Not only is April the month we celebrate Earth day, but it is national poetry month, as well!

In honor of both holidays, here are some short Earth day poems for kids to help you have a happy Earth day!

Earth day poems for kids

To recognize Earth day and earth month, all of our homes and classrooms should take some time to celebrate our planet. 

Earth Day is an annual holiday that began in the United States in the 1970’s, but is now celebrated all over the world!

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Fun Earth Day Poems for Kids

The planet we have right now is the only planet we have, so developing small habits to help Mother Earth out is so important.

Beyond this Earth day even, what better way to help the planet out than to recycle regularly?

Its an easy task most of us can just add into our everyday routine – one of the best ways to help out the big rock we live on!

Below are a few short poems about recycling and beginning earth-friendly habits.

This Old Earth

This old Earth

Needs our help,

To stay fresh and clean and green.

With a pick it up, pitch it in,

And throw it in the can –

This old Earth will be clean again

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Help Our Earth

Tune: Are You Sleeping?

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Take care of the Earth

Take care of the Earth

Turn off all the lights

Throw away the trash

Recycle and reuse

Recycle and reuse

Earth Day is not just important for the well being of our planet! The health of our planet affects all of us and all of the living things that inhabit it.

Free Earth Day Poem for Kids

Happy Earth Day

(By Little Learning Corner)

Tune: Frere Jacques

Happy Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day.

Reduce and recycle.

Reduce and recycle.

Let’s plant a tree,

and help a garden grow.

Happy Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day.



Recycle Poems for Kids


We recycle what we use,

Separate things,

And you should, too!

Glass and paper, plastic and tin,

All go in your recycling bin.

We must start now.

We can’t wait.

Quick, or it will be too late!

recycle poem for kids

This next poem includes a shout out to our fellow furry planet dwellers.

earth day poems for kids

I Love the Earth

By: Sharon Mattioli

(To the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider)

I love the Earth

And everything that lives.

I love the plants

And the beauty each one gives.

I love the animals

And the fishes at sea.

For I am a part of Mother Earth

And it’s a part of me.

This Land

(To the tune of This Land is Your Land)

This land is your land

This land is my land,

Let’s work together

To make it better

From tall green forests

To clear blue waters

This land depends

On you and me!

Earth Day is a global event all about environmental protection and prevention. The first Earth Day was a catapult for the United States.

It was one of the root causes of many important changes made for our country and the western world!

Within five years of the first Earth Day celebration, there were several important environmental acts and laws passed.

The Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act are two of those and they have both helped protect our planet since they were created.

Most of these poems are brief, but they all carry any important message: our planet needs our help and we have the resources to make it happen!

earth day poems for kids

Happy Earth Day Poems

(By MixMinder)

This Earth is our home,

So blue and so green

So let’s do our part

To keep the Earth clean!

Our Earth

(Found on LoveLearnLibrarian)

Our Earth

It’s three planets from the sun

Our Earth

It takes care of everyone

Our Earth

There’s so much that we can do

Our Earth

It’s up to me and up to you

Our Earth

Let’s recycle and reuse

Our Earth

Lets conserve and reduce

Our Earth

Let’s keep trying every way

Our Earth

Make it Earth Day every day!

Celebrate the Earth

Celebrate the earth with me,

The oceans, meadows, mountains, trees.

I’ll celebrate the earth with you,

The flowers, people, creatures, too.

Let’s celebrate the earth together,

New green grass, exciting weather.

Celebrate the earth with me.

Let’s share delight in all we see.

earth day poems

Acrostic Poem for Earth Day

An acrostic poem is a great way to get your students or children involved with the writing!

Here is a simple example, but you can write in whatever you would like!

E – everyone helping with environmental protection

A – actions that will help our families and future generations

R – recycling and renewable energy

T– together we can save the Earth and all living things

H – helping to heal our natural world

When you gather together this April for Earth Day celebrations in your classroom and home, use these poems and songs.

As a little girl, I recall learning about recycling and the importance of taking care of our Earth in elementary school.

These rhymes can be a way to reiterate the important message behind Earth Day. We could all use a little help remembering sometimes!

Final Thoughts

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, we are reminded of the profound interconnectedness of our planet and the urgent need for action in the face of ecological crisis.

As we reflect on the wisdom traditions of poets like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Joy Harjo, we are stirred to embrace Earth ethics and cultivate a deeper reverence for the grace of the world.

Through initiatives like the Earth Stanzas project by Kent State University’s college Wick Poetry Center and Union Theological Seminary, the power of poetry as a catalyst for environmental consciousness and social change shines brightly.

As we navigate the challenges posed by climate change and global warming, it is heartening to see the emergence of initiatives like Earth Day rallies, online galleries, and social media campaigns that amplify the voices of young activists and engage communities in meaningful dialogue.

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