Get ready for Spring with these fun flower poems for kids.

Are you looking to add Spring poems to your poetry notebooks? If so, these fun flower poems for kids of all ages are a sure hit!

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Flower Poems for Kids

Spring is such a lovely time of year; perfect for bringing out the flower and spring poems to celebrate!

Are you in early spring and wanting to introduce flowers or begin a springtime garden?

These flower poems for kids are a great way to to teach children and students the beauty of spring.

Through songs and poetry the kids can build language and vocabulary while learning about all the pretty plants!

Whether it is springtime for you or not, these flower poems are perfect to use in any lesson, activity, or just for fun!

Five Little Flowers

Five little flowers growing in a row.

The first one said, “I’m purple, you know.”

The second one said: “I’m pink as pink can be.”

The third one said, “I’m blue like the sea.”

The fourth one said, “I’m a very red fellow.”

The fifth one said, “My color is yellow.”

Then out came the sun, big and bright.

And five little flowers smiled in delight.

five little flowers poem
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Ten Little Flowers

One little, two little,

Three little flowers.

Four little, five little,

Six little flowers.

Seven little, eight little,

Nine little flowers.

Ten little flowers blooming in the sun!

spring poems for kids ten little flowers
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After coloring the illustrations at the bottom of the poem, you will have lots of pretty flowers to hang up on display.

It would make a cute “Parade of Flowers” bulletin board for Prek and kindergarten.  

Mother’s Day Flower Poem

I am like a flower 

that is raised with love by you.

You help me grow up big and strong.

Mom, thanks for all you do!

Mothers Day poem for kids
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Flowers Everywhere

(Author Unknown)

Flowers, flowers everywhere,

In the garden, in my hair.

In the vase and at the store,

On the table and on the door.

What a lovely time of year,

Flowers blooming everywhere!

flower poems for kids
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All you need to start a garden are seeds, dirt, a little hole, and a little sun!

The next few poems are all about planting seeds, watching them grow, and then getting to see the beautiful flowers you planted!

These are great if you are working on or learning about the life cycle of flowers with your little ones.

A Little Seed

A little seed for me to sow.

A little seed to make it grow.

A little hole, a little pat,

A little wish, and that’s that.

A little sun, a little shower.

A little while,

And then, a flower!

seed and flower poem for kids
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Spring Flowers

By:  Mrs. Jones Creation Station

Signs of spring

Are in the air.

Let’s plant a seed

With love and care.

A little sun

And rain showers

From the soil

Will grow a flower!

I Plant a Little Seed

By Tonya Lambert

I plant a little seed in the cold, cold ground.

Out comes the yellow sun, big and round.

Down come the raindrops soft and slow

Up comes the flower grow, grow, grow!

The Little Plant

By First Grade Wow

In the heart of a seed,

Buried deep so deep,

A tiny plant

Lay fast asleep.

“Wake”, said the sunshine,

“And creep to the light.”

“Wake”, said the voice

Of the raindrops bright.

The little plant heard

And it rose to see,

What the wonderful,

Outside world might be.

flower poems for kids


By Teaching Momma

The farmer plants the seeds

The farmer plants the seeds

Hi, Ho and Cherry O

The farmer plants the seeds

We Have a Little Garden

By Beatrix Potter

We have a little garden,

A garden of our own,

And every day we water there

The seeds that we have sown.

We love our little garden,

And tend it with such care,

You will not find a faded leaf

Or blighted blossom there.

My Flower

I had a little seed,

And I put it in a pot.

Put it in the sunshine,

And I watered it a lot.

I waited and I waited.

I watched it grow and grow.

And then one day a flower

Came out to say hello.


(Author Unknown)

Seeds are buried deep, deep, deep.

In the sun they sleep, sleep, sleep.

Yellow sun is bright, bright, bright.

Raindrops falling light, light, light.

Gentle breezes blow, blow, blow.

Seed, the little seed, grow, grow, grow.

growing flower poem for kdis
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If you are looking for a great poem all about a few specific, fragrant flowers, the next three poems are perfect.

Daffodils, sunflowers, and tulips are very popular and there are awesome crafts to go along with them!


Yellow, yellow daffodils

You’re dancing in the sun.

Yellow, yellow daffodils

You tell me spring has come.


(By Nicolette Lennert)

Sunflower, sunflower

Turn toward the sky.

Grow like a beanstalk

Ten feet high.

Large golden petals

A center full of seed

Give hungry birds

The food they need.


(Found on Laptime Songs)

Five little tulips bright and gay, (hold up fingers and thumb on one hand)

Let us water them each day. (make sprinkle motion with other hand)

Watch them open in the bright sunlight. (cup hand, then open it)

Watch them when it is night. (close hand again)

This next short poem may have some new words, but it is a classic nursery rhyme!

If you are looking for something brief and similar to a mother goose rhyme, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary is perfect.

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells

And pretty maids all in a row.

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The next three poems require a little movement!

If you are wanting children to get to wiggle fingers and flutter hands, these interactive flower poems are great.

They will have so much fun with the hand motions while building language skills.

If I Were a Little Flower

If I were a little flower

Sleeping underneath the ground,

(Curl up)

I’d raise my head and grow and grow

(Raise head and begin to grow)

And stretch my arms and grow and grow

(Stretch arms)

And nod my head and say,

(Nod head)

“I’m glad to see you all today.”

Relaxing Flowers

Five little flowers standing in the sun (hold up five fingers)

See their heads nodding, bowing one by one? (bend fingers several times)

Down, down, down comes the gentle rain (raise hands, wiggle fingers and lower arms to simulate falling rain)

And the five little flowers lift their heads up again! (hold up five fingers)

I’m a Little Daisy

(Found on Laptimesongs)

I’m a little daisy, tall and slim (Stand on tiptoes)

Here are my petals (Place hands on side of head & wiggle fingers)

Here is my stem (Hold arms down at sides of legs)

When the sun comes up (Make sun with arms)

And the rain comes down (Flutter hands to floor like rain-end in crouching position)

I grow, grow, grow- up from the ground! (slowly raise up bring hand over head)

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