Do you need ideas for easy January crafts for kids?  If so, you’re going to love this collection of Winter crafts!

There’s something about this time of year that just makes you want to get crafty, right?

Maybe it’s the idea of spending a cold, wintery day inside making cute winter crafts (and staying warm and cozy).

Whatever the reason, doing crafts is a great way to get little hands working and engaged.

Crafts helps develop fine motor skills, spark creativity, and gets children thinking in different ways.

If you’re ready to put on your crafty hat, gather up your pipe cleaners, cotton balls, paper plates, and googly eyes (and lots of glue). Then, check out these 45 January crafts for kids to get started.

Let it Snow!

Perhaps some of the most popular January crafts center around snow.

Whether it’s snowflakes, snowmen, or snowballs, there are plenty of fun and simple ideas that are great for both young children and older kids.

Here’s some easy Winter crafts to keep everyone entertained.

Most of these ideas require simple craft supplies, like coffee filters, paper plates, yarn, or pom poms. Of course, you’ll also want to have some staples on hand, like glue, paint, and scissors.

Add in a hefty dose of imagination, and you’re well on your way to creating some masterpieces that are sure to make everyone smile.


Snowmen Crafts

Do you wanna build a snowman? Well, if it’s just too cold outside, or there’s no snow, no problem!

You can make your own cute snowman indoors with these easy peasy ideas. Kids of all ages will love a fun Winter art project and easy crafts.

Sock Snowman — You know how the dryer is notorious for eating socks? Well, the next time you end up with a single random sock, try out this cute craft. Using a few basic supplies and that lone sock, you can create an adorable stuffed snowman.

Doily Snowman — Doilies aren’t just for adorning serving trays. You can use them to make a sweet snowman picture, like Easy, Peasy, and Fun.

Snowman Thumbprint Art — Let your child have a blast making thumbprint snowballs in all different colors to create this winter snowman scene. 

Foam Cup Snowmen — Wait! Don’t toss out those extra foam cups — use them for this crafty activity. It’s also a great way to teach your kids about reducing waste and repurposing items that might otherwise end up in a trash can.

Clothespin Snowmen — These handy clothespin snowmen make an excellent way to display cards and hang reminders. Or, add a magnet to the back and use it to display children’s other artwork on the fridge.

Easy Snowman Craft — Check out this fun Winter craft we showcased in an earlier article — a snowman that tells a little something about the child who made it. 


Snowflake and Snowball Crafts

Adorn your home with these unique and beautiful snowflakes. Some sparkle, some shimmer, and others let you channel your inner artist.

Afterward, enjoy an indoor snowball fight with special handmade snowballs that will never melt.

Paper Plate Snowflakes — This is an excellent craft for preschool children and older kids using scissors and working on painting skills. If your little one isn’t quite ready to cut yet, you can do that part for them and let them take over the painting part.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes — Keep a few extra coffee filters to the side for this fun project. When you’re done, make sure you have some space in a window to display these beauties; they look extra stunning when the shine shines through them.

Crystal Snowflakes — One of the many amazing things about art is how it incorporates so many other subjects, like science. This activity lets you and your little scientists create beautiful crystal snowflakes that will become a sparkling winter display.

Artsy Snowflake — This classic watercolor resist activity not only results in an amazing snowflake craft but also has a bit of a science component. It shows how oil and water really don’t mix — using oil pastels and watercolors to reveal a “secret” snowflake.

Indoor Snowball Fight — Weather not cooperating for that long-awaited snowball fight? No problem, this craft will walk you through creating the perfect indoor snowballs. They won’t hurt, and they won’t melt.

Penguin Crafts For Kids

Another popular character to pop up during the winter season is the precious penguin.

You’ll see lots of penguins hanging on winter-themed classroom bulletin boards, waddling through seasonal books, and turning up in January crafts.

Here are some fun ideas for penguin projects:

  • Handprint Penguin — Using children’s handprints to create art is a great way to personalize it and turn it into a special memento. With a little black paint, or white paint, these penguin handprints are a simple project to do with children of any age.

  • Cotton Ball Penguin — This activity includes a free printable to make a fluffy cotton ball penguin. Picking up and gluing cotton balls might sound super simple, but it’s also a great way for little hands to improve their pincer grasp.

  • Paper Penguins — This video walks you through how to make adorable standing penguins out of rolled paper.

  • Cardboard Tube Penguins — Don’t feel like rolling paper? Try out these penguins instead — using toilet paper tubes, or you can cut paper towel tubes in half.

Polar Bear Crafts For Kids

Penguins aren’t the only animal popping up throughout January activities and crafts. You’ll also find another kid favorite, the polar bear.

