Two’s Day Books For Kids

Today, I’m going to share a list of suggested Two’s Day Books for Kids.  This year, 2022, is special, because February 22 falls on a Tuesday.  That means we can celebrate 2-22-22 on a Tuesday.  It’s a perfect opportunity to create a fun learning experience for the kids.  

Then, as years go by, you can still use this list to read on 2/22.  After all, there is never a bad time to read to children.  


These books are recommended by myself and other elementary teachers.  The collection includes picture books, folktales, and funny stories with either the word “Two” in the title, or about pairs.  Read one every hour on the hour to celebrate a fun two’s day. 


Two of Everything

Two of Everything, by Lily Toy Hong, is a Chinese folktale with humor and wisdom. The main characters, Mr. and Mrs. Haktak have a combination of fortune and misfortune.  This story funny, whimsical, and tells a story about rags to riches.  Kids of all ages enjoy this classic folktale.

books to read on two's day



Tuesday, by David Wiesner, is a must-have picture book for kids of all ages.  In fact, these award winning illustrations were recognized with a Caldecott medal in 1991.  This nearly wordless picture book is great for kids to tell the story in their own words.  Books like this help build expressive language skills, and lend itself to wonderful writing prompts.  

books to read on two's day


Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us, by Will Smith, uses pencil and oil illustrations to celebrate the joys of fatherhood.  Add this to your collection of books to read on two’s day, and play the original hit “Just the Two of Us”.  It’s a fun way to tie music and literature into your Two’s Day celebration.

Just the Two of Us


Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesday

Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesday, by Jon Stahl, is a funny, interactive, picture book for kids.  Your kids are going to ask you to read this simple and funny book over and over again. 

books to read on two's day


One of Each

One of Each, by Mary Ann Hoberman, is a great book for younger kids.  The main character, Oliver Tolliver, has one of each item inside his little home.  Then, his friend, Peggoty Small, comes over and helps him realized everything needs a pair.  While the story lends itself to sharing with others, it’s also a great intro to counting by 2’s. 



Two Dogs and a Trench Coat Go to School

Two Dogs and a Trench Coat, by Julie Falatko, is rated a top teacher’s pick.  One of the reviews says “Working as a reading teacher, many of my students are reluctant to find a book and stick with it. Two Dogs in a Trench Coat is a great book for them; it’s funny, and the illustrations keep them engaged, and help them work on different reading skills, such as visualizing and inferencing. Looking forward to adding the sequel to my classroom library!”.  



Two, by Kathryn Otashi, is great for first, second, and third graders. Kathryn Otashi incorporates numbers into a story about friendship and social behaviors.  


Two Homes

Two Homes, by Claire Masurel, is book many children can relate to now-a-days.  This is a book about living amongst two homes after a separation or divorce.  



Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin, is the perfect companion book to go along with your taco Tuesday activities.  

One Grain of Rice

One Grain of Rice, by  Demi, is a mathematical folktale great for children ages 5-10.  This fun book of numbers makes a great companion book for your addition doubles and multiplying by 2 lessons.  


I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of Two’s Day books for kids.  

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twos day books for kids

Two’s Day Books for Kids