These free Thanksgiving printables for kids are a great way to keep learning fun leading up to Thanksgiving day.

Myself, and several other creators, have come together to bring you these free printables and fun activities to use throughout the Thanksgiving season.


These themed activities are fun things the young kids can do to build math skills, fine motor skills, and early literacy skills.

They can be done in an elementary school classroom or at home with the whole family.

Scarecrow Poem for Thanksgiving

Kids of all ages think of fall leaves, pumpkin pies, turkeys, and scarecrows as part of a Thanksgiving theme. 

Scarecrow, Scarecrow

Scarecrow, Scarecrow,

You can’t scare me!

You may have scared the crows,

but you can’t scare me!


(Personalize the poem, by replacing “the crows” with the kids name). See below for how I personalize it using the pocket chart activity, Build a Poem.  

Free Scarecrow Build a Poem

This FREE Scarecrow Build a Poem is a fun activity to build language, early reading skills, name recognition, and fluency.

Simply print the poem and word cards on paper, or card stock for durability, and watch as the kids have a great time building the fun Thanksgiving poem.

The Free Build a Poem printable pack comes with 2 versions of the poem, including the crows and a blank line for personalizing, and large print word cards.

It takes little time to prep, and the little kids have so much fun.

The best part is when the big kids want to join in on the kids activities, and begin reciting the poem right along with the little kids.

Older kids often love word searches and Thanksgiving mad libs, but these Build a Poems are great activities for them to do, as well.

If you don’t have a pocket chart in the classroom, or at home, no worries.

In fact, allowing the kids to build the poem on a floor space, or at the thanksgiving table, is a fun way to keep them engaged.

After learning the poem, the kids refer to the poem page, and put the word cards in order to build the poem.

It’s kind of like a matching game, but with words.

Whether it’s by themselves, or working in small groups, you’ll often see the kids pointing to the words, and reciting the poem over and over again.

The older children love changing the words to the poem to make it silly.

Whatever they need to do to have fun while learning, let them do it! Fun thanksgiving activities don’t have to be perfect – just engaging.


Personalizing the poem bring the fun printables to a whole new level!

Scarecrow, Scarecrow also comes with blank name cards to personalize the poem.

Simply print as many as you need to write their own kids names. Don’t forget to switch out the poem page, too. They will want to read from the one that has a blank line.

Let the kids locate their name in collection of everyone’s name.  This will build name recognition, and let them feel good about their reading ability.

Depending on the kids’ reading level, they may just be learning letter sounds. 

In this instance, they may only decipher their name card from others based on the first letter. If that is the case, praise them for recognizing the first letter of their name.


Now that you have gotten your free Scarecrow, Scarecrow poem, be sure to check out more free Thanksgiving worksheets and printable activities below.  

At the very bottom of the post, you will find links to Thanksgiving crafts, free Thanksgiving coloring pages (color by code), and other printable Thanksgiving activities.

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