25 Fun Apple Facts for Kids

Kick off your apple theme activities with these 25 fun apple facts for kids.


Did you know that there are almost 2,000 different fruits in the world? Many of these are some that you have never heard of. Others are poisonous and you cannot eat them! Either way, scientists officially recognize around 2,000 different foods or plants as fruit. Most of us have only ever heard of 30 or so of them and may not even ever try all of those!

One of the most popular fruits across the world? Apples! Over 75 million tons of apples are grown across the world each and every year. As common as they are, most people know very little about them! That is a shame because there is so much to learn! Sometimes, the most common items are the most interesting! The apple facts below are sure to peak your kids’ interest.

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Fun Facts About Apples

This set of facts is easy-to-read and perfect for growing minds! The fun apple facts below are a great starting point for those seeking out a little more interesting information about this popular fruit.

  1.  Apples grow in apple orchards.
  2.  Apple blossoms grow into the apples that we eat!
  3.  One apple has around 6-10 apple seeds.
  4.  Green apples are called Granny Smith apples!
  5.  Some people grow their own apples in their yards!
  6.  One cup of apple juice is made from three apples.
  7.  Apples and peanut butter are a very healthy snack.
  8.  The largest apple was grown in Japan!
  9.  Apple season begins in September!
  10.  There are over 100 apples in a bushel of apples.
apple facts for kids worksheets

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Different Types of Apples

There are over 7,000 different types of apples grown across the world. In the United States and North America, there are over 2,000 different types of apples grown. We may only ever see twenty or so different types in our grocery stores. See if your favorite type of apple made this popular list!

Here are some of the different varieties of apples:

  •  Red Delicious Apple
  •  Golden Delicious
  •  Fuji
  •  Pink Lady
  •  Honeycrisp
  •  Envy
  •  Gala
  •  Pazazz
  •  Jazz
  •  Braeburn
  •  Cameo
  •  Holstein
  •  Lady Alice
  •  Hidden Rose

Popular Apple Foods

Apples are so versatile. When you think of eating different types of apple foods, you probably think of sweet stuff. Apple pie or apple donuts are really common. However, apples have a neutral flavor and sweetness that goes really well in savory foods as well.

Next time you are wanting something for dinner with apples, look up a recipe for butternut squash and apple soup! The health benefits of apple foods are also worth looking into. While they don’t provide any Vitamin D, they are rich in Vitamin C.

  •  Apple pie – Sugary, cooked apples and buttery crust. Some would say the best way to enjoy this fruit!
  •  Fresh apples and peanut butter – A healthy snack! Some people add a few chocolate chips to the peanut butter for a little extra sweetness.
  •  Apple Butter – This is delicious on toast!
  •  Candy apples – Fresh apples covered in a red candy coating
  •  Applesauce – A lunchbox favorite!
  •  Caramel apples – Fresh apples coated in gooey caramel! Some add chocolate and sprinkles!
  •  Apple cider- A delicious, warm drink made from apples.
  •  Apple fritter – This is like a donut or pastry made with cinnamon and apples!

Interesting Facts about Apples

This list of apple facts includes a little more detail for those wanting to continue their apple education! Apples seem so simple, but this list only covers a small portion of what makes them so interesting!

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  • A “Winter Banana” apple tastes like bananas and pineapple.
  • Apples are a very healthy fruit. They have plenty of vitamin C and fiber.
  • Around 10 popular types of apples sold at grocery stores in the United States. They typically are: Gala, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Jazz, Braeburn, McIntosh, and Pink Lady.
  • Johnny Appleseed’s original name was John Chapman.
  • Johnny Appleseed helped apples come to different parts of North America! He would bring seeds or tiny apple trees and plant them where there were none.
  • New York City is called The Big Apple. It is also the state that grows the most apples!
  • There are around 40 apples in one gallon of apple cider! Some scientists say that apple cider was made over 2,000 years ago!
  • Dwarf apple trees are tiny apple trees. However, they grow full-sized apples! It takes them about 3 years to grow a full set of apples.
  • Some scientists say that apples were the first fruit! Some say figs were the first fruit.
  • Crab apples are the only apple native to the United States and North America. Other apples were brought overseas from Europe!
  • Apple season begins in September. The best time for apple picking is from September to October.
  • The average size apple is around 3 inches in diameter and between 70 and 10 grams in mass.
  • All of the apples that we eat today are originally from Central Asia. All of the apple varieties we eat today descended from a type of apple called Malus Sieversii from Central Asia.

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