Today is all about the little kids! Here is a collection of the best ideas for easy Christmas crafts for toddlers.

 The toddler years are when Christmas becomes so much fun for your child.

Young children start getting excited about Santa, elves, and presents. Two and three year olds, especially, soak up the creative family fun during the holidays.


Enjoy this list of Christmas crafts, and have yourself some fantastic fun with your littles.

Christmas Handprint Crafts

This adorable Candy Cane Thumbprint poem is a wonderful addition to your Christmas poems for kids, and makes a great gift to family members.

Get the Candy Cane poem HERE or on TPT

If you already made the perfect Christmas gift, but are looking for Christmas cards from kids, this wonderful poem is your solution.

Get the Mistletoe poem HERE or on TPT

Christmas Cards

A Christmas card is an easy, inexpensive way to show someone you are thinking of them during the holiday season.

These fun crafts will be a keepsake for whoever you and your toddler end up making them for.

Christmas cards are a great gift and something your toddler will enjoy making and gifting to someone they love.

There are so many different designs and Christmas themes that you can put on a card. Grab some construction paper, and let’s get into the holiday spirit!

Reindeer Handprint Card

Personalized Christmas cards are the cutest and your toddler will love getting their feet or hands a little messy!


Puff paint Snow Globe Card

Puff paint is such a fun material to use and can be done with or without a paintbrush. Your toddler may need a little help writing their Christmas greeting, but they will love painting the falling snow on their own!

Gemstone Ornament Card

These cards are adorable and perfect for those who love a little glamour and glitz around the holidays.

Potato Print Snowman Card

Sometimes paintbrushes can be tricky. There are so many food or household items that are great for painting and potatoes make a great snowman outline!

Button Wreath Card

Buttons are a great way to add a little 3-D texture to this Christmas card.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Card

A personalized keepsake for those who love lighting up their homes!

Santa Hat Card

These cards are incredibly simple to make and have a great, touchable texture!

Handprint Christmas Cards

Personalized cards are ones that family and friends will want to keep around for a long time. Make this one and you’ll surely see it pulled out every Christmas!

Handprint/Fingerprint Christmas Tree

A great way to add a personalized touch to this homemade Christmas centerpiece!

Making Christmas cards with your toddlers is a fun activity to share while drinking some hot cocoa together. These can be made for any family member and those they are given to will pull them out every year.

Christmas crafts can be so versatile. From ornaments to paper plate Christmas trees, the perfect Christmas craft can be used as a gift, decoration, or family keepsake.

Christmas Tree Crafts for Toddlers

Christmas trees are both a symbol of Christmas time and an activity many families get to complete together each year. Therefore, Christmas trees are surrounded with good memories and family quality time.

Decorating the tree together is a great activity for your toddler and the whole family.

When the actual tree is already decorated, you can bring out some of these crafts to keep the fun going.

Tissue Paper Plate Christmas Tree

A great way to use all that extra tissue paper from wrapping gifts or putting them in cute gift bags!

Paper Roll Christmas Tree

We love getting to reuse items that would normally be thrown away. Make this Christmas tree with your leftover toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls!

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

A cute and creative way to make something new out of something you would normally throw away.

Salt Paint Christmas Tree

Salt mixed in paint adds such a fun, 3-D texture to this Christmas tree craft.

Pasta Noodle Christmas Tree

Have an old half-used box of pasta? Use it for this!


Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Popsicle sticks are one of the most versatile craft supplies. Use them to help you and your toddler make this adorable popsicle stick tree.

Yarn Christmas Tree

Weaving this yarn back and forth is a great way to work on fine motor skills!

Paper Plate Pom Pom Christmas Tree

Pom poms are so fun and easy to use. Toddlers can easily grasp them and glue them to anything!

Homemade Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Are you looking for a perfect family tradition you can start at this age? How about trying a fun craft every week during December?

Making ornaments with your kids is perfect. You can hang them on your tree from year to year. Homemade ornaments make lovely keepsakes.

