Whether your kids are hoping for a white Christmas, or learning about snow, these snow facts for kids will be a hit.

The seasons regularly changing are exciting for nearly anyone.

Whether you are more into cold or warm weather, a little change always feels nice. For children, the winter time is always exciting.

A Chance of Snow

The potential of snow exists! Even children who do not live in particularly cold areas wake up on wintery mornings and look out their windows to see if their yard changed to white overnight.

While some adults may have lost their excitement for snow over time, it is always fun to watch children get excited.

So many core memories can be made together out in the snow — no matter how many inches of snow you received.

snow facts for kids

If your child does not typically enjoy playing outside, that probably changes come winter time.

Snow makes life feel a little more magical at that age. For some adults, that magic stays around.

The great thing about snow is it that it is just as much educational as it is fun. It is a great way to keep children active and outside for a bit.

It is also an easy and interesting subject to insert into lessons and classroom instruction.

No matter what age you or your students are, there is always something new and interesting you can learn about snow.

After the easy snow facts for kids, you will find a Building Sentences: SNOW Facts for Kids printable activity.

snow facts for kids worksheets

Easy Snow Facts for Kids

These easy snow facts for kids are made for younger children.

You can also use these for any sort of rapid-fire activity of lesson. They are simple, to the point, and easy to remember.

❄️ Snow is frozen water!

❄️ Snow looks white, but is actually clear!

❄️ No two snowflakes are ever the same! You cannot find identical snowflakes because they are all different shapes!

❄️ Fluffy snow is called “powder”.

❄️ Snowflakes can form into any shape!

❄️ 32 degrees Fahrenheit is the freezing point of water. Liquid water begins to show the form of ice at these cold temperatures.

❄️ Some animals need snow to survive!

❄️ The Guinness Book of World Records says the world’s largest snowflake was 15 inches wide!

❄️ Skiing, sledding, and snowboarding are fun snow activities!

❄️ The state of Washington gets the most snow!

❄️ It is dangerous to drive in heavy snowfall. Be careful!

❄️ Kids love getting a snow day off of school.

snow facts for kids building sentences
Get these printable Winter Sentence Building worksheets, HERE or on TPT

More Fun Snow Facts for Older Kids

These interesting facts are perfect for lessons or classroom inspiration.

They include a little more detail, but you could definitely find even more information to include for a lesson plan or activity.

Did you know that snow isn’t white? It’s actually clear! Most people, especially young people, may not be aware and that is such an interesting fact to learn!

snow facts for kids

Snow Facts for Older Children

❄️ The white light from the sun reflects off of the clear snowflakes and makes them look white!

❄️ Blizzards happen when there is heavy snow and strong winds. If there is a lot of snow expected and the weather has high winds, a blizzard is likely to occur. Be safe!

❄️ Have you ever heard of sleet? It may look like snow, but it is a little different. They are tiny rainy particles that started out as water and froze on their way to the ground!

❄️ If there is a form of precipitation, the air temperature needs to be at or below freezing for snow.

❄️ Snow melts when it’s warmer than 32 degrees.

❄️ It snows in the south pole and north pole.

❄️ Have you ever seen frost in your front yard? While it may look like snow, it is not! It is actually made from water that was already on your ground or grass. The water froze because of low temperatures and looks a little bit like snow!

❄️ It is never too cold for snow. While it can certainly be too warm for snow, there is no temperature too cold for snow. If snow does not happen in extremely low temperatures, it is just because there was no water or moisture in the air or weather. It is frozen water after all, so water is necessary!

❄️ The heaviest and highest snowfall in the United States over a 24-hour period was in Silver Lake, Colorado in 1921. They got 192 centimeters! That is 75.8 inches of snow or 6.3 feet! And the snow did not stop after the 24-hour record was set. It just kept falling!

❄️ Snow is one of the six main forms of precipitation! The others are called drizzle, rain, sleet, graupel, and hail. Have you ever heard of graupel? It is basically just a really soft version of hail!

❄️ You need to wear sunglasses in the snow! We usually associate sunny weather and sunglasses with summer and heat. However, snow has the ability to reflect a high level of ultraviolet radiation! This can burn your eyes and cause snow blindness if you do not wear protection!

❄️ Snow forms super high up in the clouds! Water freezes into tiny snow crystals up in the clouds. If those crystals of ice get heavy enough, they fall down from the clouds as snow! On the way down, the tiny ice crystals bump into one another and then clump together to form snowflakes!

snow facts for kids


Now that you know some interesting snow facts for kids, let your kids have some fun.

Set up an art center, and let them make a scene with the largest snowflakes, snow leopards, and kids having snowball fights.

Or, give them magazines and books about mountains, and let them write and draw about the rocky mountains covered in all the beautiful white stuff.

Have students see if they can find two matching snowflakes. That will keep them occupied for a while! Or — try to beat Saskatoon’s world record for the world’s largest snowball fight! You’ll only need more than 7,681 people!

Looking for some snow lesson inspiration or some easy information to pass on to students and children?

Here are some Snow Facts printable worksheets perfect for those winter months and snow days!

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