If you’re looking for a Christmas thank you poem for teachers, parents, students, or loved ones, you’ve come to the right place.

While the world can often be consumed with thoughts of the presents under the Christmas tree each year, the real spirit of the season is to be thankful and spending time with friends and family.

 Show appreciation for the special people in your life like teachers, family members, or just someone special.


Christmas Wishes Poem from Teacher to Students

As teachers, it’s important we acknowledge and thank the kids for the gifts they bring to us for Christmas.

These printable thank you poems are perfect to keep on hand and personalize for each kid! Simply print, sign, and go!

Thank You for the Christmas Gift 

(By Sarah Kachurchak | Little Learning Corner)

Today, when I got to school,

I looked on my desk,

And found something cool.

It was a Christmas gift from you to me.

I will be sure to put it under the tree.

Thank you for always doing your best.

You’re like non of the rest.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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This next thank you poem is great for any time of year!  Give it to a boy or girl who gave you a thoughtful gift, and it will make their day! 

Thank You for the Lovely Gift

Thank you for my lovely gift

It really made my day

And thank you for remembering me

In such a thoughtful way

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Short Christmas Poems for Teachers

Teachers do some of the best things for our children. They deserve the greatest gift, and a short Christmas poem expressing your gratitude for all they do.

For My Special Teacher At Christmas

At last the Christmas holiday is here,

Now I can lie in bed,

Hang out with friends or watch TV;

 That much can be said.

I won’t miss school or all those tests;

 It’ll be great to be free,

But I’ll miss you while I’m not at school;

 Coz, teacher, you mean a lot to me.

So have a wonderful Christmas;

I wish you endless fun,

See you in the New Year,

 When the holiday is over and done.


For My Teacher At Christmas by Joanna Fuchs

Christmas vacation is great;

My time is mine to spend;

I can be with friends or watch TV;

 I wish it would never end.

I don’t miss school or homework;

 I really like to be free;

But I’ll miss you when I’m gone from school;

 You’re just what a teacher should be.

So have a perfect Christmas;

Be sure to have lots of fun;

I look forward to seeing you again,

 When Christmas vacation is done.



For A Great Teacher

Twas the week before Christmas,

and the teacher deserved rest.

Teaching kiddos in December

was the ultimate test!

The teacher was sparking,

Donning glitter and glue,

From many fun projects

The children did do!

Throughout the whole year,

The teacher worked very hard

She deserved thanks and praise

Plus a special gift card!

The families all exclaimed

Thanks for all that you do!

Merry Christmas Sweet Teacher

Happy New Year to you!


Thank You for a Teacher

Thanks for always being kind

And making lesson plans fun

A winter break for all comes to mind.

Here’s wishing you a great one!

Getting a Christmas gift for a teacher can be a great gesture of appreciation for everything that they do for your child and their class during the school year.

Rather than just handing them a gift card, a sweet short poem showing your appreciation for their efforts is always greatly appreciated.

It’s the perfect time of year to spread some good cheer and the Christmas spirit. 


Holiday Poems to Say Thank You

While Christmas is a beautifully touching holiday, that doesn’t mean it always has to be serious!

It can be a lot of fun to use a funny Christmas poem to send thanks or season’s greetings to a friend or family member.

The beauty of the season is both its warmth and its humor – so don’t be afraid to be silly around Christmas time!


Thank You by William Church

Thank you for your Christmas presents,

I thank you one and all.

For the big ones many thanks,

and fewer for the small. 


A Christmas Thank You

Thank you for the Christmas gift,

You are oh, so sincere.

And, now I give you special wishes

for a wonderful New Year!

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Thank You by Benedict Iyare Ebuwa

My heart swelled

with appreciation for your kind deals.

I was aglow with the spirit of

sharing and giving.

your tiredless effort makes me fly

above the sky.

I shall forever be grateful

to your love and care.

Christmas Greeting Poems for Family

Singing Christmas carols together, sharing good times, and spreading joy in the holiday season is truly what makes it special.

Use one of these beautiful Christmas thank you poems to make it a truly unique Christmas.

To My Family & Friends

It’s been a long hard year, full of

ups and downs

and I just want to say thank you

to all of those family and friends

who have helped me throughout the year.

Wish all of you a Merry Christmas


To My Parents, I Love You

I have gone through

so many different stages

changing ideas and goals

while searching for the

right kind of life for me

You were always

ready to help me

at all times

It must have seemed like

I would never

follow one straight path

Now that I know

what I am doing and

where I am going

I can only show you

my extreme appreciation

\for your support

by being true

to all the ideals and values

that you tried to teach me

Thank you forever

for standing by me

I love and appreciate

you forever.

For My Family by Bridgitte Williams

I thank you.

for always being there.

My family, they always did care!

I thank you for understanding…

Even when I didn’t.

I thank you

for never giving up on me

and only wanting me to be happy!

I thank you for being a blessed blessing,

forever, to me!

