36 Valentines Card Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day cards make a great gift and a great activity for the classroom. Thankfully, there are lots of ideas for Valentines Card crafts for kids.

There is no need to worry about finding something appropriate for different age groups or skill levels.

Creative minds all over the internet have come up with a slew of different crafts to choose from and adjust to as you need.

These Valentines card crafts for kids will keep children looking forward celebrating Valentine’s day with their friends and family.


Valentines Card Crafts for Kids of All Ages

While most Valentine’s Day celebrations are aimed at little kids, older kids deserve to celebrate as well.

Adults love to celebrate the day of love too! While many crafts like these are elementary, the ones below can be appreciated by all ages.

Younger children may need a little assistance with these, but older children and adults will be fine to complete them on their own.

 Heart Bee

Children of all ages are interested in animals and insects. These heart shape bees are adorable and the kind of craft that is appropriate and enjoyable for all ages.


Bouquet of Hearts

What a great idea! These bouquets are adorable and something younger children will love to make with assistance. Older children will love to gift them to family members.

Ninja Turtle Valentines

For these, all you need is construction paper, googly eyes, and a glue stick! Ninja turtle fans both young and old will love these.


I Love You To Pieces

This printable is, in my opinion, one of the cutest and easiest Valentines card crafts for kids.  This is also a popular printable card for Mother’s Day.

valentines-day-crafts-for-kids-pieces-1 Get this printable HERE or on TPT

Cactus Valentine

These are so creative and so much fun! A little construction paper and small heart stickers can go a long way! The plant lovers in your life will love these.

3D Heart

Older children will love making these and younger children will love making them with a little assistance. The 3D art will make the valentine’s card feel very special.

 Bear Heart

These great cards are perfect for young and old! Pair it with a cute teddy bear for the perfect gift.

Hide and Seek Valentine

These Valentine’s Day cards are like two gifts in one!

More Easy Valentines Card Crafts

Family members and friends love a handmade Valentine’s card. There are so many different Valentine’s day craft ideas available, so you can always surprise students and family members with something fresh and exciting every year.

 Heart Stripe Valentine

This is the kind of card that young children, older children, and adults will love making and giving. You can use ribbons, tissue paper, and many materials to fill out the hearts.

Robot Valentine

These handmade Valentine cards are a great way children to create something for parents who love technology!

Rocket Valentine

These cute valentines are perfect for little hands that love creating crafts that are out of this world!

 Heart Balloons

Heart shape everything for Valentine’s Day! These balloon cards are an easy craft to celebrate!

Heart Confetti Card

You can use all different colors for the confetti in this beautiful card! Children of all ages can pick their favorite colors or go with a specific theme.

Tulip in a Heart Card

These 3D tulips are adorable. Younger children will need assistance, but they will love gifting them to loved ones. Older children will have no problem with the instructions.

Love Bug Card

A love bug card for the love bugs in your student’s life!  This would make a great art project for your toddler or preschooler. All you need is construction paper, and self-adhesive conversation hearts.

Button Heart Card

These cards are a fun way to use your collection of red and pink buttons.

Hearts in a Jar Card

These are colorful and all ages will love making and receiving them!

Homemade Valentines for Younger Children

Making Valentine’s Day cards is exciting for younger children. It is another day to celebrate and get slightly out of the normal routine of school or home. It is also a great time for these tiny hands to work on fine motor skills and create fun projects. Handmade cards are always a hit with family members. The projects below are aimed for younger children, but can be completed at nearly any skill level. Some may just need more or less assistance.

  •  Fingerprint Love Bug: Family members love to receive a card with a little personalization!
  • Doily Gnome: This is such a creative way to use paper doilies!
  •  Marble Hearts: Younger children will love getting messy with this card craft!
  •  Heart Person Craft: This craft is adorable and can easily be turned into a card with a message on the back!
  •  Ribbon Heart Valentines: These ribbon valentines are easy and family members will love them. You can use any extra ribbon you have laying around.
  •  Handprint Valentines: Personalized cards are always sweet cards. Children will love seeing their own hands and creating the surprise inside!
  •  Dinosaur Valentine: Younger children will love creating a prehistoric keepsake for family members.

Valentines Day Crafts and Paper Hearts

  • Doily Butterfly: Who knew doilies were so versatile? These are adorable and use a material that you may already have laying around.
  • Bubble wrap Valentine: Children love bubble wrap. Making these cards will be an absolute blast for them.

As you can see, there are lots of Valentines Day crafts to choose from.  You could make every family member a different card and never do the same one!

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Valentines Card Crafts for Kids