How exciting; it’s finally the end of the year! We’ve got plenty of end of school year bulletin board ideas to help you celebrate!

End of the Year Bulletin Boards

A teacher’s job does not end until well after the last day of school.

Tests need to be marked, grades need to be finalized, and classrooms need to be deconstructed.

Many teachers are not able to do much of this until the students walk out on the last day!

So, even up until that last month or last the last few weeks of school, teachers are still putting up seasonal bulletin board displays!

Some schools require teachers to switch up classroom bulletin boards every few weeks.

Naturally, having some school bulletin board ideas ready for the end of school would be very helpful!

This can be a tough time of year for teachers and students, so fun boards are a must!

With the best ideas listed below, the main material is either construction paper or large sheets of craft paper – easy peasy. And at this time of year, teachers will take as much easy as they can get!

*Pro tip:

Did you know you can now get Better Than Paper for the bulletin board background? Pick a neutral color and leave it up all year.

Simply change out the theme and add a cute bulletin board border, and you’re done!

There are 4 categories below:  Countdown, Memories, Next year, and Summer themed board ideas.  Of course, some overlap themes, so be sure to check them all out.  

Countdown the Year Bulletin Board Ideas

Up, Up and Away…

This colorful bulletin board is cute and interactive! Each student can pop a balloon as the days countdown.

Photo Credit: Kindergarten Chaos

Make the Days Count

This is a great bulletin board if you are wanting something both simple and interactive. Instead of removing the rays as the days count down, you could color or paint them!

Photo credit: Cool Cat Teacher

Bubblegum Bubblegum

If you are wanting an interactive board that also counts down the days until the end of the school year, this one is great. Each day, a student can move a gum ball into the slot!

Photo credit: Dawn Solomon

Just Keep Swimming

An ocean theme can remind many of us that summer is near! A board like this can also be a big hit because of the popularity of a certain Pixar movie starring an orange clownfish!

Photo credit: We are Teachers

Hang in There!

The end of the school year can be tough! Anything encouraging students to hang on and keep trying a little bit longer is well worth the time and effort!

This one uses t-shirts you can remove as you count down the days.

Photo Credit: mondantrin

Stay on Target Countdown

This is such great idea -especially for older elementary students who can’t wait to move on to middle school.

The older students get, the more the school year seems to drag on for them!

Count downs like this, help them visualize and keep track of how much is left in the school year. 

end of school year bulletin board ideas countdown
Photo credit from School Bulletin Boards

Let’s End the Year With a Bang

This is a super easy idea. Once you have a great phrase like this, you can make the rest of the board look however you want.

The balloons add personality and turn this into an interactive bulletin board!

Photo Credit: Teach and Inspire


Memory Bulletin Board Ideas

Hanging Up Our Memories

Bulletin boards like this are a great way to showcase student work or a writing activity.

With this one, you could hang up their favorite writing project or just have them write about a favorite memory from that year!

Photo Credit: We are Teachers 

An Un-Bee-Lievable Year!

This phrase is a great way to show off the student’s work. You can paste something they have previously done onto the little bees or have them write down a memory!

Photo Credit: Lessons for Little Ones 

Best Year Ever Picture Collage

This is a super simple idea that will not take up a lot of time. All you need are pictures and you can decorate the rest of the board however you want!

Photo Credit: My Teaching Pal

One Word Reflections

Since these are one word reflections, this board is great for almost any grade level. All they have to do is think of a word that summarizes this school year!

Photo Credit: Stephanie’s History Store

A Picture Perfect Year

Pictures are the perfect way to remember and one of our favorite ideas. They look great and you can make the rest of the board look however you want. These boards are classic and never go out of style!

Photo Credit: Kalena Baker

This Year Flew By but We Remember

There are a lot of ways you can use this phrase! This one uses kites, but you could do planes, birds, or anything else that flies. They can write down anything they remember from the beginning of the school year to the end!

Photo Credit: Playdough to Plato

This Year was a Blast

This one is so much fun for a science or rocket-loving teacher!


Ready for Next Year Bulletin Boards

Cruising into Next Year

This one can be adapted into whatever grade level your class is heading into the following year. First graders or fourth graders will love envisioning themselves moving into an older class.

Photo Credit: First Grade Blue Skies

I’m Looking Forward To

This board is a great way to get students reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new school year.

Photo Credit: Enjoy Teaching with Brenda Kovich

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas

Adventure Awaits!

This UP themed board is perfect for a hallway bulletin board.

Photo Credit: Print Designs by Kris

It’s O-Fish-Ally Summer!

Summer is the best time of year for water and fishing! Having the students color or create their own fish is a great way for them to get involved in your end-of-school-year decor.

You could put the student’s names on the fish or have them write down a memory! If the fish are smaller like these, they could write a word that makes them think of this school year.

Pop into Summer

This interactive bulletin board lets students pop balloons as they countdown the days!

Photo Credit: The Pinspired Teacher

Cruising into Summer

This one is a cute way to get students excited about summer break!

Inching into Summer

Younger grades love caterpillars and caterpillar stories! This one will have those little kindergarteners so excited about summer vacation.

Photo Credit: Simply Kinder

Here’s the Scoop

Ice cream is a fun way to celebrate summer! This one is a great idea if you are wanting to do a countdown bulletin board.

You can also have the students color their own ice cream cones to fill in the rest of the board.

I hope that you have found some unique bulletin board ideas to celebrate the end of the year.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest boards, such as displaying students’ work, that turn out to be a fun bulletin board.

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