Fork Painted Polar Bear — Who says you need a paintbrush to paint? In fact, using different tools to paint is a great way to encourage creativity and thinking outside the box.

Handprint Polar Bear — Get your child to trace their hand on white paper and use it to create these sweet arctic scenes. Your little one’s handprint will take center stage as the cuddly polar bear.

Pop-Up Polar Bear — Here’s a great craft for either a fun decoration or if you have someone with a January birthday or other celebration. You can make this pop-up card to share with them.

Paper Plate Polar Bear — Paper plates are some of the most versatile craft supplies out there. Cut and arrange paper plates to create this polar bear pal.

Recycled Polar Bear — We mentioned earlier about teaching your kids to reuse and repurpose. Well, here’s another craft that helps reinforce that idea — start saving your newspapers for this cute craft.

More Fun January Crafts

Winter Tree Sun Catcher — Here’s a craft that makes a great decoration to hang in the window. Plus, if you’re working with young children who aren’t yet cutting, it’s great because they tear the paper to shape the tree.

Snowy Owl Craft — Kids love playing with puppets, and with this owl craft, they can make their own. After creating their snow owl, they can put on a winter play or act out their favorite winter stories.

Paper Icicles — Follow the free template to make some clever icicles out of folded paper.

Bubble Wrap Winter Trees — The next package that arrives on your doorstep, save the bubble wrap for this winter forest scene.

Melting Ice Suncatchers — Here’s a science and art activity that will take a little time, but it’s well worth the wait. This is a great activity if you have children of various ages as there’s a little something for everyone.

Hot Chocolate Craft — Don’t you just love snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa in January? For an extra-sweet touch, sprinkle some actual cocoa on the brown paper.

Cardinal Handprint Craft — Unlike many birds, cardinals don’t migrate in the winter, and many consider them a symbol of joy and hope. Your child can trace both their hands onto red paper or use red paint to make handprints to create this classic winter bird. 

Whimsical Winter January Crafts

During the Winter months, craft projects can be so much fun.

It’s time to take down the Christmas tree, and start decorating with snowflake crafts and snow globes.

  • Winter Fairy Dolls — There’s no denying that January snow brings with it a feeling of magic. So, add these whimsical fairy dolls to your craft list.

  • Snowy Town Watercolor — This watercolor technique results in a gorgeous cityscape scene. Perfect for your little artist at heart.

  • Mosaic Gingerbread Man — Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Mosaic Gingerbread Man. This craft is a great way to practice scissor skills or tearing skills.

  • Winter Hats — When the weather drops in January, the winter clothes come out in full force. Let your winter wardrobe inspire you to make these cute winter hats.

  • Snow Slime — Who doesn’t like to play with slime? Let’s face it; it can be pretty hard to stop once you get started. Make some special, sparkly snow slime this January.

  • DIY Snow Globe — There’s something magical about snowglobes, and now your children can make their own.

  • Winter Landscape — Still have that bubble wrap? Don’t forget to try this fun winter landscape from iHeart Crafty Things.

  • Colorful Winter Trees — Use sponge painting to create some vibrant winter trees. Whether you want to make Christmas trees or an evergreen forest, it’s up to you.

  • Sparkling Pinecones — Here’s a craft that can also lead to an adventure. Take your kids on a scavenger hunt for pinecones, then have a decorating party. 

Delicious Edible January Crafts

Are you looking for some crafts that you can really dig your teeth into? Here you go!

  • Polar Bear Pops — Chocolate-covered pretzels are a favorite party snack. Now, you can add a January twist to your pretzel with a bit of polar bear flair.

  • Rice Krispie Penguins — Rice Krispie treats are some of the easiest and tastiest treats to make. Give them a January makeover with this penguin upgrade.

  • Hot Chocolate Snowmen — Not only are these hot chocolate kits cute, but they also make a great gift. 

New Year’s Crafts

New Year’s Eve brings a close to December (and the year) and kicks off New Year’s celebrations. Since New Year’s Day is in January, we had to include a little New Year’s craft fun here.

  • Party Horns — These party horns will let you and your kids add your own special touch to the celebration. Plus, they’ll definitely make you smile.

  • Recycled Bottle Noisemakers — Save your empty water bottles for this activity. Once again, crafting comes to the rescue and keeps things out of the landfill — these sparkly noisemakers are sure to be a big hit.

You can find even more fantastic holiday crafts by checking out our New Year’s Crafts for Kids.

Now it’s time to spread out your supplies and get to work! Which January craft is your favorite? Let us know which one you plan to try in the comments. 

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