Are you looking for a list of 100th Day of School shirt ideas for kindergarten through second grade? I’ve got you, friend. 

Most elementary schools do something special to celebrate the 100th day of kindergarten or 100 days of school.

During Fall and Christmas, there are many class parties. So, a little celebration in the early part of the new year is often highly welcomed and anticipated.

For this special day, schools and teachers often put together class and school-wide activities. Some may be educational activities and group work in the classroom. Others may be just-for-fun activities planned in other parts of the building.


Teachers and staff will usually put together some fun snacks that help the students fuel up for the rest of the activities.

There are so many list of ideas available. I looked for hours to find the original source of some of these shirt ideas.  However, many were not able to be traced back to the original creator. 

I shared those who were, but feel free to contact me if you know the creator of the others.  I’ve love to give them credit for their work. 

 Enjoy the list full of creative 100 days of school shirt ideas for kindergarten, first, and second grade.  

Easy 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas for Kindergarten

Whether you need a last minute 100 days shirt idea, or you don’t have much time to spend making one, this list is full of simple ideas.

If you are a teacher and your class is making shirts together, you probably want a simple shirt design.

If you are a busy parent and are helping your child make one, these ideas are perfect for limited time. They are simple, but your child will love making them and wearing them.

Despite their simplicity, they are all incredibly cute and creative.

100 Days Brighter with Jewels

As you’ll find as you move down this list, puns are very popular with 100 days of school shirt ideas for kindergarten.

“100 Days Brighter” is a phrase used for a few t-shirt ideas on this list, but each one has a different theme. Self-adhesive jewels are the key component of this one!

100 Days Brighter with Stars

Another t-shirt taking advantage of the phrase “100 Days Brighter” – this time with a space and stars theme. This example also has a spaceship and an earth on the front, but you could just do stars if your child preferred.

A sun would look cute as well! Puffy paint and self-adhesive stars are all you need. 

100 Days of Schooled Popped on By

If your child loves popcorn, this one is perfect.

Yellow and white Pom poms make great popcorn kernels, and the popcorn bag can be made out of strips of felt.

Puff/fabric paint is the perfect tool to write out the phrase.

Loved 100 Days of Kindergarten

If your young one is looking for the best way to show their teacher how much they have appreciated them this year, this shirt is perfect.

Self-adhesive felt heart shapes and puff paint are all you need for this fun shirt idea!

I Survived 100 Days

Kindergarten is tough stuff. This hundred day shirt is incredibly easy and doesn’t have to involve any glue unless you want to make sure the bandaids stay for good.

These self-adhesive sparkle letters and neon bandages are all you need. 

We’ve LEGO of 100 Days of School

If your kindergartner has some LEGOs to spare, they will love showing off their favorite toy with this shirt.

Tally Marks

Tally marks are the easiest way to show how far they have made it in the school year.

You could use puffy paint, or cut self-adhesive fabric to make these cute tally marks!

Hands Down: I am 100 Days Smarter

Most kindergarteners love art projects that let their hands get a little dirty. This shirt is a great way to put a personal touch on their t-shirt.

100 Days of Blooming

Kindergarten is prime time for growth and blooming. This cute shirt is a great idea for flower lovers.

You can find fabric flowers at any craft store and then use this shirt to show off some extreme flower power!

It’s Been a Sweet 100 Days of School

Cotton candy is a kindergartner’s dream. This cute idea can show off a favorite treat of theirs and is super simple to make.

Pom poms make great cotton candy and felt or whatever fabric you have available can be used to make the cotton candy container.

One component of the day that students look forward to? Dressing up. School celebrations are a great way to take a break from the normal routine.

Dress up days are a fun way for students to show a little extra personality — especially if your school has uniforms.

Some classes may make hats or headbands together as an activity.

100 days of school t-shirts are a common tradition for many classrooms and schools.

Some teachers may make t-shirts as a class so every student has a matching shirt.

Teachers and schools may ask students to make their t-shirt at home with their parents.

Making t-shirts in class is a fun activity for any grade.

Making them at home is a way for students to work on something outside of school that shows a little bit of their personality.

Whether you have a kindergarten student, a 1st grader, or slightly older students, a special t-shirt is a fun 100th day of school project.

Cheap Shirt Ideas to Celebrate 100 Days of School

Elementary school teachers that are making shirts in class have a budget they need to follow.

Parents have a budget to follow most of the time as well. Inexpensive t shirts ideas are helpful no matter which party you fall into.

100 Gum Balls

Gum balls and gumball machines are a really common theme throughout 100 days of school celebrations!

The gum balls can be made from pom poms, paint, or markers. The machine can be made from self-adhesive felt, or drawn on yourself with markers or paint!

Having a Ball for 100 Days

Sports lovers will be a fan of this one. Use self-adhesive basket balls (or whichever sport you want), and vinyl letters. 

100 Days and Counting Piggy Bank

Toy money can be purchased at the dollar store in the kid’s section.

The piggy bank on this one can be glued on using whatever materials you have available.

Felt or scraps of fabric would work great, but you can also just draw the pig on in fabric marker or paint.

I Crawled My Way Through 100 Days

“The Hungry Caterpillar” is a classic early childhood book.

Green pom poms can be used to make the caterpillar and the words can be written in whatever you like!

100 Days Flew By with Balloons

This is another cute pun that can be expressed in a few different ways.

This shirt uses balloons to make up a hot air balloon and the phrase can be written with whatever you have on you!

Balloons are always a hit for the 100th day celebration.

100 Days Flew By with Feathers

Feathers are incredibly inexpensive and perfect for this phrase!

100 Fabulous Days of School

The great thing about this shirt is you can use whatever buttons you have available for the hair!

100 Days Sprinkled With Fun

Pipe cleaners are an inexpensive and versatile craft material. They are perfect for sprinkles on this shirt! 

Orange You Glad We Made it 100 Days?

Another really cute and creative pun. Pom poms are so versatile and can be used for many shirts with cute sayings.

Making t-shirts is a lot of fun, but can also be a lot of hard work if you’re tackling them in class.

If that is your only option, I suggest finding a great place to work in small groups.

Once you know the expected date for your 100th day activities (usually during February), invite a parent volunteer to help with the fun ideas listed here.

At the end of the day, your 100th day of school celebration will be so much fun.

Shirt Ideas for First Grade

While most of these are intended for kindergarten, many of them can be used for older grades as well.

If you also have a child a few years older or are looking for a more advanced and mature idea, here is a helpful list!

I’ve Bugged My Teacher for 100 Days

Science gets really fun in first and second grade. Your child or students are probably learning about all sorts of bugs and wildlife this year.

This shirt is perfect for science-loving children!

100 Days Smarter He Is

While kindergarteners may not be familiar with Star Wars just yet, some first graders may be fans of a few of the characters.

This shirt is a great way to show off a child’s personality and something they enjoy outside of school.

Time Flied

This shirt would be great for kindergarten as well, but may be a little more involved. Drawing 100 flies may take some time!

100 Eyed Monster

Some younger students may not be a fan of monsters just yet, so this shirt may be better suited for first grade and above.

Your kids will have fun putting on the different self adhesive googly eyes. 

“Eye” Survived 100 Days of School

Another fun way to utilize googly eyes and monster characters!

100 Days Sharper

This pun is perfect for sharks! It could also be used with pencils as well if you have 100 extra laying around.

Conclusion: 100th Day of School Shirt Ideas

Thank you for visiting Little Learning Corner for ideas to make a happy 100th day of school shirt.

Let the creative juices flow, and help your kids show school spirit. Be sure to get a self portrait with your kiddos to remember these magical days!

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