100 Days of School Activities for Kindergarten

Do you need ideas for 100 Days of School activities for kindergarten, first, or second grade? If so, you are going to love this list of the best ways to celebrate this milestone.


When children are in early elementary grades, a school year can seem like a lifetime. That is why having small celebrations throughout the year helps break up the routine.

The 100th day celebration gives students something to look forward to and something to be excited about.

Most of those celebrations revolve around traditional holidays or birthdays. However, there are some special days that are celebrated in the classroom and are school-specific.

One of those special days and celebrations is often reserved for the 100th day of school.

Since there are 180 days in each school year, 100 days is over the halfway mark and the perfect time to celebrate. Students can celebrate the school year being more than halfway over and learn about how the number 100 can be used to represent many different things.

For 100 days of school activities for kindergarten and other younger grades, elementary school teachers will often plan activities and learning opportunities centered around the number.

The great thing is — the number 100 is incredibly easy to incorporate into math and English lessons.

Outside of educational components, the whole class will often celebrate by dressing up. Some classes may make matching t-shirts or hats. This is a great way to get student’s creative juices flowing.

In addition to 100th Day-themed clothes, there are usually snacks to top it all off. Here are some helpful snack ideas, free printables, activities, and videos you can incorporate into your celebrations.


100th Day Snack Ideas

Throughout all the years I taught kindergarten, one of their favorite 100 Day activities were to bring in 100th day snacks.

There are super creative ways to make snacks that represent this grade-school milestone. Plus, this is a fun activity for all grade levels to integrate their favorite food with math games.


 Swiss Cake Roll and Chocolate Donuts

For this, all you need is a skewer stick, two mini chocolate donuts, and one Swiss Cake Roll per serving. From left to right, slide on the two donuts and then put on the Swiss Cake Roll. It’s 100!

Carrots and Cucumbers

Just like with the donuts and Swiss Cake Roll, you can have one carrot stick and two cucumbers next to each other. It makes a 100! A healthier alternative to sweets if that is something you are looking for.

100 Grand Bars

These are perfect simply because of the name. You can give them out as is, or attach them to a cute printable like this one!

100 Days Fruit Loop Necklaces

This is great as an activity and a snack. Each child can be given a string and a bowl of Fruit Loops. They can string 100 pieces of the cereal on to the necklace and wear it or eat it as a snack throughout the day. Be sure to tie off the first fruit loop, because their little hands may have a hard time stopping the fruit loops from falling off. This is a great activity for fine motor skills.

100 Days of School Cupcakes: 

This one is simple and easy to make for a large group or classroom. Cupcakes can either be made or picked up from a bakery or store. Instead of having the bakery write “100” on the cupcake, you can make it fun and colorful. Two colorful lifesavers and a small bit of a Twizzler can spell out 100 on each of the cupcakes.


If they bring in 10 different snacks, this is a great opportunity to make a class collection, or trail mix. Simply have the kids to put 10 of each snack into a 100th day fun ziploc bag.

Free 100th Day Printables

There are awesome resources online for your celebrations.

Many of those are free printable resources you can use for your 100 days of school activities for kindergarten.

You will find  these activities may be math and counting related since that is such an easy way to incorporate the number. T

here are also fun and simple writing prompts that younger students in kindergarten can complete and draw with a picture. 100-days-of-school-activities-for-kindergarten-free-printables-pin

Other activities and printables may be slightly more on the fun side or creative, but we all need a bit of that sometimes!


  • 100 Days Brighter Paper Hat and Certificate: Many teachers will have their classrooms dress up for the special day. T-shirts are a common way to celebrate, but these paper hats are perfect for an in-class activity. The students can decorate and make them look anyway they want to. The printable also comes with a certificate the child can take home to parents. Making it 100 days into the school year is no easy feat!
  • 100th Day Crown:  
  • Race to 100 Dice Game: This is a great game for keeping students at their desks. They can work together or in a group. The students roll dice and mark a sheet as they roll – trying to make their way to 100.
  • 100th Day of School Pizza Counting Game: This is a really cute printable that might make your students hungry! They count how many of each topping is on the pizza (there are 100 total). This could be a great introduction to a classroom lunch! 100 topping pizza!
  • Tracing Numbers 1 to 100: A great way to get your kindergarteners to practice drawing less common and higher numbers.
  • If I had $100, I would…: This print can be used for multiple grades and the answers required for your class can be adapted to fit their ability level. They get to show off their creative ideas with a drawing as well!
  • 100 Rhyming Words: The perfect way to work on a necessary skill and incorporate the celebrations.
  • 100th Day Glasses: Another fun way for students to dress up a little special for the day.
  • What Can I Do in 100 Seconds?: Get your students up and moving for this activity!
  • I Wish I Had 100…Headband Hat: Another hat option for celebratory dressing up!
  • 100 Gum Balls Activity: This paper gum ball machine is a fun and colorful way to practice counting to the big number!

  To the kids, this day is a big deal! Happy 100th Day means they are 100 days closer to next year.


100th Day Activities in the Classroom

These 100th day celebration printables are a great way to incorporate learning. But, fun activities are not limited to print-outs! Here are some great ideas for fun, educational, and unique ways to keep students entertained and learning during the special day.


  • Make your students look 100 years old with Oldify: Students love this. You take pictures of each student, the app makes them look elderly, and you can make a slide show to show the whole class!
  • Read One Hundred Hungry Ants: The perfect book for reading or circle time.
  • Build a House or Structure out of 100 Cups: Students will be talking about this one for days. They can build any structure they want, but they have to use all the cups!
  • 100 Hand Prints Bulletin Board: If every student has 2 handprints, how many will you need to stamp the Hundredth Day of School bulletin board? This is a great math talk for the fun day!
  • Plant 100 Seeds: With school permission, have students spend time outside making the school property a little more green and colorful!
  • 100 Autographs: This is a grade-wide or school-wide activity. Classes can meet in the gymnasium or lunchroom and students can use this cute printable to gather autographs from friends!
  • 100th Day of Class Poster Board: Let the families create a piece of artwork to show off 100 items. From rainbows to cool house designs, families have a great time helping the kids create art out of 100 objects.
  • 100 Stickers Placemat: This printable set includes a ton of different activities, but this placemat is the perfect learning activity. It can then be used as a placemat for 100 days of school celebratory snacks!
  • Hide and Seek with 100 Hershey’s Kisses: You can hide anything you want, but candy is always motivating. Hide 100 pieces of something around the classroom and your students will be well entertained!
  • Jar Guessing Game: Fill a jar with a number of items ranging from 1-100. Items could be chocolate chips, pom poms, jelly beans, paper clips, or cereal. Give a small sticker prize for the student who guesses closest to the actual number!
  • Fill Gumball Machines: Similar to the jar guessing game, you can fill gumball machines with different color gumballs to celebrate the 100th day of kindergarten, first grade, or second grade.
  • Show and Tell 100 Items Collection: This involves a small amount of parental involvement. Have your students bring in 100 pieces of one thing. It works best when they bring in a jar of something small.
  • 100 Snack Buffet and Sorting: A snack and activity in one!
  • 100th Day Actions: Students can practice skip counting and get up out of their seats for this activity!
  • Collect 100 Cans of Food to Donate
  • Read 100 Sight Words


List of 100th Day Videos

To help with your 100th day of school celebration, ask for parent volunteers to hep you prepare the fun resources for your favorite activities. The entire day can be consumed with math skills and fun activities. The parent volunteers can help run small groups, take pictures for a class book, or simply help keep the little learners on track.


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