35 Easy Pet Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for a fun way for your pet lovers to express themselves? Pet crafts for kids are a great place to begin.

While everyone may not be a dog person, there are so many other animals to love! Some you can keep at home and some you definitely can’t.

If you are looking for craft ideas with a pet or animal theme, the list below has a variety of ideas centered around all different kinds of animals.

Fun Animal Crafts

Animal and pet crafts are the perfect way to show our love for animals! Children will love getting to pick a craft based on what their favorite animal is.

Not everyone has the same pet. There are more animals to keep at home than just cats a dogs! This list of pet crafts for kids offers a variety of crafts centered around common household pets.

easy pet crafts for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Frogs

A list of pet crafts for kids wouldn’t be complete without frogs. Frogs can make great pets if you are allergic to fur! These toilet paper roll frogs are perfect for the amphibian lovers.

Paper Plate Cat

This cat craft of simple and fast.

Fork Painted Black Cat

There are so many different items you can use as a paint brush! Forks are just one of them! The fork lets the black paint look a little more like fur!

Cat Head Paper Fan

Make this paper fan with your cat lovers to cool off on a hot day.

Handprint Hamsters

Hamsters are a great first pet! They can help show whether or not young ones are ready for larger animals. These handprint hamsters are perfect for those wanting to welcome a tiny animal into their home.

Rocking Bird Craft

While not as popular as dogs and cats, birds make great pets too!

Paper Plate Bird Craft

This paper plate craft is for the bird lovers.

Colorful Paper Plate Cat

Paper Plate Cat Clothespin Craft

Clothespins are such a fun material to use in crafts! They look like little legs on this black cat.

Dog Crafts for Kids

Dog lovers unite! If you’re learning about dog facts for kids, this is the perfect time to have fun with these dog crafts.

This list has a great variety of skill levels required. Needless to say, there is something for every kind of dog lover! Even the tiniest of hands will be able to do this without a ton of assistance.

dog crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Toilet Roll Dog

Looking for a cute way to use up some small cardboard tubes or toilet paper rolls? This toilet roll dog is adorable! A super simple craft that is perfect for kids of all ages.

Heart Dog Crafts

If you are looking for a little gift for Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday, this heart dog is a great gift for dog lovers!

Paper Plate Googly Eyes Puppy

This adorable dog just uses googly eyes, paint, and a paper plate! It is inspired by the movie Secret Life of Pets. Whether or not you are watching or have seen the movie, this is an easy idea! You can make the same type of dog they do on the blog or use different color paint for something else!

Dog Headband Craft

These dog headbands are so much fun and perfect for pretend play! The blog has an easy-to-download template that you can receive in your email. Then, all you need is construction paper, scissors, glue, and tape! If you print the template on white paper, you can use markers or paint to make the dog the color that you want.

Balloon Puppies

Little kids and older kids will love this one! Any age will love having this little balloon dog to take for pretend afternoon walks. Some balloon string, party streamers, and markers are all you will need for this one.

Toilet Roll Dalmatian

Many fun dog crafts use toilet rolls as the main material. And for good reason! It is great to get to make something old into something new. It is also great when you do not have to spend a lot of money on craft supplies! These little dogs are similar to a craft listed above, but different for those who prefer Dalmatians!

Paper Bag Puppy Puppet

This easy craft lets you make paper bag puppets that are perfect for pretend puppy play. This is one of the most simple crafts on this list. If you are looking for something that will not consume a ton of time, this is the craft for you.

Paper Chain Slinky Dog

Toy Story is a classic children’s movie. Kids of all ages (and all generations!) will love this slinky dog because of its tie to the Disney Pixar film! While this craft is modeled after the slinky dog from the movie, you could make any color dog that you like.

Farm Animal Crafts

While not technically what we think of as pets, farm animals live with humans too! This list includes a variety of crafts centered around several different types of popular farm animals.

farm animals pet crafts for kids

Cow Paper Bag Puppet

Little hands will love creating this fun little puppet! While it is more detailed than the puppy paper bag puppet listed above, it is still simple. It comes with a cow template that you can have emailed to yourself and print out on whatever material you prefer!

