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Earth day may not be what most of us think as a “big” holiday, but it’s a big deal! And so is our planet!

Right now, our home planet is the only planet that we can live on.  That’s why taking care of it should always be a priority. 

Making Earth day an important day to celebrate planet earth each year is the perfect way to teach young ones about its importance.

Earth day facts for kids

Interesting Facts about the First Earth Day

Earth Day is not a new holiday! It has been around for over fifty years.

Did you know, over ten percent of the American population participated in marches and rallies on the first Earth Day! 

🌍 The first official Earth Day was April 22, 1970.

🌍 Earth Day was started because of a need for environmental protection against global warming, oil spills, endangered animals, fossil fuels, plastic waste, and much more.

🌍 Millions of people gathered together to march and create awareness about our planet’s environmental problems.

🌍 They chose this day because they wanted college students to participate. April 22nd was between their spring break and final exams.

🌍 US senator Gaylord Nelson was very passionate about the environment and announced the idea of Earth Day.

🌍 Denis Hayes was a college student and activist that Gaylord Nelson asked for help. He knew that he would be able to gather fellow college students.

🌍 20 million Americans took to the streets on the first Earth Day.

🌍 Thousands of colleges organized protests and rallies on their campuses.

🌍 In 1970, this environmental movement had people from different political parties participating.

🌍 The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

🌍 Within five years of this first celebration of Earth Day, the United States had passed several very important environmental acts and laws.

earth facts worksheets

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Fun Facts about Earth Day

Below, we have some easy facts about the history of Earth Day and facts about modern celebrations! 

🌍 Earth Day became a global event by 1990.

🌍 Over 190 countries celebrate Earth Day each year.

🌍 Anyone can celebrate Earth Day and you can celebrate however you would like!

🌍 The United Nations named April 22nd Mother Earth Day.

🌍 Over a billion people participate in Earth day each year.

🌍 Over 95% of elementary and middle schools in the United States do something special to celebrate Earth Day.

🌍 On Earth day in 2011, 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan.

🌍 In 2012, 100,000 people in China rode their bikes on Earth Day.

🌍 Earth Day has a different theme each year.

🌍 The Earth Day Network organizes events on Earth Day each year.

🌍 There is an Earth Day song! It was written by an Indian poet named Abhay Kumar.

🌍 Since the first Earth Day, temperatures have been warming about a half a degree each decade.

🌍 Peace activist John McConnell created the Earth Day flag.

🌍 In 1969, John McConnell proposed the idea for Earth Day at a UNESCO conference. This was a year before Gaylord Nelson officially started it.

🌍 The Endangered Species Act helps protect animals. It was created three years after the first Earth Day.

earth facts for kids printables

👉 Get these Earth printables HERE or on TPT 

Ways to Make our Earth a Healthier Place

Climate change and other environmental issues have made cleaning up our planet something we should implement into our every day lives.

Develop healthy, Earth-friendly habits like these with those growing minds! 

Earth day facts for kids

If you are looking for a few activities or Earth Day projects to get into, check out the list below. 

🌍 Turn off the lights when you leave your bedroom.

🌍 Feed birds! They help our Earth in so many ways.

🌍 Reuse plastic bags or find some reusable bags.

🌍 Recycle anything that is marked as recyclable.

🌍 Reuse boxes when you get packages in the mail.

🌍 Planting trees is always a great idea!

🌍 Use Tupperware instead of plastic bags when packing lunch for school.

🌍 Use a reusable water bottle every day.

🌍 Donate old toys, clothes, and books instead of throwing them away.

🌍 Use rechargeable batteries for your toys.

🌍 Unplug electronics around your house when you are not using them.

Earth day facts for kids

Activities for Earth Day

There are many easy things we can do to make our planet a healthier place. 

Below are some ideas that you can work on with students and your young ones. They will love pitching in to help our planet if they know how!

Activities for Earth day do not have to be big or fancy.

They can simply involve walking around your neighborhood or school playground picking up trash.

Picking up trash as you see it is a great habit for anyone to develop! Small efforts like that can make a huge difference in your community.

🌍 Walk around your neighborhood and pick up trash.

🌍 Make an Earth Day poster for your bedroom or classroom.

🌍 Plant flowers around your neighborhood, house, or school.

🌍 Read “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss.

🌍 Make a bird feeder!

🌍 Pick out a plant, pot, and set up a new house plant.

🌍 Learn how to properly recycle!

🌍 Learn about composting!

🌍 Plant a butterfly garden in your backyard!

🌍 Make an Earth Day craft.

🌍 Paint some walking sticks and go on a hike!

🌍 Complete a free nature scavenger hunt.

🌍 Make some jewelry out of leaves!



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