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49 Fun April Crafts for Kids

Let’s get ready to  celebrate spring with these cute April crafts for kids.  This collection has a variety of crafts good for younger and older children. 

easy april crafts for kids

When some people think of April, they think of rainy days. While that’s true in many parts of the world, Springtime also brings growth and flowers.

Animals and nature are both growing in the Spring, and these April crafts for kids are the perfect way to celebrate. Crafts are an awesome way to make seasons feel special. The changing of seasons deserves special attention just like fall and bigger holidays do.

Not only is springtime beginning in April, but there are holidays happening as well! Easter is the big one, but April Fool’s Day and and Earth Day are celebrated, too.  Earth day is the perfect holiday for April because springtime is all about nature and growth! If you are looking for some easy spring crafts, this list is perfect! You’ll find Easter crafts and fun activities for kids of all ages perfect for celebrating April’s springtime. 



Flower Crafts for Kids

April is all about nature and and what happens after those April showers!  After all, we all know April showers bring May flowers and Spring flowers!  These easy crafts are a great way to celebrate all that will be growing in gardens during the month.

Many of these are simple enough for even the tiniest of hands.  Whereas others, such as the realistic-looking crepe flowers, are a little more detailed for older children. Several of these crafts even use real flowers you find outside! Check out all of the flower crafts below!

  • Yarn Wrapped Flowers: These yarn wrapped flowers are an amazing way for children to work on fine motor skills. They can choose whatever color yarn that they would like!
  • Tissue Paper Flowers: These April crafts for kids requires scissors, so younger hands will need a little assistance.  The older kids will love choosing their favorite color and making cool designs. 
  • Construction Paper Flowers: This cute craft uses pom poms and different colored construction paper. This craft is one of the most simple on this list, but will still be a hit!
  • Coffee Filter Flowers: This fun craft uses coffee filters as the flower petals! This one is perfectly suited for little hands as the rest of the work is with crayons!
  • Paper Heart Flower Craft: These paper heart flowers use paper straws as the stem! They are adorable and perfect as a gift for a loved one.
  • Handprint Lilies: Making personalized crafts is so much fun! These handprint lilies just require construction paper and pipe cleaners!
  • Flower Hiking Stick: Spring time is the perfect time for a hike because of the warmer weather. These flower hiking sticks will be something older children will want to keep around for a long time.
  • Pressed Flower Rocks: Little hands will love pressing their favorite flowers on to these rocks. They can then be used as decorations or even paper weights!
  • Pressed Flower Eggs: These eggs are beautiful and simple to make! The perfect Easter eggs or decorations around the house.

april crafts for kids young children and older children

  • Pressed Flower Lanterns: Springtime means spending more time outdoors — even in the evening! These flower lanterns are perfect for spending time outdoors catching fireflies!
  • Nature Suncatchers: This craft project uses real flowers to make a beautiful sun catcher you can place out in the yard!
  • Pressed Flower Bookmarks:  These bookmarks are incredibly simple to make and children can use whatever flowers or flower petals they choose.
  • Nature Crown: This nature crown is a fun way to dress up with items found around outside! Just grab some clear contact paper and flowers from the garden! Contact paper is a great craft material to have on hand! 
  • Pressed Flower Binoculars:  There is so much to see and explore after the winter finally ends and spring time begins. Get outdoors with this craft! These easy binoculars use toilet paper rolls and real flowers!
  • Flower Egg Banner: If you are needing a classroom or home decoration for the spring or Easter, use these handmade egg banners! Just cut out egg shapes and press real flowers onto each one! 
  • Paper Plate Lily Craft: These lilies are super simple. All you need are paper plates, paint, and pipe cleaners! You can paint the plates any color for a variety of lilies.
  • Paper Tulips: Take paper hearts and puts them together for an easy-to-make tulip!  These April crafts for kids are cute and simple. 
  • Paper Plate Flowers: This one is perfect for tiny hands. Just grab some paint, paper plates, colored popsicle sticks, and construction paper! 
  • Handprint Sunflowers: For this craft, instead of tracing traditional petals, you get to trace tiny hands! Those tiny hands make perfect sunflower petals. Put it all together with a construction paper and popsicle stick stem.
  • Q-Tip Daisies: Little hands will love putting together these adorable daisies. 
  • Q-Tip Dandelions: Your kids will love using Q-tips as paint brushes! They make perfect dots for dandelions.



Fun Spring Crafts

Flowers aren’t the only thing we see during April and the springtime! Baby animals, bugs, and other plants are all growing during this time as well!

In this list, you’ll find crafts centered around chicks, caterpillars, butterflies, dragonflies, and even umbrellas! Several of these crafts use really creative tools! For example, the kids can paint with a fork or a Q-tip!

Younger kids and older kids will love getting to welcome spring with these easy April crafts for kids. 

  • Watering Can Finger Paint Craft: April Showers bring May flowers—even if they are from a watering can. Finger painting is always a favorite!
  • Baby Chick Fork Painting: Who knew forks could be such great paint brushes? This craft uses googly eyes and you can use whatever you would like for the beak!
  • Paper Umbrellas: This umbrella craft is perfect in preparation for all of those April showers. 
  • Caterpillar Craft: Even butterflies have to start somewhere! These caterpillar crafts are easy to do, and you can make whatever kind of caterpillar you like!
  • Paper Plate Flower Wreath: These flower wreaths are the perfect spring time decoration.
  • Pom Pom Caterpillar: These pom-pom caterpillars are perfect for younger children.
  • Frog Handprint: This personalized craft turns handprints into frogs, and lily pads are made out of paper plates!
  • Paper Bowl Mushrooms: Springtime is all about nature. These paper bowl mushrooms are an adorable way to use extra paper bowls. 
  • Hatching Bird: This hatching bird craft uses paper plates, shredded paper, popsicle sticks, and an adorable bird printable!

april crafts for kids easy and cute

  • Paper Plate Hatching Chick: This is another adorable hatching bird craft! 
  • Paper Bluebird: This great spring craft can also be used as a paper airplane if you wish!
  • Handprint Bouquet: Flowers are beautiful, but this bouquet is a little more sentimental. Perfect for a gift!
  • Growing Flower Paper Plate: The flowers are made out of buttons and make a beautiful outdoor scene. 
  • Toilet Paper Roll Cherry Blossom: Cherry blossoms peak within the first two weeks of April. These toilet paper blossoms are perfect to celebrate the growth of these beautiful trees!
  • Pipe Cleaner Bead Butterflies: These pipe cleaner butterflies are perfect for fine motor skills. Clothespins and glitter make these butterflies extra fun!
  • Construction Paper Ladybug: These are very similar to the caterpillar craft listed above.   All you need is card stock or construction paper and this craft will be super simple to make.  
  • Button Dragonfly: Buttons, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes are really all that you need for this one. Super adorable and simple!
  • Handprint Butterfly: Pom poms, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and construction paper are all you need for this personalized butterfly! 


Rainbow Crafts

Those April showers don’t only lead to flowers. They lead to rainbows as well! Children love different colors, so rainbows are the perfect theme! There are so many different ways to make rainbows! These crafts use paper plates, cotton balls, coffee filters, and much more! Whatever you have on hand, you will easily be able to find a rainbow craft to fit what you have. These rainbow themed crafts will help fine tune those fine motor skills!

easy April crafts for kids


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