If you take a peek at your child’s holiday wishlist, you are likely to find some of these popular gift ideas for kids.

You will find some gifts are traditional, whereas others are trendy gifts for kids.

To help you find all the right gifts for your kids, this gift guide has 5 lists, including gender-neutral gifts for kids, popular toys for girls, popular toys for boys, ideas for crafty kids, and subscription boxes for kids. 

I hope you have as much fun looking through the lists as I did creating them.


Some of my favorite childhood memories are the days when the toy catalogs would arrive in the mail. 

I would sit for HOURS circling what I wanted for Christmas and my birthday. Now, as an adult, I was more than thrilled to look through the catalogs again, and come up with this list of gifts for kids ages 4-10.

Gender-Neutral Christmas Gifts for Kids

These gender-neutral gifts for kids are great for Christmas, birthday presents, and other gift-giving holidays.

  1. Hoverboard
  2. Magnetic Blocks
  3. Walkie Talkies
  4. Lite Brite
  5. Coding Robot
  6. Nintendo Switch
  7. Insta Camera 
  8. EcoSphere
  9. Lego Kits
  10. Mini Drone
  11. Electronic Globe
  12. Burrito Blanket

My daughter and I had so much fun unwrapping some of these top-selling toys for kids on my Little Learning Corner YouTube channel.  Check it out below!

Popular Toys for Girls

After attending birthday parties for girls, watching my youngest daughter circling all the must-have toys in the Christmas toy catalogs, checking out the Amazon hot toy lists, and hearing the pleas as we walk through the aisles of Target, making a list of popular toys for girls was quite simple.

  1. Bath Bomb Kit
  2. Disney Princess Dress-Up Chest
  3. Color Reveal Barbie
  4. Scrunchies
  5. Jewelry Box
  6. L.O.L. Surprise Dolls
  7. Doll House
  8. Fashion Plates Drawing Kit
  9. Barbie Dream Camper
  10. Rainbocorns Giant Bow Mystery Egg
  11. Lego Friends Set

Popular Toys for Boys

Because I am a mom of two girls, I had to do a little more homework when creating this list of popular toys for boys. 

I follow the Amazon hot toy list, watch as boys beg their parents for toys in the store, asked the parents and teachers in my Teachers on a Budget FB group, and called upon some dear friends who are boy moms to help out with this list. 

Thank you for all your help!

  1. Beyblades
  2. Spike Ball
  3. RC Monster Truck
  4. Really RAD Robots Turbo Bot
  5. Razor Dirt Bikes
  6. Popashot
  7. Osmo Hot Wheels Mind Racers Game
  8. Bukagan Battle Arena
  9. Punching Bag with Gloves
  10. Pokemon 50 pack of cards
  11. Pokemon Card Holder
  12. Digital Targets for Nerf Guns
  13. Rocket Launcher


Gifts for Crafty Kids

  1. Complete Art Kit 
  2. Arts and Crafts Kit
  3. Rock Painting Kit

 Subscription Boxes for Kids

Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps giving!

  1. ToyLibrary 
  2. Tiny Tikes – Use code LLC10 to get 10% off
  3. KiwiCrateUse code SHARE30 to get 30% off your first box.
  4. We CraftUse code GETCRAFTY5 at checkout to get $5 off your first order!


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