Toilet Paper Roll Goat Craft

This craft project is perfect for all of the goat lovers! Toilet paper rolls can be made into nearly anything and this goat is proof of that. All you need are some googly eyes, cotton balls, a toilet roll, and some construction paper for this adorable billy goat and his beard!

Handprint Chicken Craft

A personalized chicken craft for all of the farm and chicken lovers out there. This one comes with an easy-to-use chicken template for you to print out and put together. This is an easy peasy personalized craft that family members will want to keep and commemorate!

Paper Plate Pig

Paper plate crafts are almost as easy as it gets. You can make nearly anything out of a paper plate! Googly eyes, pink paint, glue, and a black marker are all you need for this easy peasy craft!

Shredded Pig Craft

This is a creative take on the pig paper plate craft above! Instead of pink paint, this one uses shredded pink paper to make the pig head pink! If it is around Easter for you, pink Easter basket filler could be used as well!

Handprint Cow Craft

This is a great craft for those who love cows and those who are looking to make something a little more personal! This one is made entirely out of different colors of construction paper!

Paper Plate Hen

A great way to get creative juices flowing! Children can paint any color or pattern on to this paper plate hen that they like!

Paper Plate Pig

If you are looking for a pig craft that uses a template, look no further! This one uses a paper plate as the base. You paint it pink and then glue all of the template pieces on for the face! A great time for pig lovers!

Cow Headband

This cow headband is easy to make and perfect for those looking for some pretend farm play!

Paper Plate Hatching Chicks

This craft is adorable and so creative! Making the hatching egg will help everyone improve their fine motor skills. Small hands might need a little assistance with putting the egg together, but all ages will love playing with this craft.

Zoo Animal Crafts

Could zoo animals technically be considered pets? Well, they don’t live in the wild and humans take care of them! So, these fun animal crafts are perfect for those that love animals with a little more ROAR!

Tiger Cardboard Tube

Another great toilet paper roll craft! You really can make anything out of this household item!

Paper Tiger Puppet

If you are looking for a fun Chinese New Year craft, this one is perfect! Its great even if you love tigers and are just wanting to make something tiger-themed! Red Ted Art has a video that shows how truly simple this craft is to make.

Handprint Lion Craft

A personalized zoo animal craft for those looking for a little individuality. Lions come in all shapes and sizes – just like hands!

Paper Plate Elephant

Is your favorite zoo animal an elephant? We don’t blame you! They are so intimidating and gentle at the same time! This paper plate elephant is fast and easy to make if you are looking for a quick craft.

Paper Plate Giraffe

If you have paper plates and are looking to paint, look no further! This craft lets the creator get a little messy with the yellow and brown paint!

Paper Plate Hippo Mask

Are your artists wanting to do an animal craft that they can play with after? This hippo mask is perfect for those wanting to put on a zoo animal show.

Cotton Ball Penguin

Penguins are such amazing animals! While they may not be as large as some of the zoo animals listed above, they are incredibly interesting and little minds love them! This cotton ball penguin will be a massive hit.

Follow up a cute penguin craft with these fun penguin facts for kids.

Polar Bear Handprint

Just like penguins, polar bears love cold weather! This handprint polar bear is perfect for those who love these white and furry zoo animals!

  pet crafts for kids

I hope your found this list of craft ideas perfect for both the youngest of hands and those that are growing up way too fast. Both younger and older kids will enjoy a pet themed craft on this list to create and love.

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25 Fun Farm Crafts for Kids

If you are entering a farm unit or visiting a local farm, its probably time to bring out the farm crafts for kids.

Crafts are a great item to add into a unit plan before and after the bulk of the learning. Creating a craft can introduce young children to the topic, and affirm what they have recently learned! If you are looking for some farm themed crafts, these adorable farm crafts are perfect for your unit or lesson plans.

Old MacDonald Crafts

Little farmers and those learning the Old MacDonald song will love these crafts! Any craft on this post will fit well with an Old MacDonald lesson plan or unit. These are just a few that were specifically made with Old MacDonald in mind! Whether you are looking for a barn, truck, tractor, or farm animal craft, you will find something that fits well with what you need.

