50 Easy Christmas Crafts for 4 Year Olds


From Christmas tree ornaments to the perfect Christmas craft, you’re going to love these easy Christmas Crafts for 4 year olds.

Easy Christmas crafts are a great way to keep young children moving during Christmas break. They get to use their little hands to make a fun Christmas craft.

A fun craft can be used as a tool to introduce your child to different Christmas themes, characters, and traditions. Many of these Christmas activities are a great idea to get your children excited about the Christmas season.

The list is broken up into different Christmas themes: Christmas tree themed crafts, Christmas decorations, reindeer crafts, snowman crafts, gingerbread crafts, candy cane crafts, and Santa crafts. Choose to do what you like and get in the Christmas spirit!


Christmas Tree Themed Crafts

Often the centerpiece of holiday celebrations, a Christmas tree craft is a great way to get your preschooler thinking about the holiday season. These crafts are all centered around Christmas trees.

Christmas tree crafts are a great option if you need to keep children occupied and creative while you prep for the holidays.  With some of these, four year olds may need a little help. With others, you may be able to initially guide them and then let them finish individually.



Paint Sample Christmas Tree

This craft is a great way to utilize those free paint samples you find at home improvement stores! Always grab a few more paint samples than needed, because they are great for many craft ideas.

Painter’s Tape and Watercolor Christmas Tree

Putting painter’s tape down and then removing it after the picture has been painted is a fun way to learn about empty space! Change up the water colors with washable finger paint, and this easy craft becomes great sensory play.

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas, so you’ve likely got some cupcake liners hanging around anyways. Use them for this cute Christmas season decoration! The liners are a great alternative to traditional construction paper.

Spin Art Christmas Tree Card

While you may think you need special equipment for spin art — you don’t! One of the best ideas I’ve seen is using a salad spinner!

Pom Poms Christmas Tree Ornament

A beautiful, simple ornament for your Christmas centerpiece. Find colored cotton balls, or pom poms, at your local craft store, and you can use them for lots of preschool Christmas Crafts.

Pom Pom Pinecone Trees

These can be used as ornaments or just a cute, colorful decoration for your table! Get outside to collect pine cones, and spend quality time with the kids with this holiday theme craft.

Tin Foil Christmas Tree Sculptures

You’ve got tin foil ready for those easy recipes and leftovers. Use it for these mini Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Hats

Four year olds love hats. The kids always say this is one of their favorite Christmas crafts.

Christmas Tree Sun-catcher

For when the Christmas weather is merry and bright! This creative idea will be perfect hanging on a glass front door.

Christmas Tree Bottles

Recyclable and reusable Christmas crafts make a great sensory toy for Winter break.


Christmas Decoration Crafts

While your Christmas tree may be the centerpiece, these are the pieces that really make it stand out. There are so many different household or craft items you can use to create your own Christmas decorations.

While most of these are ideas for handmade ornaments, there are a few options for wreaths and garland to celebrate Christmas time.


Pom Pom Christmas Bauble

Simple and easy to customize to your Christmas color scheme.

Wrapping Paper Bauble

Use those wrapping paper scraps for this instead of tossing them out!

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

These may not smell like cinnamon, but they are a great material to use to cut out any shape you want. You can also paint these!

Wooden Rudolph Ornaments

If your Christmas tree has a rustic theme, these are great!

Cinnamon Ornaments

You can use any shape you want and they smell great!

Washer Snowman Ornament

Use extra home improvement goodies you have lying around your house!

Pine Cone Reindeer Ornament

Pine cones are so versatile and these ornaments are a great family activity!

Pipe Cleaner Garland

Garland is a great way to add another element to your tree! Making this is great for tiny hands and fine motor skills.

Washi Tape Christmas Ornaments

Washi tape is so versatile. These ornaments can be any pattern you like.

CD Snowman Ornament

Nearly every home has CDs laying around that are not used anymore!

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

These would be adorable to hang on bedroom doors!

Yarn Wrapped Ornaments

Another great activity for fine motor skills. Choose any color yarn you want!

Pom Pom Garland

Your kids will love seeing their pom-pom garland wrapped around their tree!

Stained Glass Window Ornaments

These are great on a tree, but also beautiful stuck against a window.

Melted Bead Christmas Ornaments

Parent assistance is definitely required for this one, but your kid’s mind will be blown when they see the beads melted together.

