It’s time to celebrate Winter with these easy snowman activities for kindergarten!

Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, winter is so much fun for young children.

Kids who live in the cold can have snowball fights, and may even get a snow day off of school! Whereas, those in warmer climates can wish for snow and a snowy day! 

snowman activities for kindergarten

Regardless of your location, winter can be exciting, and can lead to great learning opportunities for any kindergarten classroom.

Implementing a fun winter theme into lesson plans is a great way to keep students interested.

If you check out the rest of this post, we have lists of snowman printables, poems, and crafts available for you.

There are so many to choose from for in the classroom or at home with kids.

Snowman Printables

Parents and classroom teachers needs a large selection of both fun and structured activities for the classroom.

Check below for amazing and unique snowman printable and winter bundles!

These snowman activities for kindergarten are also great for preschoolers through first grade.

Snowman Snowman What Do You Need? (Emergent Reader)

This predictable reader is perfect for emergent readers. The story has a similar pattern to the Brown Bear Brown Bear books.


Snowmen at Night Story Response

This story response sheet and graphic organizer was created for the book Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner.

snowmen at night response sheets

Kindergarten Math Talks

Snowman and winter theme activities are not only for reading and literacy time!

snowman activities for kindergarten math talks

January Vocabulary Writing Center

Make center time interesting for students and easy for you with this no prep word work center.

Snowman Poems

Poems are perfect as an all-class activity or in small groups.

Whichever size group you choose, there are plenty of activities and centers to go along with these snowman theme poems.

  • I’m a Little SnowmanThis printable winter poem can be used for nearly anything. Use it for journaling, poetry notebooks, or a winter play or presentation. This goes well with the pocket chart poetry center below.
I'm a little snowman poem
Chubby little snowman winter poem for kids
Great big snowman winter poem for kids
five little snowmen winter poem for kids
ten little snowmen winter poem for kids

Easy Snowman Crafts

Craft time can be a way to break up heavy periods of lessons and sharpen fine motor skills. These easy peasy crafts are perfect for kindergarten!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of snowman activities for kindergarten.  Before you go, here are more snowman and Winter posts you’ll enjoy:

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Snowman Activities for Kindergarten