These farm craft ideas would be the perfect addition to these Old MacDonald printables.

old macdonald printables

  • Old MacDonald had a Pig: This simple craft has you turn a cute, little footprint into a tractor with wheels!
  • Popsicle Stick Farm Trucks: This cute farm craft requires popsicle sticks,  and lets you load up any fruit or vegetable you like in the back of the truck!
  • Popsicle Stick Barn: Grab some red paper, popsicle sticks, hay, and farm animal stickers! With all of those materials, little creators can make their big red barn look however they like.
  • Easy  Farm Animal Puppets: These cute little farm animals are made on spoons and perfect for practicing your animals sounds and encouraging pretend play.
  • Farm Themed Sensory Bin: If you are looking for simple farm sensory play, take a look at this for some sensory bin inspiration.
  • Old MacDonald Toilet Paper Roll Animals: These toilet paper roll animals use all sorts of materials to add a little texture and variety to each animal!
  • Old MacDonald Dancing Farm Animals: Whether you work with 4 year olds or 9 year olds, your little creatives will love this craft. It comes with a free printable, so no worries if drawing animals is not your area of expertise!

Easy Fun Farm Crafts

These farm activities and cute farm animals crafts are perfect for any age. Plenty of them are a fun and simple way to create farm animals. If you are looking for something different, there is even a corn craft and a couple of barn and tractor crafts!

  • Paper Circle Farm Animals: If you are looking for the easiest farm craft ever, this is the one.
  • Handprint Duck: A personalized duck? Perfect for take home crafts. Use googly eyes for the face for an added element!
  • Fingerprint Sheep: Dipping fingerprints in white paint for the wool is a simple idea, and great for sensory learners.
  • Easy Paper Farm Animals: This farm animal craft comes with inexpensive farm animal templates.
  • Footprint Tractor: This is such a creative way to use a foot print!
  • Paper Pate Twirly Pig: These paper plate pigs would be so much fun to see hanging around a classroom!
  • Chicken Handprint:  This one is easy peasy, and only requires construction paper and markers.
  • Cardboard Tube Baby Chicks: Toilet paper roll craft? Check! These little chicks are adorable!
  • Paper Plate Cow: Paper plate crafts are so easy and fun!  Make this simple cow’s head with stuff you already have on hand!
  • Spinning Chicken: These “spinning” chickens will have students and children entertained and engaged for hours!
  • Peek-a-boo Barn: This barn craft is perfect if you are looking for a simple paper craft.
  • Cheerio Corn: This fun craft is a great way to use up your cheerios.
  • Sheep Shearing Craft: Let’s work on those fine motor skills and pretend play! Children will love using their hands while they pretend to be farmers shearing their sheep!
  • Handprint Lamb: Handprints are a great way to make any craft a little more personal.
  • These Little Piggies: Putting paint on feet may be a little messy, but this craft is so simple. Grab a black marker and draw a pig face on those toes!
  • Muddy Pig Craft:  Once the pig is made, children and students can get as creative as they would like with their muddy paint!
  • Paper Plate Sheep Mask: A fun activity and simple craft for pretend play.

easy farm crafts for kids

Popular Farm Animals

Many of the crafts above can be easily modified to make popular farm animal crafts.  For example, rather than making a paper plate sheep mask, your kids can make a paper plate pig mask.

Here is a list of popular farm animals along with a simple fact about each animal.   Be sure to check out our Fun Facts for Kids series.

  • Cows– Cows can only remember the past three years of their life.
  • Sheep– One female sheep produces enough wool to make a fancy suit!
  • Pigs – Pigs are the 4th most intelligent animal! They are right behind chimpanzees, dolphins, and elephants.
  • Chickens– Some chickens can lay blue or green eggs!
  • Goats– Goats do not have teeth on their upper jaw!
  • Horses– Horses can sleep standing up!
  • Geese– A male goose is called a gander. A group of geese is called a gaggle!
  • Ducks – Duck feathers are waterproof!

popular farm animal crafts for kids

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