35 New Years Crafts for Toddlers

Doing crafts and other creative activities with young children provides a wonderful learning experience. Therefore, what better way to ring in the New Year than with some hands-on, engaging New Year’s crafts for toddlers?

New years crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids

Let your kids start off a brand new year by having so much fun using their imaginations. You’d be surprised at the New Year’s eve crafts you can create with a piece of paper, paper plates, popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners. With these great ideas, you can make everything from party hats to noisemakers to countdown clocks and more.


But remember, when it comes to doing New Year’s crafts for toddlers, it’s more about the process than the product. Don’t push for perfection; let your kids experiment and do most of the work because this makes the whole experience fun and worthwhile.


New Year’s Hats, Crowns, And Wearables

Use these craft ideas and printables to create the perfect headpieces and accessories for your New Year’s Party. Kids of all ages enjoy the fun crafts on New Years Eve.



Printable Party Crowns These free printables (or you can opt to make a small donation) make creating a crafty and cute New Year’s Crown super simple. Plus, you can choose from three different sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Paper Party HatsThese classic cone-shaped New Year’s Eve party hats are a great way to ring in the new year with your little ones. Decorate them with your own personal flair and get the party started!

Crowns and Tiaras Pipe cleaners and inexpensive dollar store headbands come together to form some super sparkly crowns and tiaras. These regal creations are just right for your New Year’s prince and princess.

Glitzy Glitter HatsAdd a dash of festive and fancy fun to your New Year with this glam and glitzy take on the classic party hat. You can never have too much glitter.

Just Add Feathers With just a few feathers and some basic New Years’ crowns, you end up with a fanciful headpiece. Having a collection of feathers can lead to fantastic fun any time of the year!

Firework RingsTurn sparkly pipe cleaners into beautiful rings and ring in the New Year. (See what I did there?) Younger kids and older kids will appreciate the fun activities while waiting for the ball to drop.


New Year’s Party Fun

A great party always has some fun noisemakers, favors, decorations, and pizazz! Make your own with these fantastic ideas.


Paper Cup Party Popper It’s all about quick-and-easy crafts when you’re working with toddlers and their sometimes limited attention spans. These party poppers are sure to deliver lots of smiles and giggles.

New Year’s Noise Maker Bring on the noise! What list of New Year’s crafts for toddlers would be complete without DIY noisemakers for your party? These noise makers are easy to make and are a lot of fun.

Party Animals These cute paper plate creations are a quirky and adorable way to add some zing to your celebration.

New Year’s Ball If you want a project to work on over a few days (or weeks) leading up to New Year’s Eve, this is it. This ball takes some time and patience, which is why breaking it up over multiple sessions is a good idea. But the finished product is well worth the wait.

A Mini Disco Ball If you’d prefer a smaller, faster version of a New Year’s ball, try this DIY New Year’s Eve ball instead. It’s a fun little craft for young kids to have a dance party!

New Year’s Shaker — What do you get when you add paper plates, beans, and imagination? A great activity with festive noisemakers!


New Year’s Countdown Crafts

One of the most iconic parts of New Year’s celebrations is the countdown. So make sure you and your little ones are ready to count together!


New Year’s Ball Drop Recreate the classic New Year’s Eve Ball Drop with this easy paper plate craft and foam stickers. The stickers make this a quick and simple way for your toddler to get in on the action. Then, slide the plate as you count down together. It’s the simple ways of doing different activities that makes the holidays fun for kids.

Celebration Clock Paper plates are the star of the show once again in this clever countdown clock craft. Let your child decorate the plate as they see fit, and you can count down the hours, minutes, or seconds together.

Countdown Banner Here are all the printables and templates you need to create a hanging countdown banner with your kids.

Countdown Goody BagsHelp ramp up the excitement and anticipation with these goody bags for each hour leading up to midnight.

Fizzy Fun Use these fizzing concoctions to help you countdown to the New Year with your family. 


New Year’s Activity Crafts

Have some hands-on, interactive fun with your toddlers with these engaging seasonal activities.

Straw RocketHere’s a safe way to let your toddlers have some fun with fireworks–without the fire.

Time CapsuleMake 2021 a year to remember forever by creating a time capsule with your children. You can use the free printables to help guide you and add your own special touches, too, of course.

New Year’s Pinata Create a pinata together and fill it with all sorts of goodies. Then, gather around to break it open when the clock strikes twelve.

Firework Playdough Have a blast making this festive, themed playdough; great fun for kids of all ages. Your kids will have a great time making colorful fireworks out of playdoh.

Spin Drums Make some music this New Year’s Eve with these handmade spin drums.


New Year’s Art Creations

Let your toddlers’ imaginations run wild with these New Year’s creations that are sure to please.


Fireworks Paintings — Save your toilet paper rolls and let your toddlers go to town painting their own firework-inspired masterpieces.

Pop-Up CardWhether you use it as a decoration or decide to share it with a friend, this pop-up card is a great way to show your festive side.

Rotating New Year’s Paper Plate Going from the old year to the new, this rotating paper plate activity is a fun way to make the transition.

Party Popper Card Here’s another fun way to share the celebration with friends. Use the free printables to create a card that really pops.

Handprint Firework Handprint art never goes out of style. Plus, it’s super easy for little hands to do.

Paper Plate Twirler Create these twirly, whirly decorations to add some flair to your New Year.


New Year’s Edible Crafts

These crafts are absolutely delicious–no matter what time you decide to eat them.

Oreo Cookie ClocksWho doesn’t love an Oreo? Create these cookie clocks to make your celebration extra sweet.

Party Horns These classic-looking party favors might not make noise, but they sure taste good.


New Year’s Resolution Crafts and Poem

Another significant part of starting a New Year is setting goals and making resolutions. Use these ideas to teach your children about the concept.

New Years Poem – New Year’s Here is a simple, catchy, poem or song that kids love! 


Handprint Resolutions The templates in this craft say to “Take your hand and make a vow of things to do, starting now.” It’s a great way to talk with your kids about setting goals and working toward them during the year.

Wishing Tree Turn your New Year’s resolutions into a decor piece using this cute wishing tree idea. You can use the free templates to help your toddler write down their wishes for the upcoming year. Then, hang them on the tree for all to see. Plus, it serves as an important reminder of what you hope to accomplish during the year.

Magic Wishing Wand Wave the wand and make a wish with this whimsical craft.

New Year’s Resolution Wreath Gather all of your toddler’s resolutions and wishes together in a one-of-a-kind handprint wreath.

Now it’s time to gather your supplies, put on your creative thinking caps, and let your imagination soar! Ready for more tips and fun ideas? Make sure to check out all of the resources that Little Learning Corner has to offer. Which activity or craft will you try first? Let me know in the comments!


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