45 Easy Bee Crafts for Kids 

Let’s start teaching more about bees, and inspiring creativity with these easy bee crafts for kids.

easy bee crafts for kids

Teaching children about the world around them and the role we all play in the world is incredibly valuable for development. Every creature on the planet, from humans to bugs, plays a vital role in how our planet functions. Even tiny creatures, such as bees, play an extremely important role in how our planet is able to thrive.

Have you ever heard anyone talk about how our planet and the ecosystem would fail if bees became extinct? Well, they’re not wrong. Bees, no matter how tiny and sting-y they are, are vital to our planet’s survival.

The Importance of Bees

While most of us associate bees with the pollination of flowers alone, they do much more than that. They actually take the pollen from flowers and spread it to other growing plants! They are also responsible for pollinating the food  and the habitat that we and other animals live in.

Birds, the wind, and bats are also able to pollinate plants, but they are not nearly as skilled. Bees are able to pollinate on a much larger scale. They give all of the food that we need to eat what it needs to grow properly.

easy bee crafts for kids

If bees did not exist, the produce section at our grocery stores would be close to empty! Fruit, grains, and vegetables are not the only food items that would disappear. If plants are not pollinated, animals have nothing to eat either. Most of the dairy and meat products we consume would disappear, as well. A planet without bees would have a very difficult time sustaining the life of the 7 billion humans on Earth!

With bees being as important as they are, it is necessary for future generations to learn about them. We want the bees to stick around for those generations. Eventually our children will play a part in keeping them around!

Incorporate stories, crafts, and other activities that reinforce how important these little bugs are into daily schedules. Earth Day is a great time to bring up bees! If you are looking for some easy peasy bee crafts for kids of all ages, check out the lists below!


Easy Bee Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Bee Craft: Paper plates are a classic craft material and are easy to find. You might already have them! If so, be sure to make these paper plate bees!

paper plate bee craft for kids

Bubble Wrap Beehive: Bubble wrap is way more than just a fun item to pop and play with. It makes a great craft material! You can grab a small roll of bubble wrap and yellow paint on amazon.

bee crafts for kids-hive

Heart Bees: Any time is the perfect time to show someone you love and care. This fun bee craft helps you do just that!

heart bee craft for kids

Simple Painted Bee: All you need for this is black and yellow paint. It is easier if you do yellow stripes first and then black stripes! This makes the project look at little neater. The black paint can help cover up any mistakes in yellow!

easy painted bee craft for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft: Toilet paper rolls to the rescue! This toilet paper roll bee craft is simple and lets you use something you probably already have laying around the house or classroom!

toilet paper roll bee craft for kids

Yarn Wrapped Bee Craft: Wrapping a craft in yarn is perfect for working on those fine motor skills!

yarn wrapped bee craft for kids

Pipe Cleaner Buzzy Bees: Who doesn’t love pipe cleaners? This fun craft lets you use a craft room staple.

pipe cleaner bee craft for kids

Paper Bag Bee Craft: The main supply for this easy craft is a paper bag! You could make this one into a puppet for pretend play!

paper bag bee craft for kids

Paper Plate Cotton Ball Bee: Paper plate crafts are a classic. Super simple to source and even more simple to create. If you have a large group for craft time, activities like this are ideal!

paper plate bee craft for kids

Wooden Spoon Bee Craft: This is such a creative idea. It uses very easy-to-collect supplies, and you can grab wooden spoons for crafting on amazon.

wooden spoon bee craft for kids

Clothespin Bee Craft: Clothespins are often an overlooked craft material! These adorable bumble bees are perfect for kids of all ages.

clothespin bee craft for kids

Thumbprint Honey Bee Hive: Children will love getting messy with this thumbprint honey bee hive!

thumbprint bee craft for kids

Bee Cup Craft: This honey bee craft is as simple as it gets! Perfect for preschoolers with a little assistance!

bee cup craft for kids

Popsicle Stick Bumble Bee: Popsicle sticks can be made into nearly anything – bumble bees included!

popsicle stick bee craft for kids

Marshmallow Stamp Bumble Bees: Marshmallows are not just a delicious snack! Stamp them onto construction paper and watch little, yellow bees appear!

marshmallow stamp bee craft for kids

Bee Shooter Craft: Children will have so much fun with this craft and activity!

Bee Puppet Crafts

  • Easy Bee Hand Puppet: Hand puppets are such a fun craft to make and perfect to add in to pretend play time.
  • Preschool Bumble Bee Puppet: This cute bumble bee craft is ideal for younger groups and smaller hands!
  • Bee Footprint Puppet: Personalized crafts are always a favorite! There is nothing more unique to us than our footprints and handprints!
  • Two Finger Bee Puppets: Finger puppets can be made for two fingers as well! This adorable bee finger puppet is so easy to make and so much fun to play with.


Adorable Bee Crafts for Kids

Bee crafts for kids are a great way to reiterate what has been taught at home or in a classroom. Crafts and hands on activities help them remember what they have learned! Bees are a lesson that we want kids to remember!

These art projects are perfect for kids of all ages. Let them work on their fine motor skills and learn something new about a very tiny and very important little bug!

  • Beehive Box: This beehive box is an adorable craft for older kids!
  • Wooden Craft Bumble Bee: This cute bumblebee will be a favorite for all ages!
  • Bobble Bees: Watch these cute little bees bobble back and forth!
  • Bee Sting Card: This is such an easy way to show someone you are thinking of them.
  • Egg Carton Baby Bee: These egg carton bees are adorable and such an easy way to reuse something you would normally throw away.
  • Yarn-Wrapped Tube Bee: Everyone loves googly eyes! This yarn-wrapped bee is great for fine motor skills.
  • Baby Bumble Bee Craft: This adorable craft is perfect if you love baby bumble bees!
  • Bee Get Well Soon Card: Show someone that you are thinking of them with this card! When we are sick or healing from an injury, cards make us feel special!
  • Pom Pom Pet Bee: Pom poms are so much fun! This is such an easy way to get your children or students excited about bees.
  • Bee Bookmark: Do you have a little reader in the house or classroom? This bookmark is the perfect craft to help them take care of their books!
  • Beehive Paper Craft: This beehive is adorable! It may be best for slightly older children, but with assistance, younger children could enjoy this as well!
  • Claypot Bumble Bees: These cute bee crafts are for the plant lovers in your life!
  • Winged Paper Plate Bee Craft: This adorable paper plate bee has wings on the back!
  • Paper Roll Buzzy Bee: These bees made from toilet rolls will have the whole room buzzing with excitement!
  • Pipe Cleaner Bee: Pipe cleaners are so versatile! Students will love these pipe cleaner bees!
  • 3D Bee Card: Who doesn’t love a fun and homemade card!

Handprint Bee Crafts

Handprint crafts are a favorite for several different reasons. Parents love them because they are personalized to their child. Children love them, because they love getting a little messy.

If you are looking for an easy bee craft that everyone will love, checkout the handprint bee crafts listed below! There is something for every age and skill level!


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