36 Creative Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas

Are you decorating for Valentine’s Day?  Do you need Valentine bulletin board ideas, or inspiration for a cute Valentine door display?  If so, I’ve got a great collection for you to browse through.  

valentine bulletin board ideas

When February rolls around, teachers need fun ideas and new ways to decorate the inside and outside of their classrooms. Bulletin boards and door displays are a common way to show love for the special day. If you are in search of unique Valentine bulletin board ideas, check out these fun bulletin board ideas and door displays.

Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

Bulletin boards are a great way to make a certain month or time of the year feel festive and special. Children and students love seeing something new in a space they spend a lot of time in. 

Even through they are time consuming to make, you can ask a parent volunteer, to help create an inspiring board for your kids to enjoy.   If you are in need of a fresh, creative, Valentine’s Day bulletin board ideas, check these out.

Bee-Mine Bulletin Board

While there are only a few bees on this board, you could make it a craft and have one for each student!

bee mine valentine bulletin board

Love Is In the Air

Valentine’s Day offers so many phrases for fun boards like these. If you like the phrase, but want to use something different, let the kids each make their own paper airplanes out of construction paper!

Our Little Love Bugs

Love bugs is a common phrase and one that is perfect for younger students.

First Grade is Sweet

You could make this fun box of chocolates for any grade or group! 

I Chews You

You could have children or students each create a bubblegum machine of their own or make one giant machine!

Love Is In the Air

Clouds and heart balloons are a cute and subtle way to spread love!  

Pre-K Sweethearts

A preschool teacher is always looking for new ideas. This board is such a great idea for a younger classroom! Change it up for any grade level!  

Give each kid a box of conversation hearts to count, sort, and to enjoy! 

Sending Our Teacher Some Love

Students will love showing their teachers that they have a big heart!

Slow Much Love

Their little hearts will melt when they see these sloths!

Pre-K is Sending Love Your Way

Children will love seeing their own creations on a board like this!

All You Need Is Love…

Libraries have bulletin boards and need fun ideas too!

Are You a Library Book?

Librarians have a great sense of humor too!

Love is UP in the Air

This awesome bulletin board will remind children of their favorite Pixar movie, Up.



Kindness Valentine Bulletin Boards

Kind Conversations

What’s better than candy and kindness?  Give each of your students a small box of conversation hearts, and let them decorate a paper heart to match their favorite saying. 

Sprinkle Kindness Everywhere You Go

These gnomes are adorable! If you like the phrase and wanted to do something slightly different, you could do cupcakes with sprinkles instead of gnomes!

Choose Kind

It’s always a good idea to encourage others to be kind.


Olaf Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas

Some People are Worth Melting For

Everyone loves Olaf —even a construction paper one!

An Act of Love Can Thaw a Frozen Heart

This Olaf Valentine bulletin board is a great way to spread and recognize kindness throughout the school.



In a classroom, school hallway, or other public places, teachers are always looking for new ideas they can use for decor. Schools and classrooms are where children spend a lot of time. So, changing up the classroom decorations for holidays makes different times of the year feel special. Valentine’s Day is one holiday, and a special day, that children and students get very excited about. 


Valentine’s Day Door Displays

A classroom door is often the first thing students see as they walk into a classroom every day. Switching up the display lets them get excited about being at school and loving their learning environments. Personalizing your classroom door lets you show off the classroom’s personality. 

If you are looking for cool ideas or fun ways to decorate your door for Valentine’s Day, check out these door ideas.

Love Is In the Air

Students will love making their own balloons or clouds.

Yoda One for Me

Yoda and a bunch of heart shapes? Perfect for Star Wars lovers.  You can also say “Yoda best class for me”.

We Love First Grade a Latte

This one may be more for the teacher than first graders, but they will still love it!

Love Is an Open Door

Such a fun phrase to use for a door display!

Love Is In the Air

This is another fun way to use this phrase! Each student could have their name on one of the hearts.


A simple door idea, but perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s what the holiday is all about!

A Pizza My Heart

Such a cute play on a Valentine’s phrase! They will love putting their favorite toppings on their pizzas!

Time to Show Our Love

This is perfect for a class that is learning how to tell time!

Owl Always Love You

Let each student make their own owl!

Owl Love You Forever

This is another cute owl idea with a slightly different phrase.

Our Heart Beats For 2nd Grade

This idea is perfect for a music room or any grade!


Children will love making their own Valentine hearts to put on the clothesline!

Valentine, U R 2 COOL

Penguins are a fun animal and this is great idea if you are studying penguin facts for kids

Hugs and Kisses

A classic Valentine’s Day treat. Students will love writing their own message on the tags.


For this one, you could add names and a photo of each child!

Sweeter than a Box of Chocolates

A photo of each child is the perfect way to complete this box of chocolates.

We Choose to Send Out Love and Kindness

This is such a fun way to encourage children and students to give out kindness this Valentine’s Day.


Children love telling their friends about the special stuff that they do in their classroom. A newly decorated classroom door is a great way to help them show their friends from other classes what they do. They will get so excited seeing their own artwork or picture on a piece of the school that so many other people see everyday.


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valentine bulletin board ideas

Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas