As November rolls around, it’s the perfect time to infuse your lessons with Thanksgiving kindergarten worksheets and activities.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for engaging lesson plans or a parent seeking educational resources, Little Learning Corner’s Thanksgiving and November resources have got you covered!

From adorable pilgrim hats to turkey-themed worksheets, we’ve compiled a collection of free and printable Thanksgiving worksheets and activities to keep young learners entertained and learning all month long.


Today, I’m going to share fun Thanksgiving activities that you can print and do today with your kiddos.

You’ll find favorite math centers, writing centers, word work, Thanksgiving games, poetry center, and the highly sought-after turkey handprint poem.

Language Arts Thanksgiving Kindergarten Worksheets

1. November Making Words

Build vocabulary and foundational reading skills for Thanksgiving week with these Making Words printable worksheets and illustrated vocabulary cards.

Young learners love Thanksgiving pictures and spelling worksheets!

They learn new Thanksgiving words, cut and paste letter tiles to build the November words, write the word, and draw a Thanksgiving picture.  

The cutting and pasting of the letter tiles is great for fine motor skills.

Grab the November Making Words HERE or on TPT.

This printable pack is easy to differentiate amongst grade levels or writing abilities.

Rather than copying the word, have them write a complete sentence using the new Thanksgiving words in it.

Making Words printable packet is the perfect activity for at home learning, in classroom centers, or as a whole class writing lesson to supplement your Thanksgiving unit.

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Words Included:

  • family
  • feast
  • pilgrims
  • Indian
  • Mayflower
  • corn
  • Turkey
  • scarecrow
  • Thanksgiving
  • deer
Grab the November Making Words HERE or on TPT.

2.  Thanksgiving Write the Room

A great way to get in the Thanksgiving spirit is to get your kids up and moving around the room with fun activities, such as Write the Room.

Write and Read the Room is an interactive Thanksgiving writing activity perfect for at home or in the classroom.

Your kids will build vocabulary words, and engage your in holiday writing – a must have for your Thanksgiving activities collection.

Leveled recording sheets and vocabulary words (picture cards) are included for differentiation. PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students love to write and read the room

 Get Write the Room on Teachers Pay Teachers or my Little Learning Corner Store

Great for your visual and kinesthetic learners.

3.  Building Sentences: Turkey Facts

Building sentences: Turkey Facts s a no-prep language arts writing center perfect for November words.

Kids use word tiles to build 10 turkey facts: one sentence on each page. After building the sentence, they get to show off their writing skills!

Finish off this Thanksgiving activity (printable worksheet) in a fun way by coloring wild turkeys at the bottom.

 Get your Turkey Facts Printables on Teachers Pay Teachers or my Little Learning Corner Store.

 4.  Fall “I Have Who Has” Alphabet Game

I Have, Who Has is a fun, chain-reaction, game to practice letter recognition.

This Fall themed game includes 2 sets: CAPITAL and lowercase.

I Have Who Has is great as a whole class game, in small groups, or as transition activities.

Get I Have, Who Has on Teachers Pay Teachers, here.

To differentiate, you can work on letter recognition or letter sounds. Again, friends, I am here to help make it easy to differentiate in kindergarten. 

Students quickly learn the pattern of this game, and get excited to call out their card. “I have _____, Who has____?” – reading the letters in large print, next to the colorful boy and girl superheroes.

5. November Would You Rather Questions

This November themed set comes with printable cards and digital slides. Display them on your computer or smart board, or print them and hang them in a nearby place for a daily routine with kids.

Get the November Would You Rather set HERE or on TPT.

November Would You Rather includes Parades, Thanksgiving dinner, Veteran’s Day, Election Day, and Fall questions for kids.

Great for Prek, Kindergarten, first, second, and third grade. All questions have pictures to help your visual learners with decision making.

6. Fall Sight Word Search

Students will track the print, searching for and circling the focus sight word printed at the top of the page. You can also use bingo dotters to dot the focus words.

Get the Fall Sight Word Search HERE or on TPT.

Build sight word recognition, fluency, tracking print, and visual discrimination. When done, the students can color the Summer themed picture at the bottom of the page.

Thanksgiving Poems for Kids

​Below are two favorite Thanksgiving poetry activities for kids. However, if you’d like to see the complete collection, check out these fun Thanksgiving poems for kids.

1. Ted the Turkey Pocket Chart Poem

Friends, this is one of my favorite Thanksgiving poems for kids! 

This November poetry center is the type of kindergarten reading station kids WANT to go back to over and over.

After you display and recite the poem, the students become eager to build the poem using the word cards.

Get Ted the Turkey HERE or on TPT.

The pocket chart cards feather throughout an area for the kids to build and recite to the class. The word cards are part of a set when you purchase the Ted the Turkey Build a Poem.

To get even more use out of the poem, change it up the following week by personalizing the poem with student names. Oh, the turkey trouble the kids come up with.

2.  Turkey Handprint Poem

This Turkey Handprint Poem is the perfect gift to send home for parents for Thanksgiving.

Parents will LOVE this adorable turkey hand print!

If you don’t want to use paint, simply trace the kids hands, and let them color in the blank turkey however they’d like.

They always turn out to be a cute color display around a thankful tree bulletin board set.

Get the Turkey Handprint Poem on Teachers Pay Teachers or my Little Learning Corner Store.


Math Thanksgiving Kindergarten Worksheets

1. Thanksgiving Math Task Cards: Numbers 11-20

As a former teacher, I created these Thanksgiving math task cards to practice building counting and cardinality skills: counting number sets 11-20.

Students count “how many” objects on each card, and write the number on their recording sheet.

Get Thanksgiving Math Activity on Teachers Pay Teachers, here.

There are many uses for these cards, including math centers, morning work activities, early finishers, home-school activity bags, SCOOT around the room activities, BUILD math, and assessments.


2. Thanksgiving Tens Frame Task Cards

These Thanksgiving task cards: Tens-frames, Numbers to 20, actively engage the students in number concepts, such as Counting and Cardinality and Number Operations in Base Ten.  

 Get Thanksgiving Tens Frames on Teachers Pay Teachers, here. 

Students count “how many” Thanksgiving objects within the tens frames, and write the number on their recording sheet.

3.  November Math Talks

These kindergarten math talks for November will be a class favorite!

Your kids will engage in number talks centered around everything November themed, such as pumpkins, turkeys, scarecrows, pilgrims, Indians, and Thanksgiving dinner.

Get the November Math Talks HERE or on TPT.

Use for online learning, or in the classroom. There are full slides for digital learning, or zoom calls, and small printable cards to hang on a math wall.

4. Thanksgiving Numbers to 10 Worksheets

Get 15 Counting to 10 printable worksheets for Preschool, kindergarten, and first grade review!

Get the Thanksgiving Numbers to 10 Worksheets HERE or on TPT.

These Thanksgiving themed worksheets have three different ways to practice numbers to ten, including writing numbers, tens frame, and counting and identifying the correct numeral.

Thanksgiving Theme Coloring Pages

These printable November Color by Codes are for Kindergarten and First Grade Math and ELA.

Great as a Fall and Thanksgiving packet to use as morning work, homework, bell work, small groups, centers, early finisher tubs, sub lessons, and review lessons.

Get these November Color by Codes HERE or on TPT.

Let your kids have fun coloring and practicing basic skills with these print-and-go practice worksheets.

Thanksgiving Crafts

In addition to thanksgiving kindergarten worksheets, let your kids have fun with some simple and memorable crafts.

Check out these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

Free Thanksgiving Worksheets

If you are looking for a free worksheet for Thanksgiving day or printable activities, visit the blog post, Free Thanksgiving Printables for Kids.


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