50 Gifts for Student Teachers | Ideas for 2023

I’m guessing you know how tough being a student teacher and teaching can be. While taking on a student teacher is not always easy, they can really add a lot of value and help to your classroom.  Here, you will find many great ideas on gifts for students teachers.  

They are all gifts you can gift yourself, or give as a group.  

Gifts for student teachers

Gift Basket Ideas for Student Teachers

A gift basket is such a fun way to present a gift! You can put in all sorts of items based around a theme.  There are many good ideas out there for a student teacher gift basket.

You can create one centered around items you know they will find useful in their own classroom, or give one that will help them de-stress after a long year. Totally up to you and what you think your particular individual will enjoy the most.

gift basket ideas for student teachers

1. Teacher “Survival” Kit

When they walk into the building on that first school day, this sort of basket will be a life saver.

  • A remedy for headaches.  I prefer rubbing CBD or Hemp cream on my temples, but others like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Band aids
  • Flair Pens (red pens can be important, but different colors are useful as well).
  • Candy for the teacher and candy for future students (mini M&Ms are great).
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Lanyard
  • Coffee or Tea Supplies: A cute coffee mug with Keurig coffee pods is the perfect gift to make coffee in the classroom. 

2. A Gift Basket From Students

Do  this in one of a few ways. Let the students bring in small items to add to the gift basket themselves. Having extra items for students who forget to bring in something themselves/cannot afford to bring anything in is wise. That way, everyone is able to put their name or a personal message on something and feel included.

You could also have the class come up with a list of items together and purchase them that way. They will still feel involved in the gift giving!

The one below, from Sara j. Creations, is a great example. 

3. Book Basket

A new teacher’s classroom library is so important.

Purchase a few yourself, and have students bring in either a new or used book that they love! Again, you can purchase of few new books from the dollar store for those who forget/are unable to bring one in.

Have the students write a note inside the book! Some neighboring teachers may want to participate as well. 


4. Bulletin Board Basket

Some ask, “What’s one task that most new teachers spend a significant amount of time doing?”.

Decorating bulletin boards for their new classroom. There may even be bulletin boards inside and outside the classroom, such as the hallways.

5. Self-Care Basket

As a cooperating teacher, you may know it’s no easy feat taking on a student teacher. However, if you remember your own student teaching experience, you know how difficult that is.

It has likely been a long year for your student teacher. Make them a basket that will help them relax before their new job starts. A self-care basket  could include items like:

  • loofah
  • bath bombs
  • body washes
  • face masks
  • lotion
  • candle
  • favorite candy/drink
Teacher self care box. Gift ideas for student teachers
This Teacher Self Care Box would make an excellent gift for student teachers. 

Fun Gift Ideas for Student Teachers

  1. Magnetic Shelfs These are amazing! Stick them right on your white board to hold supplies, books, etc. 
  2. LED String Lights with Clips:  Perfect for hanging class photos or the highlighting kids work. 
  3. Pocket Chart  
  4. Desk Lamp – Such a useful gift. You can have the students write a letter about how your student teacher helped “light up” their school year.
  5. Colorful Storage Containers
  6.  Centers for their First Year of Teaching – This would be a huge help for new teachers. If you know what grade level they will be teaching next year, buy a few centers, such as Build a Poems.
  7.  Personal Laminator – Most teachers say this is the best thing they purchased for their classroom. Those school-wide laminators often have a line or need maintenance! Being able to laminate on your own time is a huge time saver.
  8.  Lesson Planner – Lesson plans are necessary for every teacher and school. Help your student teacher stay organized with a lesson planner like one of these
  9. Single Serve Keurig –  This is something a teacher could use during planning or lunch time. If they have access to an electric kettle, they may also enjoy a French press. 
  10. LegiLiner
gift ideas for student teachers

