50 Best Arts and Crafts Toys for Kids

Support creativity with these arts and crafts toys for kids.


Crafts and projects are the perfect way to wean children off and away from screen time. They can be a bonding activity for parents and children, but can also be a great way for young children to practice independence. Going to an art store and gathering a bunch of different supplies for a single project can be time-consuming. So, the great thing is, there are now so many different ways to have everything you need on hand for a craft – without ever having to gather a large list of supplies yourself.

If you are looking to keep craft supplies on hand, there are craft buckets and cases you can purchase. These include a variety of supplies that you can use for numerous different projects that you get to choose. There are also kits and toys you can purchase that include supplies and instructions for a specific project! No internet searching necessary – I’ve got a complete list of arts and crafts toys for kids below.   

arts and crafts toys for kids

Below, you’ll find a list of craft kits that include instructions and supplies, cases and collections of ready-to-go craft supplies, arts and crafts toys, and art subscription boxes.

Arts and Crafts Toys for Kids

Craft toys are ideal if you are wanting something creative, but a little more long lasting. Most craft kits offer unique projects to put on display and keep little hands creative. These craft toys are something children will want to create, and then continue to pull out and play with for a longer amount of time. 

arts and crafts toys for kids

Decorate Your Own…

  • Make Your Own Water Globes: A little water never hurt anyone! These water globes are a crafty project that little ones will love getting to show off in their bedroom.
  • Decorate Your Own Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is important – no matter your age! This is such a fun way to encourage little ones to drink enough water! They will love carrying it around.
  • Decorate-Your-Own Wand: Your little artist will love lighting up their magical world or pretend play.  Your kids will love creative play time with this personalized wand.
  • Decorate You Own Sandcastle:  This cardboard sandcastle is great for indoor or outdoor art time! 
  • Paint-Your-Own Figurines and Vehicles: A variety of different colors and different types of figurines and cars are included in this craft set.
  • Paint-Your-Own Canvas Set: Painting on a canvas can be intimidating! This canvas painting set takes away all of the pressure. Just grab your paint brush and paint in the lines. You’ll end up with a professional-looking canvas!
  • Paint Your Own Windchime: Three year olds and nine year olds will love this windchime kit. 


Craft Kits for Kids

If you aren’t wanting to commit to a subscription box just yet, these all-inclusive crafts kits are just what you need. They offer one or more artsy activities with instructions and supplies included. Keep those little minds away from screens with the on-the-go kits. 

arts and crafts kits for kids

  • Imagimake 5-in-1 Craft Kit: This complete kit comes with stamp art, 3D paper art, quilling cards, and much more! 
  • Scratch Art Set: While this project is best completed on a flat surface, it is great for bringing along anywhere. These scratch art sets are perfect for keeping children busy and creative.
  • Rad Rainbow Craft Case: Grab a glue stick and get started! This is the craft set of all craft sets! It includes over 1,000 different pieces you can use for a variety of included projects. It even has scissors and white glue!
  • Glow in the Dark Rock Painting: Rocks may not be your typical painting surface, but they work pretty great! 
  • Volinfo Kids Arts and Crafts Kit: Little hands will love the anticipation that goes along with this craft surprise box! 
  • Kids Paint and Plant Kit: This paint and plant kit lets children master their garden and fine motor skills. 
  • Hand Puppet Making Kit: A great way to keep craft time simple. This kit even includes the googly eyes!
  • Paint By Sticker Zoo Pages: Paint by numbers to messy? Bored of coloring books? These “paint” by sticker zoo pages are such a fun idea, and include so many cute animals to choose from! 


Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes

If you are wanting to get rid of a trip to the store or time spent planning, subscription boxes will be your new favorite thing. Some people be wary of committing to a subscription, but most of these allow you to cancel at any time or purchase just a few months worth of boxes at once.

Everything you need for art projects will show right up to your door. And, it’s a bonus that you don’t have to plan or think of what to create nest. 

If you are wanting something that offers more than just arts and crafts projects, Kiwi Co is great! They have art-centric boxes, but some that also bring in science and other subjects as well! The Color My Cookie box is perfect for those of you that want to keep little hands moving and satiate a sweet tooth.

arts and crafts subscription boxes for kids

Orange Art Box

The Orange Art Box is one of my favorites!  I love the founder, Jen.  She is a mom entrepreneur and is wonderful to work with. 

This box gives you and your children all you need to create unique works of art together. This subscription box is aimed at ages 5-10.  You can pick a single box from their immediate ship options, set up a monthly subscription, or choose a birthday box!

Each box has one featured project, but includes supplies for smaller projects that you can use in tandem with items from around your home! 

arts and crafts subscription box for kids 

Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts was founded by a mother and environmental scientist. This box aims to be an activity that all family members can do together.

Each box includes 4-6 projects. Some are STEAM experiments and others are creative projects for all of the little artists! They have their Discovery box for ages 5-10 and the Junior boxes for ages 3-5. 

Kiwi Co (Kiwi Crate & Doodle Crate)

Kiwi Co is great for all sorts of quality time and they have options for younger children and older kids. They have two art-centered crates, the Kiwi Crate (ages 5-8) and the Doodle Crate (ages 9-16). The Kiwi Crate includes science projects as well. 

Little Art Box Pottery Box

Homemade pottery is one of the best things to gift someone you love! This Little Art Pottery Box is perfect for kids that are 3 to 103 years old! Each box is themed and includes 3 pottery pieces, 2 acrylic paint options, brushes, clear sealer, instructions, and table paper! 

Little Dreamers Club Crafts

The Little Dreamers Club has a box option for 3-5 year olds and another perfect for those that are 6-8 years old. Each box includes themed craft projects, a book, a badge, supplies, and smaller projects you can make with household items you already have! 

Kids Create Box

Aimed for ages 4-12, the Kids Create Box sends out unique crafts and toys every month. Around the holiday season, they offer holiday themed boxes. These boxes are a great mix of projects children can personalize and little toys or trinkets they can immediately play with. 

The Clay Box

This Clay Box is curated by a professional art teacher and each box includes a mini lesson in addition to the actual project.

If your little artist is interested in pottery and clay, this one is perfect. The boxes only include air-dry clays, so no kiln or fancy equipment is ever needed. 

Color My Cookie

This Color My Cookie Box is the perfect way to satiate a sweets craving and stay creative. This box is great for children of all ages. 

With each box you get 6 pre-iced cookies, edible watercolors, icing, sprinkles, and other edible decorations. The cookies are made in a peanut free facility and each box has a different theme based on holidays, seasons, animals and much more! 

Creative Crayons Coloring Kit 

The Creative Crayons Coloring Kit boxes are so unique. Each one includes handmade crayons in a variety of different shapes. The boxes are themed, so January could include snowman-shaped crayons and winter coloring activities. April could include egg or bunny shaped crayons and Easter themed activities. Each box has 20+ handmade, non-toxic crayons and plenty of activities to go along with them. These boxes are perfect for ages 3-12.   

We Craft Box

The We Craft box is great for ages 3-9 and each month features a different theme. The boxes have enough art supplies for two children.  All materials are included, except scissors,  and photo instructions are provided for extra help.  The box will also include a story to go along with each theme. 


Craft Supplies for Kids

craft supplies for kids

Sometimes we experience a creative moment of inspiration or motivation and wish we had the supplies on hand to complete the art project. These buckets and cases of art supplies are perfect to keep on hand for a rainy afternoon or snow day when the children are wanting to be artsy and creative. They’re filled with pom poms, papers, stickers, felt, glitter, and numerous other materials all in different colors. 

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Arts and Crafts Toys for Kids