Today, we are sharing how you can use Humpty Dumpty printables to help keep learning fun.

Year after year, my students claimed Humpty Dumpty to be their favorite nursery rhyme.

Combining their enthusiasm with a purposeful printable pack of nursery rhymes is a great way to build early literacy skills.

humpty dumpty printables and activities

Humpty Dumpty Printables

The following activities are included in Humpty Dumpty Poetry Packet.

The purpose of these activities are to build language skills, vocabulary, and early writing skills (illustrating to match the poem).

  • Humpty Dumpty Poster: This is a colored 8×11″ printout.
  • Black and white Humpty Dumpty printable poem
  • Draw and Color: This printable has the poem at the bottom with a blank space at the top. In the space, young children draw a picture to match the poem.
  • Humpty Dumpty Printable Book: This 6 page book has one sentence per page with a black and white image for the kids to color.
  • Illustrated Humpty Dumpty Vocabulary Cards: These full-color vocabulary cards have large print and an image of the word.
  • Humpty Dumpty Questions

Get the printables HERE or on TPT

These printable activities are included in all of our classic rhymes poetry packets.

By clicking on that link, you can see other popular rhymes, such as Little Miss Muffet, Hey Diddle Diddle, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Wheels on the Bus, and Jack and Jill


Humpty Dumpty Activities

When creating your Humpty Dumpty lesson plans, there are many different ways you can integrate the learning into multiple subjects.

The following activities are a great addition to the Humpty Dumpty printables listed above.

Build Humpty’s Wall

Let the kids use cardboard brick blocks to build walls. While building the wall, they will use vocabulary such as heavy, light, tall, short, straight, etc.

These are all important math vocabulary words taught in kindergarten.

Humpty Dumpty Build a Poem

This pocket chart poem is a favorite year after year! Humpty Dumpty Build a Poem is a fun way to let the kids build this classic nursery rhyme.

If you don’t have a pocket chart, don’t worry. You can have the kids build the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme on a table or large, open, floor space.

Get this Build a Poem HERE or on TPT

Read to a Friend

The kids can sit and read their printable Humpty Dumpty Book to a friend.

No friends or siblings nearby; no problem. Let the younger students read the emergent reader to their favorite stuffed animal.

Fill a shelf with favorite books about Humpty. Little learners will enjoy looking through the different illustrations.

Stock your preschool classroom library with Mother Goose Books.

Even if your kids are in kindergarten and first grade, exposing them to nursery rhymes is so beneficial.

Humpty Dumpty Clip Cards

These alphabet clip cards are perfect for your Humpty Dumpty theme.

humpty dumpty printables and activities
Get these clip cards HERE or on TPT

Act out Humpty Dumpty:

Let the kids take turns being Humpty, the King’s horses, and the King’s men.

Make a Humpty Dumpty Puzzle

Puzzle practice, whether using paper, wooden puzzles, is great for fine motor skills and visual discrimination.

Don’t want to purchase a Humpty Dumpty puzzle? You can draw a large oval on white cardstock, add Humpty’s face, then cut it apart with zig-zag lines.

Then, the kids can put Humpty together again. They can even make their own puzzle.

Humpty’s Great Fall Experiments

Put down a tablecloth and do an egg dropping, or egg rolling, experiment. Use a plastic egg if you don’t want raw egg yolk on their little hands.

Egg Match-Up

Write a number on one end, and dots on another. They will have to match the numbers to the dot set.

This fun game will cover numbers and counting for young learners.

humpty dumpty printables and activities

Broken Heart Activity  

This is an adorable activity for your social studies unit about getting along. 

Teach your kids about the importance of being kind and not hurting others’ feelings. 

Just like an egg shell that breaks easily, so does our heart when others are not nice. 

You can put the pieces back together, but the heart will never be the same as it was in the beginning. 

Things to share and remember has a cute picture of this activity.  

Humpty Dumpty Sight Words

Students will track the print, searching for and circling the focus sight word printed at the top of the page.

You can also use bingo dotters to dot the focus words.

Build sight word recognition, fluency, tracking print, and visual discrimination with these Humpty Dumpty Sight Word Searches.

When done, the students can color the Humpty Dumpty theme pictures at the bottom of the page.

Draw and Practice Shapes

 Humpty is an oval shape. Have the kids draw Humpty as a different shape. They can cut his body out of construction paper, and use markers to add Humpty’s face.

This leads into great discussions about why some shapes may fall off easier than others.

Free Humpty Dumpty Printables

If you’d like to try using nursery rhymes to keep learning fun, grab this free poetry guide

It comes with free Humpty Dumpty resources and many more printables to get you started using poems and rhymes with your kiddos. 

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Humpty Dumpty Printables