Sparkly Lid Christmas Tree Ornaments

These are cute, glittery, and a great way to use something you would normally throw away or recycle.

Sparkly Snowflake Ornament

If your family does not normally get a white Christmas, these ornaments can help your home feel like a winter wonderland.

Sparkly Star Ornaments

Stars are often put on the top of trees, but they do not have to be limited to that position only. They can offer a sparkle from all over your tree.

Gingerbread Men Ornament

If you and your kids are already maxed out on gingerbread cookies, these gingerbread men ornaments are a great way to keep the theme going.

Cardboard Christmas Tree Ornaments

A great way to reuse boxes or packaging from Christmas gifts!

Tin Foil Christmas Tree Ornaments

Tin foil is highly needed around the holidays for all of that special food. If you have any extra, be sure to make these adorable tree ornaments.


Cinnamon Ornaments

These are easy, smell great, and you can cut them in any shape you’d like.

Birdseed Ornaments

These will add a fun texture and element to your tree!

Melted Crayon Ornaments

Broken crayons? We all have them. Use those bits and pieces for these fun and colorful ornaments!

Clay Handprint Ornaments

Clay handprints can be made for any holiday and given to a parent or grand parent. They make really great ornaments and a beautiful Christmas craft. You can use molding clay or make salt dough ornaments.

Button Christmas Tree Ornaments

Extra or mismatched buttons? These are a fun way to use any extra buttons you have laying around.

Button Wreath Ornament

Another fun way to use an easily accessible craft supply. Buttons always add a fun element to any craft.

Pipe Cleaner Candy Cane Ornament

Pipe cleaners! A classic craft supply and one that toddlers love to move around and maneuver into different shapes.

One Minute Christmas Baubles

Once you get your hands on these clear Christmas baubles, you can fill them with nearly anything!

Icicle Ornaments

A cute and creative way to use pipe cleaners.

Marshmallow Snowman Ornament

Marshmallows are not only a perfect snack! They are great to use in many different crafts to make snowmen.

Nothing says home and family quite like a Christmas tree covered in handmade ornaments and decorations.

Toddlers will love working with you on these Christmas ornament crafts! You will love having them to look back these DIY ornaments every year!

Christmas Characters Crafts

Christmas does not only bring excitement around Christmas trees and presents. Toddlers are at an age where they may begin getting excited about Santa, reindeers, elves, and Frosty The Snowman. They will love making these crafts honoring their new Christmas friends.

Popsicle Stick Santa

An easy and simple way to make a Santa Clause decoration!

Paper Plate Santa

Paper plates are great for so many crafts! You can make nearly any Christmas character from one.

Paper Plate Elf

Another paper plate Christmas character!

Paper Chain Santa

They may need a little assistance with this one, but it will be great for fine motor skills!

Yarn Beard Santa

Yarn gives this beard a realistic touch.


Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

Another great way to reuse something you would normally throw away!

Paper Ball Reindeer

These balls are adorable and can be made into ornaments if you would like!

Wooden Spoon Christmas Characters

These are adorable Christmas decorations that your toddler will love to see you pull out each year.

Wiggly Paper Snowman

The perfect way for them to see how they would look as a snowman.

Egg Carton Snowman

Reuse your old egg cartons for this adorable and eco-friendly snowman!

Clothespin Christmas Characters

Your toddler will love making these sparkly Christmas characters with you!

Wiggly Paper Elf

Maybe your toddler wants to be one of Santa’s helpers? This craft is an easy way to help them visualize that dream!

Egg Carton Elf, Santa, or Christmas Tree

Egg cartons are perfect for so many different crafts! Use them with this to make a Christmas tree, elf, or Santa!

Snowman Paper Plate

An easy, simple craft for any December afternoon.

Paper Plate Grinch

He may not have been nice at first, but his heart grew three times by the end!

Shredded Paper Snowman

Your toddler will love the shredded paper from this activity!

This age is when parents start teaching their children about Christmas traditions, themes, and characters through holiday crafts.

What better way to celebrate Christmas activities than to turn on Christmas music and make toddler Christmas crafts.

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