Personalized Gifts for Student Teachers

  1. Insulated Water Bottle – Choose their favorite color, an inspirational quote, or the teacher’s name!  
  2. Personalized Tote Bag: This is similar to the classroom flower pot above, but a tote bag is so useful for teachers! Have the whole class sign or write a message on the bag in fabric marker. If you are just looking to do a personalized bag with their name on it, their are plenty of sites that will print one with their name on it for you.
  3. Classroom Flower Pot: This is such a great idea- especially if you know your student teacher loves plants. Have the children in your classroom write their names, leave a thumbprint, or write a message all over a small/medium sized flower pot. Add an easy-to-take-care-of plant and your student teacher will have their first piece of classroom decor.
  4.  Classroom Yearbook: A special gift for a special teacher. With parental permission, make a mini booklet of the students’ yearbook pictures ( or pictures you take yourself). Have them write a message underneath their picture.
  5.  Letters of Reference from the Students: This is such great gift. What is better than a handwritten note? This will not only let your student teacher know how much of a great teacher they were, but it can also let their future employers know as well.
  6. Personalized calendar – This is a fun gift for the student teacher that loves to plan ahead. This is another item you could have your students sign and write messages on. 

Gift Card Ideas for Teachers

If you are a cooperating teacher and want to give your special person the option to choose what they want or need, gift cards are the way to go.

gift ideas for student teachers

An experienced teacher knows what is really necessary for a first year teacher, but you can also give them the option to choose what they want for their own classroom.

Gift cards for teacher-specific stores like Teachers Pay Teachers or one for a local teacher supply store can make sure they get what they need!

  1.  Teachers Pay Teachers: TPT is the perfect place for teachers to support other teachers! 
  2.  Bookstore:  Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.  Having plenty of books in the classroom is a necessity.  Most schools will not provide teachers with a classroom library. 
  3.  Walmart
  4.  Target 
  5.  Amazon: This is a great place for a new teacher to use a gift card.  Or, ask your student teacher to make an Amazon wish list. Neighboring teachers or students’ parents can chip in if they would like.
  6.  A Local Teacher Supply Store:  Give a gift certificate to purchase curriculum based items, workbooks, and decorations.  
  7. Starbucks:  They can fuel up with coffee from their favorite nearby coffee shops, 
  8. Dollar Tree: New teachers can find all sorts of items at the dollar store. Small dry erase boards, bulletin board decor, and flashcards are just a few of the school related items you can find. These types of stores are also great for picking up inexpensive prizes and knick knacks for students!
  9. Staples: This is a great option for a few basics. They can pick up a nice stapler, hole puncher, desk organizer, and many other similar items at an office store.

Student Teacher School Supplies

Once your student teacher steps onto his/her new school grounds, they will be responsible for most of their own supplies.  I recall being prepared to be responsible for the education of very important people, but not to walk into an empty classroom.  

Most public schools will provide basic furniture, curriculum, and some very basic supplies. Sadly, most will need to be brought in by the teacher.

Over the years, teachers will build their supply of classroom necessities.  However, we want to help them so they don’t start from scratch their first year of teaching. Providing your student teacher with supplies is the best gift, and a great way for a mentor teacher to say thank you.

gift ideas for student teachers

Basic School Supplies

Whether they are teaching middle school, elementary, or have their sights set on being a high school teacher, they will need much more than just a dry erase marker. Help make their start a little easier with these necessary classroom supplies!

  •  Pencils (mechanical pencils and wooden pencils)
  •  Pens
  •  Crayons
  •  Markers
  •  Notebook paper
  •  Construction paper
  •  Books
  •  Tape
  •  Stapler
  •  Sticky notes
  •  Scissors
  •  Dry Erase Markers
  •  Folders
  •  Paper Clips
  •  Tissues
  •  Hand Sanitizer
  •  Magnets/Magnet clips

Depending on the student teacher’s program, they could have been with you for a few weeks or up to several months. Either way, they have likely put in a lot of time and effort into your classroom this year. Giving a gift to them isn’t required or expected, but it can be a nice way to round out their student teaching experience. You can take care of it yourself, with your own money, or ask for help! Some teachers may send out letters to parents asking if they would like to participate. If you are on a grade level team, your student teacher has probably helped other teachers as well. They may want to chip in. Support staff too!

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gift ideas for student teachers

Gifts for Student Teachers