45 Best Horse Gifts for Kids


Unless you are looking to buy a kid his/her own horse, you may have better luck finding the perfect gift with this list of horse gifts for kids.

Your little cowboy and little cowgirls will think these amazing horse gifts are the next best thing to waking up to horse stalls full of stablemates.


Horse Themed Subscription Boxes for Kids

Your young horse enthusiast will so excited to receive a horse themed box every month. Don’t want to commit to every month? You can send just one box as a Christmas gift for the holiday season or as a horsey gift for a birthday.

These boxes make the best gifts for a little girl, young girls, for a teen girl, or boys who dream of spending their days in horse stables. Below are 4 subscription or gift boxes that are a great choice for your little horse lover. Although different, each offer the best horse gifts of high quality for children of all ages who has a love of horses.


LaLa Horse: Horse Themed Subscription Box

Every month you’ll get a box full of horse-related goodies, such as socks, jewelry, toys, notepads, and more, as well as information about horses, all curated by real horse owners, trainers, and breeders! If you have a horse you own or lease, we’ll also include items such as horse treats, brushes, lead ropes, and more! Check out LaLa Horse, here. 

Pony Xpress Club Subscription Box 

Pony Xpress Club is a premium horse-themed subscription box curated by lifelong horse lovers! We make sure to fill our monthly boxes with educational, fun, and practical items that our subscribers will love. We promise that these products will satisfy the horse owner, occasional rider, and pony dreamer. Best for kids ages 8-13.   Check out Pony Xpress Club, here.


Equestrians Box for Kids

Every two months your horse-crazy child will enjoy a customized delivery of several horse-themed items for both them and their horse. Items include age-appropriate gifts such as necklaces, socks, bracelets, belts, books, keychains, horse toys, lead ropes, brushes, and more!

Horse-Themed Toys , Horse-Themed Clothing , Horse-Themed Home Decor , Horse-Themed Books , Horse-Themed Jewelry. 

Check out Equestrians Box, here. 



Unicorn Dream Box 

Unicorn Dream Box is a surprise box full of magic and pixie dust! The Unicorn Dream Box comes with 6 to 9 magical unicorn items. Boxes also include a themed Unicorn Educational Flash Card and EXCLUSIVE stickers!

A Magical Gift for all unicorn lovers and fans! Items include: a unicorn plush or squishy, unicorn school supplies, unicorn bag, unicorn accessories, storybooks and more! 

Check out the Unicorn Dream Box, here. 



Breyer Horse Figurines and Toys

Breyer is a manufacturing company that produces model horses. Each of their figurines are carefully hand painted, and touched by nearly 20 people before hitting the shelves. Breyer figurines make an excellent gift for young kids to have hours of fun.

According to Triple Mountain, the value of a Breyer horse is determined by age, rarity, variation in color, condition, and supply and demand.



More Great Gift Ideas for the Perfect Horse Gift 

These horse gifts for kids are sure to promote hours of creative play for all horse-loving kids.

When my oldest daughter was 3, a family member bought her a stick horse for her birthday.  Goodness, that toy was a favorite for years!  It was perfect for imaginative play and getting some energy out.  She would trot around the house making horse noises.  Oh, what I would give to have those days back!  


Plush Horse Toys

Kids of all ages can snug up with these horse stuffed animals. Below, you will find a collection of different breeds made of the highest quality materials for years of play.


Best Horse Books for Kids

In addition to the best horse toys and subscription boxes listed above, these books make a fun gift


Equestrian Jewelry and Accessories

Thank you for stopping by to check out this list of horse gifts for kids.  I hope you found a special gift for that special kid in your life who loves horses!  


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Horse Gifts for Kids