Let’s get ready to  celebrate spring with these cute April crafts for kids.  This collection has a variety of crafts good for younger and older children. 

easy april crafts for kids

When some people think of April, they think of rainy days. While that’s true in many parts of the world, Springtime also brings growth and flowers.

Animals and nature are both growing in the Spring, and these April crafts for kids are the perfect way to celebrate.

Crafts are an awesome way to make seasons feel special. The changing of seasons deserves special attention just like fall and bigger holidays do.

Not only is springtime beginning in April, but there are holidays happening as well!

Easter is the big one, but April Fool’s Day and and Earth Day are celebrated, too. 

Earth day is the perfect holiday for April because springtime is all about nature and growth!

If you are looking for some easy spring crafts, this list is perfect! You’ll find Easter crafts and fun activities for kids of all ages perfect for celebrating April’s springtime. 

Flower Crafts for Kids

April is all about nature and and what happens after those April showers!  After all, we all know April showers bring May flowers and Spring flowers! 

These easy crafts are a great way to celebrate all that will be growing in gardens during the month.

Many of these are simple enough for even the tiniest of hands.  Whereas others, such as the realistic-looking crepe flowers, are a little more detailed for older children.

april crafts for kids young children and older children

Several of these crafts even use real flowers you find outside! Check out all of the flower crafts below!

🌸 Flower Pencil Toppers: Use colorful pipe cleaners and tissue paper to create simple flower pencil toppers.

🌸 Egg Carton Flowers: Cut sections of an egg carton, paint them, and glue them together to make flower shapes.

🌸 Paper Plate Flowers: Decorate paper plates with paint, markers, or crayons, then cut them into flower shapes and attach a stem.

🌸 Cupcake Liner Flowers: Flatten colorful cupcake liners and glue them onto paper to create beautiful flower designs.

🌸 Tissue Paper Flowers: Crumple up small pieces of tissue paper and glue them onto paper in the shape of flowers.

🌸 Flower Crown: String together artificial flowers or make paper flowers to create a lovely flower crown.

🌸 Handprint Flowers: Dip children’s hands in paint and press them onto paper, then add stems and leaves to create handprint flowers.

🌸 Button Flowers: Glue colorful buttons onto paper in the shape of flowers, then draw stems and leaves.

🌸 Flower Bookmark: Create flower-shaped bookmarks using construction paper or cardstock, decorating them with markers or stickers.

🌸 Flower Pot Painting: Decorate small clay pots with paint or markers, then plant seeds or artificial flowers inside for a charming display.

🌸 Paper Bag Flowers: Cut and decorate paper bags to resemble flower petals, then attach them to a stem for a fun craft.

🌸 Straw Flowers: Cut drinking straws into small pieces and string them together to create colorful flower shapes.

🌸 Fingerprint Flowers: Dip children’s fingers in paint and create flower designs by making fingerprints on paper, then add stems and leaves.

🌸 Sponge Painting Flowers: Cut sponges into flower shapes, dip them in paint, and stamp them onto paper to create vibrant flower patterns.

🌸 Pipe Cleaner Flowers: Twist and shape colorful pipe cleaners into flower shapes, then attach them to stems for a simple and colorful craft.

🌸 Rock Flowers: Paint rocks in bright colors and arrange them in flower shapes, then add stems using painted twigs or pipe cleaners.

🌸 Felt Flowers: Cut flower shapes out of felt and glue them together to create multi-layered and textured flower designs.

🌸 Recycled Bottle Flowers: Cut the bottoms off plastic bottles, paint them in bright colors, and arrange them into flower shapes for a unique craft.

🌸 Tissue Paper Pom-Pom Flowers: Fold and cut tissue paper into pom-pom shapes, then fluff them up to resemble colorful flowers.

🌸 Yarn-Wrapped Flowers: Wrap yarn around cardboard or foam cutouts in flower shapes, then add a button or bead in the center for added detail.

🌸 Origami Flowers: Fold colorful paper into intricate origami flower designs, following step-by-step instructions for a challenging yet rewarding craft.

🌸 Seashell Flowers: Glue small seashells together in flower shapes, then attach them to a painted background for a coastal-themed flower craft.

Fun Spring Crafts

Flowers aren’t the only thing we see during April and the springtime! Baby animals, bugs, and other plants are all growing during this time as well!

In this list, you’ll find crafts centered around chicks, caterpillars, butterflies, dragonflies, and even umbrellas! Several of these crafts use really creative tools! For example, the kids can paint with a fork or a Q-tip!