I thank you

for understanding my endless wondering

and wandering!

I am free, happy, and I thank you

for waiting!

To my family. All of you. Thank you.


Family Joys by Joanna Fuchs

Christmas is filled with special joys,

And the very best of all

Is contemplating those dear to us,

 And the memories we recall.

We often think at Christmas time

 Of people, affectionately,

And we realize how blessed we are

 To have you in our family.

To My Special Mother at Christmas

How can I ever thank you Mother,

for all that you do for me.

I want you to know that I’m grateful,

and that you mean the world to me.

I know we have a special bond,

only a Mother & Daughter can share

You will always be my Mother, my friend,

with a love beyond compare.

So thank you once again Mother,

I love you with all my heart

Keep this in a special place,

to remind you when we are apart

Merry Christmas Mother

Including a Christmas poem in your annual holiday greeting card can be a great way to spread Christmas greetings.

The best Christmas poems are the ones said from the heart, with genuine love and affection sent with them.

During this festive season, we need to take the extra effort to show a dear friend how much we care about them.

Even if it’s on social media, take the time to recite a beautiful poem and send a small gift to your loved ones.

What Do We Love About Christmas? by Joanna Fuchs

What do we love about Christmas;

Does our delight reside in things?

Or are the feelings in our hearts

The real gift Christmas brings.

It’s seeing those we love,

And sending Christmas cards, too,

Appreciating people who bring us joy

Special people just like you.

 Inspirational Christmas Poems

Showing appreciation for those in our life isn’t something we do often enough. The Christmas season is always a beautiful time to pause and send wishes of good health and good luck to those who make a difference in our lives.

After all, the best gifts we receive aren’t the Christmas gifts and presents we open on Christmas morning, but the little things that good friends and precious family do for us each day.

Showing them your thanks with a Christmas gift, a short funny Christmas poem, or a holiday card is just a gesture to show them how much you appreciate all they do year-round.

Year-Round Joy by Joanna Fuchs

Christmas is full of shiny things

That sparkle, gleam and glow.

These holiday pleasures dazzle us,

And yet, deep down, we know…

That Christmas has its special gifts,

But our year-round joy depends

On the cherished people in our lives,

Our family and friends.

Of course, while many celebrate religious Christmas celebrations, sometimes having a secular Christmas card is helpful.

When you’re making a Christmas card for your office coworkers or a thank you card for teachers, it can be best give a sweet holiday-themed card without religious imagery. It’s still a great way to spread joy and cheer over Christmas for everyone!

The Nicest Present by Joanna Fuchs

Under the tree the gifts enthrall,

But the nicest present of them all

Is filling our thoughts with those who care,

Wanting our Christmas joy to share.

To you, whom we’re often thinking of,

We send our holiday joy and love.

Christmas Nostalgia by Joanna Fuchs

We’re thinking of you,

hoping this is your best Christmas yet,

full of your favorite holiday pleasures.

May the foods taste delicious,

bringing happy nostalgia

for all the Christmases past.

May the decorations dazzle, glitter and glow.

May the gifts you give and get

be exactly the right thing.

May you delight in the warmth of love,

creating even stronger bonds

with family and friends.

Merry Christmas! May this Christmas

live happily in your memory forever.

I Am So Grateful

I am so grateful to you for the times you’ve help me,

You made things so simple and I always found myself at ease

Your act of kindness and generous help, I will never forget,

You my dear one are the sweetest person that I have ever met.

A Soldier Is A Gift by Joanna Fuchs

As we celebrate Christmas, and we open our gifts,

we realize what priceless gifts a soldier gives to our country—

the gifts of patriotism, service, and deep dedication to our nation.

As we feast on a variety of fine Christmas delicacies,

 we acknowledge that a soldier personifies a variety of fine qualities:

 courage, good character, honor, fortitude amidst hardship,

persistence in subduing evil, and bravery in the face of danger.

A soldier is a cut above the rest of us,

doing jobs we could not or would not do.

While we are surrounded by Christmas comforts,

 we remember soldiers in places we would not want to be,

bringing the gift of adaptability to any situation,

 no matter how harsh or difficult.

As we “ooh” and “aah” over the Christmas lights and shiny ornaments

we recognize that a soldier gives us the most cherished gift of all,

 the shining light of freedom.

At Christmas, let us wrap our hearts and minds

 around our treasured soldiers.

 May they understand how very much their service means to us.

 Let us send the Christmas gifts of love, respect and admiration

 to our steadfast, loyal, magnificent warriors

 and their essential civilian support staff.

They themselves are the most precious Christmas gift of all, our protectors—our soldiers.

Thank you for reading through this Christmas Thank You Poem collection for teachers, family, and friends.

I hope you found modern Christmas poems that share the true reason for this holiday.

Whether you are ready or not, Santa Claus is coming! Put up a little tree, pick a wonderful poem, and celebrate father Christmas.

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