36 Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

This collection of dinosaur crafts for kids are perfect for the younger dinosaur enthusiasts! Whether you’re looking for a craft ideas for a dinosaur party, or just a fun activity to do with your kids, you’ll find something here!

dinosaur crafts for kids

Dinosaur crafts and hands on activities are a great way to keep children interested in important or beneficial topics. They love getting their hands messy and creating something new. So, if your child is interested in dinosaurs or if your next unit includes dinosaurs, dive into one of these crafts!

There are simple dinosaur craft ideas for younger ages listed first. Dinosaur crafts that are suitable for elementary students or require more hands on help from adults are listed second. Lastly, if you are looking for dinosaur themed sensory bins for sensory play, those are at the bottom!


Easy Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

These fun ideas are all about prehistoric creatures and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Most of them will still require some amount of adult assistance or preparation, but they should be able to complete most of the craft on their own! These amazing dinosaur crafts for kids will keep even the tiniest of hands entertained.

Tissue Paper & Paper Plate Dinosaur

Check out these paper plate dinosaurs if you are looking for a tissue paper dinosaur craft!

Dinosaur Playdough Sets

This set of dinosaur molds and playdough will keep your kids creativity flowing for hours! 

They even have a personal touch! You can trace the child’s hands for the bony plates on the back!

Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossil

Salt dough is so versatile. These are incredibly simple and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. The adult takes care of making or purchasing the white dough, and the child gets to press a dinosaur of their choice into their own fossil!

dinosaur crafts for kids fossils

Toilet Paper Roll Paper Plate Dinosaur

These paper plate dinosaurs are adorable! If you are looking to use up some toilet rolls and paper plates, this would be an ideal craft for you. Crafts that use old or extra items like these make art time inexpensive!

Dinosaur Handprint Craft

All you need for this craft is paint, a hand, and to use construction paper! If your child or student is a fan of the movie, The Good Dinosaur, they will get excited about this one.

Sparkly Paper Plate Dinosaurs

This one is similar to other paper plate dinosaurs, but creates a sparkly dinosaurs body! 

Baby Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft

This craft gives students and children the chance to make baby dinosaurs popping out of dinosaur eggs!

dinosaur crafts for kids paper plate

Paper Plate Dinosaur Mask

This easy dinosaur craft is the perfect way to get your children or students into the dinosaur spirit.

Marble Painting Dinosaurs

Marble painting is so much fun and everyone can choose different colors if they like!

Q-Tip Dinosaurs

This dinosaur craft focuses on dinosaur skeletons! The Q-tips are a creative way to make dinosaur bones!

Handprint Dinosaurs

We love a craft that offers a little personalization!

dinosaur crafts for kids handprint  


Fun Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

These creative ideas are perfect for elementary age students or kids of all ages if there is plenty of adult assistance available. Older kids love learning about dinosaurs, too.  These cute dinosaur crafts will keep their curious minds attentive and creative. If you are looking for crafty dress-up activities, there are DIY dinosaur hats and masks listed below!

Dinosaur Silhouette Art

Students will have such a great time making these creative dinosaur pieces. Each child can make the background to their silhouette look a little bit different!

Dinosaur Paper Plate Masks

Such a fun way to get students excited about dinosaurs.

Cupcake Liner Dinosaurs

Crafts like these are a great way to use extra items you have around. This blog shows several different types of dinosaurs you can make out of cupcake liners!

Tissue Paper Dinosaur Craft

Students will love making their own dinosaur out of a bunch of tiny pieces of tissue paper!

Cardboard Dinosaur Suncatchers

Have some old cardboard laying around? Make these beautiful sun catchers!

Cupcake Liner Dinosaur 

Another great way to use supplies you probably already have sitting around!

Felt Dinosaurs

This is a fun way to make a dinosaur as colorful or different as they want! Cutting the felt into different shapes means they can create a unique dinosaur of their own!

Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet

Your little paleontologist will love dressing up. These feet made out of old tissue boxes are the perfect way to get them excited for science. 

Dinosaur Hat

While you do have to purchase plain green hats from a craft store or amazon, this craft will be a little more durable than others! 

dinosaur hat craft for kids

Handprint Triceratops

This fun dinosaur craft lets students make a triceratops out of their own hand!

Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets

This craft comes with a printable and lets your students create something they can use for pretend play!

Dinosaur Jar Lanterns

While these should be used under adult supervision, they are such a nice touch to a little paleontologist’s bedroom or play area!

Dinosaur Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are a staple and easy go-to when it comes to craft time!

Dinosaur Suncatcher

This adorable craft uses wax paper and tissue paper to create a beautiful sun catcher!

Valentine Dinosaur

An adorable valentine for your dinosaur lovers!

Hatching Dinosaur

This craft requires an adorable printable, popsicle sticks, and glue! Students will love being able to manually hatch their own dinosaurs. You could glue some googly eyes on for extra fun!

Bubble Wrap Dinosaurs

Bubble wrap is fun in and out of craft time! This craft is super simple and while it may be a little messy, it is perfect for nearly any age!


Dinosaur Sensory Bin Ideas

Sensory play is so beneficial for development and children love it. Sensory bins are something that could entertain a child for hours. The great thing is, sensory bins are incredibly easy to make yourself.

Creating a sensory bin may seem slightly intimidating, but all you need are some toys and a few items from around your house.

For the base, many people use rice or beans. They are inexpensive and most already have them within reach. If you are wanting something a little more colorful you can dye your rice (instructions below) or make some colorful sand! Children love kinetic sand and one of the blogs below teaches you how to make your own! Some just use water as their base! It is completely up to you. Once you have that taken care of, all you need are the items to put inside! These items are completely up to you and what theme you are going for!

The blog posts linked below offer so many creative ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Toddler Dinosaur Sensory Bin

All you need for this sensory bin are some dinosaur toys and rice. Feel free to throw in whatever else you think would go well!

Dinosaur Cloud Dough Sensory Bin

Cloud dough is so much fun. Children will love sticking their hands in this one.

Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Little paleontologists will love this dinosaur dig pretend play! They can look and discover dinosaur fossils, bones, and whatever else you think would be interesting for them to search for!

Dinosaur Excavation Sensory Bin

Another fun discovery bin for a little paleontolgoist. They will love using their fine motor skills to find and discover their own fossils!

Shredded Paper Dinosaur Sensory Bin

If you are unable to make colored rice or you don’t have any dry beans, no worries! This sensory bin uses shredded paper. If you have any paper laying around that you don’t need, shred it up and put it in this bin! Then, just add some little dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Sensory Bin with River

This sensory bin is so detailed! It even has a river children can use for pretend play. Dinosaurs have to have somewhere to drink! But be sure to use warm water so their hands don’t get cold!

Dinosaur Swamp Sensory Tray

This tray is lots of fun and will use anything you can find in your backyard! 

Dinosaur Sensory Bin with Beans

This sensory bin is simple and easy to create. Just add beans, egg cartons, and toy dinosaurs! 

Kinetic Sand Dinosaur Bin

This blog teaches you how to make your own kinetic sand for this sensory bin! It is super inexpensive and easy to do. Then, you just have to add some fun toy dinosaurs, trees, and whatever else you think fits well into the theme!


Dinosaurs are the perfect way for teachers or parents and their students or children to meet in the middle. They are a subject that is educational and easy to implement into science and lesson plans. Dinosaurs are also a subject that children tend to become interested in on their own — with or without the encouragement of a parent or teacher.


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