Younger kids and older kids will love getting to welcome spring with these easy April crafts for kids. 

april crafts for kids easy and cute

🌷 Paper Plate Sunshine: Decorate a paper plate with yellow paint or markers, add paper or foam rays, and draw a smiling face in the center.

🌼 Fingerprint Bugs: Dip fingers in different colored paints and create fingerprint bugs on paper, then add details with markers.

🦋 Tissue Paper Butterflies: Cut out a butterfly shape from cardstock, then glue on pieces of colorful tissue paper to make the wings.

🐛 Egg Carton Caterpillars: Cut sections of an egg carton, paint them bright colors, and add googly eyes to create cute caterpillars.

🌈 Rainbow Windsock: Decorate a long strip of paper with rainbow colors, then attach streamers to the bottom to create a windsock.

🎨 Sponge Painted Rainbows: Cut sponges into rainbow shapes, dip them in paint, and stamp them onto paper to create colorful rainbows.

🌸 Pom-Pom Flowers: Glue colorful pom-poms onto popsicle sticks to create vibrant spring flowers.

🐰 Bunny Masks: Cut out bunny shapes from paper plates, then decorate with markers, cotton balls, and googly eyes to make masks.

🐥 Spring Chick Finger Puppets: Cut out chick shapes from felt or paper, then glue them onto craft sticks to make finger puppets.

🌈 Paper Straw Flowers: Cut paper straws into different lengths and colors, then glue them together to create 3D flower shapes.

🦋 Coffee Filter Butterflies: Color coffee filters with markers or watercolor paints, then scrunch them up in the middle and add a pipe cleaner for the body to make butterflies.

🐞 Ladybug Rocks: Paint rocks red with black spots to resemble ladybugs, then add googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae.

🌼 Button Flowers: Glue colorful buttons onto paper or cardstock in flower shapes, then draw stems and leaves.

🌱 Springtime Sensory Jars: Fill clear plastic bottles with water, glitter, sequins, and small plastic flowers to create sensory jars that resemble spring scenes.

🌸 Clothespin Dragonflies: Decorate wooden clothespins with paint or markers, then add googly eyes and colorful tissue paper wings to make dragonflies.

🌻 Daisy Chain Bracelets: Pick daisies from the garden and thread them onto string to make pretty bracelets or necklaces.

🌈 Rainbow Paper Collage: Cut out strips of colored paper and glue them onto a larger piece of paper to create a rainbow collage.

🌼 Springtime Puppets: Draw spring-themed characters like flowers, birds, and butterflies on cardstock, then cut them out and attach them to craft sticks to make puppets.

Rainbow Crafts

Those April showers don’t only lead to flowers. They lead to rainbows as well!

Children love different colors, so rainbows are the perfect theme! There are so many different ways to make rainbows!

These crafts use paper plates, cotton balls, coffee filters, and much more!

Whatever you have on hand, you will easily be able to find a rainbow craft to fit what you have.

easy April crafts for kids

These rainbow themed crafts will help fine tune those fine motor skills!

🌈 Rainbow Picture Frame:  Use colored popsicle sticks, flower buttons, and a small clip. You can see this and more on my Mother’s Day craft collection

🌈 Paper Plate Rainbow: Cut a paper plate in half and paint each half a different color of the rainbow, then glue cotton balls along the edge for clouds.

🌈 Rainbow Handprint Painting: Paint each finger a different color of the rainbow and press onto paper to create a handprint rainbow.

🌈 Pipe Cleaner Rainbow: Twist and shape colorful pipe cleaners into a rainbow shape, then glue onto paper and add cotton ball clouds.

🌈 Rainbow Suncatcher: Cut out rainbow-colored tissue paper squares and glue them onto a sheet of contact paper, then hang in a sunny window to create a suncatcher.

🌈 Rainbow Paper Collage: Cut out strips of colored paper and glue them onto a larger piece of paper to create a rainbow collage.

🌈 Rainbow Pasta Necklace: Dye different shapes of pasta in rainbow colors, then string onto yarn to make a colorful necklace.

🌈 Rainbow Salt Dough Ornaments: Make salt dough and divide into rainbow-colored portions, then shape each color into a small ball and press together to form a rainbow, bake and paint when dry.

🌈 Rainbow Popsicle Stick Puzzle: Paint popsicle sticks in rainbow colors and glue together to form a square, then cut into pieces to create a rainbow puzzle.

🌈 Rainbow Fruit Kabobs: Thread rainbow-colored fruits like strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, and grapes onto skewers to make a delicious and healthy rainbow snack.

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