36 Dog Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Whether your child is interested in dogs, or you’re teaching a dog-themed lesson, these dog crafts for toddlers and preschoolers will be a hit!

They are a fun way for children to get their hands messy while learning about their favorite pet.  Dogs are many children’s first favorite animal.  For this reason, puppy facts and cute activities for your dog lovers will keep learning fun.   

dog crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

The first section listed below is a general group of easy dog crafts. Most of these can be completed by a variety of ages. Really young children can handle most of these with a little assistance, and older children will not find themselves bored. You’ll even find a few dog dress-up crafts for pretend play. 


Easy Dog Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This list of crafts is perfect for both little kids and older kids. You will find a variety of supplies, colors, and difficulty levels throughout this list. There are paper crafts, balloon crafts, toilet paper roll crafts, newspaper crafts and much more. Most of these activities will not break the bank, and you can easily access the supplies that you need from your own home or school.

If you are reading a few different dog books in class or at home, there are crafts that will pair really well with what you are working on.


  • Newspaper Puppy:  This is such a creative idea and a fun way to use up some extra newspaper and patterned paper. Children will love getting to create their own dog from their favorite patterns and colors.
  • Paper Bag Dog: Who knew brown paper bags could be so much fun? This craft is simple and easy enough for tiny hands to complete with assistance or by themselves.
  • Paper Bag Dog Craft: This is another adorable puppy craft! If you have a hard time finding the right color felt to use, feel free to use googly eyes instead!
  • Paper Dog Puppet: This simple craft lets children create their own puppets to play with. They will love the pretend play that comes along with it!

dog crafts for kids

  • Coffee Filter Dog Craft: Coffee filters are an incredibly inexpensive craft supply and you probably already have them around your house or classroom!
  • Footprint Puppy: Feel free to use whatever paint you have around. Acrylic or oil will work just fine- they may just be a little messier! Children and students will love being able to get a little messy with this fun craft.
  • Dog Shape Activity: Are you working on shapes with your students or children? This craft is an ideal project for those looking to practice!
  • Spring Dog: This may look intimidating, but it is definitely an easy dog craft. Feel free to use whatever color construction paper that you have around!

  • Slinky Dog: This fun activity is perfect for anyone who loves toy story! This slinky dog craft will keep students and children entertained even after they are finished. They will love watching the slinky move!
  • Toilet Paper Roll Dog Craft: Empty toilet paper rolls? A versatile craft supply. You can make nearly any creature or item out of these cardboard tubes.
  • Paper Roll Dog Craft: You can use toilet paper rolls or larger cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls for this craft. Just cut them up into shorter lengths!
  • Easy Origami Dog: Origami sounds difficult, but its actually an easy project! It also doesn’t take much more to make than different colored construction paper!

dog crafts for toddlers

  • Puppy Dog Collars:  Puppets are great for pretend play, but so is pretending to be the animal yourself! Children and students will get so excited about making pretend dog collars out of different colors!
  • Sponge Painted Dog Hats: Children love dressing up for fun. This will be a huge hit and something they cannot wait to take home to show their parents or friends.
  • Puppy Bookmark: These little dog bookmarks are perfect for little readers! 
  • Newspaper Puppy: Such a great idea and fun way to use extra construction paper and newspaper! Making collages will be such an exciting craft for your children and students.
  • Dog Headband: Children and students love dressing up. This dog headband will have them excited about other dog-themed activities!
  • Balloon Puppies: This craft will keep them entertained for hours. Because of the balloon string, they can pretend that they are taking their balloon puppy for a walk. This craft is super inexpensive as well!
  • Paper Chain Puppy:  This makes a great Toy Story themed activity, that would work as well!


Clifford Dog Crafts

If your kids love Clifford Books, these will be their favorite crafts!



Letter D Dog Crafts

Working on the alphabet? This craft is perfect for those learning or attempting to retain letters and beginning sounds.


Popsicle Stick Dog Crafts for Kids

  • Popsicle Stick Puppy Puppets: This easy peasy craft is perfect for children and students who love pretend play. Dog lovers will love getting to woof around with their friends and puppy puppets!
  • Popsicle Stick Dog House: Just add some dog bones and this will look realistic! This would be an awesome dog house for some of the popsicle puppy puppets listed above!
  • Popsicle Stick Puppy: Popsicle sticks are such an easy craft supply to find and if you have extra afterwards, you can use them for other things! This popsicle stick puppy is adorable and they will love using it for pretend play!


Paper Plate Dog Crafts

Paper plate crafts are a staple amongst craft lovers and doers. These fun dog crafts are super accessible and all of them use paper plates in some form or fashion. The great thing about paper plates is not only are they inexpensive, but you might already have them around from a party or previous craft. 

  • Paper Plate Dog Mask: Paper plates are so versatile and so simple to use for a large variety of crafts. These dog masks are the next best thing if you are unable to find a dog costume! Feel free to pair this with the construction paper dog collars listed above.
  • Paper Plate Dog Face: This blog offers a variety of different dog faces you can make with this craft. They probably have one with your favorite breed! Whether you or your child are into Labrador Retrievers or Yorkshire Terriers, you will easily find something interesting to make with this craft.
  • Paper Plate Dalmatian: Because of movie popularity, Dalmatians are a well-known and popular breed amongst children. They will love to make their own Dalmatians!
  • Painted Paper Plate Dog: The great thing about Dalmatians? Their spots are not all the same! So, the creative freedom with this craft is is wide! They can put their spots on any space and in any order that they like!
  • Go, Dog, Go Paper Plate Craft: This paper plate craft pairs perfectly if you are reading Go, Dog, Go! This book by P.D. Eastman is included in the world of Dr. Suess stories. It is perfect for dog lovers and can also teach young children about the many different contraptions we can use to travel where we need to go!
  • Paper Plate Dalmatian Face: Another adorable variation on a Dalmatian puppy paper plate face!

Holiday-Themed Dog Crafts

Dogs are man’s best friend no matter the season or holiday. So, if you are interested in having a craft ready for your little dog lover at a certain time of the year, look below. There are a few different Valentine’s-themed crafts you can use as gifts for friends, parents, grandparents, or teachers.

  • Valentine’s Toilet Roll Dog: Toilet paper rolls are perfect – even for Valentine’s Day crafts! This one is super simple and makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!
  • Heart Dog: It can be hard to find valentines that suit your child’s interests! These heart dogs will suit any dog lover.
  • Paper Plate Valentine Dog: Another super simple and creative paper plate craft. This one is perfect for classroom Valentine’s Day celebrations!


Whether you’re a parent or teacher, if you’re wanting to entertain your creative dog lover, these dog crafts for toddlers will do the trick. I hope you found great ideas for your dog-theme activities and art projects. 

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dog crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Dog Crafts for Preschoolers