character Chefy will teach the kids how to cook through video and ingredients shopping made easy through whisk shopping. 

Each box gets 3 tasty recipe guides, 2 STEM based experiment guides, 1 STEM worksheet, quality kitchen tools, and 3 recipe videos. 

PRICE: $22/00 with a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Junior ChefBox


34.  Gramma In a Box

AGES: Bakers of all ages

ABOUT THE BOX: Gramma in a Box sends the joy of fresh-baked cookies and a fun creative candy project each month. Everything you need for the whole family to make a memory-filled monthly experience. Get 12 fresh baked sugar cookies with 4 frostings and assorted sprinkles, plus a fun candy craft. Each box makes up to 20 finished cookie and candy treats to eat.

GET THE BOX: Gramma In a Box


35.  Baketivity Kids Baking DIY Activity Kit

AGES: Bakers of all ages

ABOUT THE BOX: Baketivity Is A Wonderful Way To Bond With Children And Build Skills In An Informal Way; It Is Easy, Fun, And Mess-Free With The Most Delicious Results! WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: Create Everlasting Memories With Fresh, Certified Kosher Ingredients That Are Manufactured In An FDA Approved, Nut-Free Facility In The USA.

PRICE: $32.95 with a 3 month subscription

GET THE BOX: Baketivity Kids Baking DIY Activity Kit



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