Christmas Nature Wreath

A great way to get the family outside. Collect nearly all you need for this craft right in your backyard!

Christmas Light Stencil Art

Another great way to learn about empty space!

Christmas Light Sun Catchers

Beautiful against your window or in your Christmas tree!

Name Candy Cane Ornament

A perfect way to work on spelling their name.

Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

Popsicle sticks aren’t just for summer! These ornaments will always be a great addition to your tree.

Egg Carton Ornaments

A perfect way to reuse something that you would normally throw away! These little baubles are cute and help the earth.

Snowflake Ornament

Colored craft sticks are incredibly versatile and these ornaments are beautiful!

Popsicle Stick Reindeer Ornament

A classic Christmas character reimagined through popsicle sticks. 


Reindeer Crafts

These two easy Christmas crafts are centered around some of Christmas’s key players – Santa’s reindeers. The Christmas season wouldn’t be the same without them.  

Foam Reindeer Ornaments with Picture

These easy foam crafts make a perfect Christmas gift to parents from kids.

Stacking Reindeer Shapes

A great way to make working on shapes a little bit Christmas-y!



Gingerbread Crafts

While forming a gingerbread house may be better suited for older children, your four year old can lend a helping hand.  The graham cracker gingerbread house is a perfect way to practice before attempting a true gingerbread house!



Gingerbread House Cards

Handmade cards are always a great gift.

Gingerbread Man Puppet

An incredibly simple craft that helps bring out imaginary play!

Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

The perfect way to practice making a gingerbread house before you attempt with the real deal.


Snowman Crafts

Frosty The Snowman is a classic winter wonderland character. While not everyone gets a white Christmas, snowmen are still heavily associated with the holiday season. These crafts are simple, creative, and will bring you a white Christmas even if you live where it is 70 and sunny. 


Easy Snowman Glyph

This simple cut and paste snowman craft makes a great hallway or bulletin board display.  Each kid’s snowman will turn out different, because every part is based on the kids’ favorite things.  


Snow Globe Snowman

This one may need a little assistance, but your kids will love having their own glass-free snow globe!

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

You can make these as colorful as you would like!

Button Snowflakes

A cute way to reuse old, extra, or mismatched buttons!

Button Snowman

These are adorable and you can use any color combination you would like. They can be made into ornaments!

Marshmallow Stamp Snowman

Marshmallows make a great snack and are a great tool for painting.

Toilet Roll Snowman

Another craft that reuses something you would normally throw away! You could also use an old paper tool roll and just cut into halves or thirds.

Snowman Christmas Countdown

A craft to work on counting skills and get everyone as excited as possible for Christmas! 



Candy Cane Crafts

While making actual candy canes is a long and complicated process, these crafts are not. Those that make real candy canes have spent years mastering the process. These crafts are perfect for tiny hands and can be completed in an afternoon.

Egg Carton Candy Cane

Reusing items you would normally throw away is an ideal way to utilize craft time. This craft is cute and a great way to work on fine motor skills.

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane

With a little guidance, a four year old could do this nearly on their own. Its cute and a great way to use extra tissue paper! 

Candy Cane Thumbprint Poem 

This adorable Candy Cane Thumbprint poem is a wonderful addition to your Christmas poems for kids, and makes a great gift to family members.



Santa Crafts

The character children most look forward to seeing every holiday season. These Santa-themed crafts are a great way to introduce or reintroduce one of Christmas’s key players.

Santa Binoculars

These are a perfect way to get everyone excited about Christmas eve. They can use them to look out their window before bedtime.

Santa Beard Christmas Countdown

Another countdown to practice counting and numbers. These help kids keep track of how long before Christmas!

Santa Picture Craft

Most kids want to be an astronaut or teacher when they grow up, but maybe yours is interested in being Santa! This craft is a great way to help them picture themselves as the man in red.


While most of the year may be tiresome with a four year old, Christmas at this age is a blast. Sure, it may still be stressful, but this is one of the first years that children get really excited about Santa.

They begin to remember activities and traditions you do each year and get to look forward to them. While many traditions include decorating a Christmas tree or making sugar cookies, Christmas crafts are a great addition. The great thing is, there are so many different Christmas-themed crafts out there. You can use these as inspiration or copy them completely. They are yours to use with kids of all ages.



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