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30 Easy March Crafts for Kids

Incorporate fun into your learning with these fun and easy March crafts for kids.  

march crafts for kids


While most people think of April has peak spring time, March is when warmer weather starts arriving for many people! So, pulling out the spring crafts as soon as the third month of the year hits is a perfect way to ring in the new season.

These easy crafts will have you set for the whole month of March. Below, there is a section for St. Patrick’s Day crafts, rainbow crafts, flower crafts, Dr. Seuss crafts, and spring crafts.  

The majority of these projects require only a couple of simple paper materials. Classrooms and homes with both older children and younger kids will be able to fill their March with these creative and easy-to-do projects and crafts.

rainbow crafts

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Rainbow crafts could be utilized on St. Patty’s Day or throughout the rest of the month with the other spring crafts.

Kids of all ages get excited when a rainbow comes out to play! These fun ideas will get children and students excited about St. Patrick’s Day and spending time outside in warmer weather. 

  • Dot Rainbow Craft: This dot rainbow is mess free! You can order rainbow sticker dots in every color of the rainbow for under $10!


  • Coffee Filter Rainbow: This great craft is such a fun way to create your own rainbow. The colors bleed and create an awesome tie dye effect! You can stop there or add a smiley cloud to complete the project!
  • Paper Plate Rainbow: This is an easy paper plate craft. Punch a hole in the top of the paper plate and hang them up for display!
  • Paper Strip Rainbow:  This is a fun way to make a rainbow that looks 3D!
  • Easy Paper Rainbow Craft: This paper rainbow is a cute way to celebrate the arrival of spring and warmer weather! 
  • Surprise Rainbow: This link gives you two different rainbow activities and crafts to make with washable markers and water. They both use paper towels to draw on. 
  • Pop Up Rainbow Card: This 3D card makes such a great gift. All you need is card stock or paper, glue, and something to write with!
  • 3D Paper Rainbow: This 3D rainbow is so simple.
  • Paper Plate Rainbow: Little hands will love putting together this craft with paper plates, markers, popsicle sticks, and tape!
  • Pipe Cleaner Rainbow: This pipe cleaner rainbow snack could not be any cuter. All you need is fruit loops, marshmallows, and a pipe cleaner.


St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

These easy crafts and fun activities are the perfect companion to your St. Patrick’s Day lesson plans. Go on a leprechaun hunt with the leprechaun lookers or put on a play with the leprechaun paper plate masks!

  • Paper Plate Rainbow and Pot of Gold: This swirly paper plate rainbow would be so much fun to see hanging around a classroom! When you paint or color the plate, be sure to do so on both sides!


  • St. Patrick’s Day Bead Bracelets: Have them spell their names in St Patrick’s Day colored beads, or have them spell out some St. Patty’s day vocabulary words for practice.


  • Pot of Gold Heart Rainbow: These heart rainbows add a lovable twist to this St. Patty’s Day craft. All you need is a paper plate and construction paper in different colors.
  • Paper Plate Leprechaun:  Paper plates make the perfect face for character crafts. These leprechauns require pom poms, googly eyes, paper plates, markers, and glitter paper for the hat! 
  • Marshmallow Shamrock Painting: Grab some marshmallows and paint one of these cute shamrocks.



  • Leprechaun Lookers: These leprechaun binoculars are the perfect craft to get students and children excited about St. Patrick’s Day. Be sure to go on a “pot of gold hunt” during free time!
  • Shamrock Man:  This Shamrock man is not the character we normally think of when it comes to St. Patty’s Day. However, everyone will be a huge fan after making this squiggly character.
  • Paper Plate Leprechaun Mask: All you need for this pretend play craft are paper plates and construction paper. Grab some glittery fabric glue if you would like to add a little extra flair!
  • Leprechaun Fork Painting: Forks are an easy way to make paint look like realistic hair! You can use plastic or metal forks for this- both should work just fine!

Flower Crafts for Kids

  • Paper Plate Flowers: A perfect flower craft for even the tiniest of hands! Children can use whatever color paint they like to create this flower project.
  • Handprint Flower Bouquet:  This personalized craft is a perfect gift for young children to make for someone they love.
  • Fork Stamp Tulips: Paint may not be the most fun co clean up, but it is perfect for teeny tiny hands who want to work with different materials and textures. This craft has you paint tulip blossoms out of forks!
  • Dot Paper Plate Flower: Dot markers and paper plates is all you will need for this as-easy-as-it-gets flower craft. Swirl the dots in whatever pattern you wish for some beautiful spring flowers!


Dr. Seuss Crafts 

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Of course the kids will want to do all the fun crafts for their favorite books, such as Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.

You can visit my post, 35 Fun Dr. Seuss Crafts, to see the complete lists of these fun and easy crafts. 



Spring Crafts for Kids

These fun crafts and spring activities will put a little pep in everyone’s step. Everyone has been cooped up inside for a few months and these activities will remind everyone how much fun it is to be back outside!

spring crafts for kids

  • Caterpillar Craft: Making little circles for this craft out of construction paper strips is perfect for some fine motor practice. Put all of those little circles together to create the most adorable little caterpillar! 
  • Paper Loop Bugs: Similar to the caterpillar craft above, these loop bugs are the perfect way to practice fine motor skills. 
  • Paper Plate Snails: Children will be a massive fan of this paper plate craft.  You may need to run to the craft store for colorful beads, but you could opt for something else if you wish. Rip up different colors of construction or tissue paper and glue those in a swirl pattern!
  • Doily Sun: You can do so many fun things with a doily! 
  • Tissue Paper Birds in a Nest: This all-paper craft is the perfect way to use up extra or loose tissue paper. Grab some shredded paper and a paper plate for the nest and you are good to go.
  • Coffee Filter Butterflies: These coffee filter butterflies use water colors, coffee filters, and pipe cleaners! Watching these tie-dye creations come together is so much fun.


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march crafts for kids

March Crafts for Kids