Are you looking for yes and no questions kids love answering? You’ve come to the right spot.

Here at Little Learning Corner, my goal is to keep learning fun for young children. These closed questions are a starting point for fun language skills.


Types of Questions for Kids

These yes or no questions kids love to answer are perfect for getting to know you, starting classroom conversations, starting family conversations, and as a Question of the Day.  

The simple questions also make great journal prompts for kids who need to build their written expression skills.

The next time your kids walk into the room, or sit down at the dinner table, ask them a one of these close-ended questions, and see what’s the first thing they respond with; yes or no.

You’ll find some of these good questions are funny, some are factual, and some are thought provoking.

To help you find the questions quickly, I have broken them down into the following types of questions:

  • Funny Questions
  • Are Questions
  • Is and If Questions
  • Have You Questions
  • Do You Questions
  • Can You Questions
  • Would You Ever Questions

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Funny Yes or No Questions for Kids

One of the reasons kids love giving one-word responses is because they are afraid of giving wrong answers.

With these funny yes or no questions kids think a one word answer is the best thing ever.

As a parent or teacher, you know these type questions are also a great way to start conversations with a family member or peers in the classroom.

  • Would you invite a clown to dinner?
  • Have you ever gone to the bathroom outside?
  • Would you make slime with chips?
  • Have you slept under your bed?
  • Can you stay awake all night?
  • Would you wear a hot dog costume?
  • Have you ever cheated playing a game?
  • Would you spend the night at Disney World by yourself?
  • Can you build a house out of legos?

Are Questions

  • Are you afraid of spiders?
  • Are airplanes slow?
  • Are strawberries and oranges fruit?
  • Are you smarter than your teacher?
  • Are brown and black bright colors?
  • Are pencils better than markers?

Is/If Questions

  • Is your favorite color blue?
  • Is there a TV in your room?
  • If you found a pot of gold, would you share it?
  • If you broke an egg, can you put it back together?
  • If a troll lived under a bridge, would you cross it?
  • Is a week longer than a month?

Have You Questions

Whether you’re looking for a fun game for family game nights, or a fun time-filler in the classroom, these “Have you” questions will get everyone talking.

  • Have you been fishing?
  • Have you flown a kite?
  • Have you been on a water slide?
  • Have you been to the dentist?
  • Have you been on a boat?
  • Have you had a caramel apple?
  • Have you ever made a s’mores?
  • Have you been on an airplane?
  • Have you played in the snow?
  • Have you been ice skating?
  • Have you ever picked apples off a tree?

Do You Questions

Ask a good friend or family member these “Do you” questions, and don’t expect a detailed answer. Instead, have a good time with these simple conversation starters.

  • Do you like lemonade?
  • Do you have pockets on your clothes today?
  • Do you recycle?
  • Do you play in the rain?
  • Do you brush your teeth before bed?
  • Do you do yoga?
  • Do you like school?
  • Do you have a piggy bank?
  • Do you have a fireplace at home?
  • Do you help fold laundry?
  • Do you read before bed?
  • Do you like to rake leaves?
  • Do you dress up for Halloween?
  • Do you like green apples?
  • Do you like to swim?
  • Do you ride scooters?
  • Do you play baseball?
  • Do you have a brother?
  • Do you have a sister?
  • Do you have a pet?
  • Do you have scissors at home?
  • Do you like to paint?
  • Do you live in a house?
  • Do you make your bed in the morning?
  • Do you ride the bus to school?
  • Do you walk to school?
  • Do you like pancakes?


Can You Questions

You will quickly discover “can you” questions are yes or no questions kid love answering, because they love sharing what they can do.

Once the young children give you an answer, you can then proceed with open-ended questions.

For example, after they answer “can you ride a bike?”, you can build upon their language skills by asking “where did you learn how to ride a bike?”

  • Can you tie your shoes?
  • Can you ride a bike?
  • Can you eat soup with a fork?
  • Can you see in the dark?
  • Can you touch your tongue to your nose?
  • Can you stretch a brick?
  • Can you stand on one foot?

Would You Ever Questions

  • Would you want to be a giraffe?
  • Would you ever have a pet pig?
  • Would you ever want to be a giant?
  • Would you ever live in a treehouse?
  • Would you ever put juice in your cereal?
  • Would you ever go into a castle by yourself?
  • Would you ever eat green eggs and ham?
  • Would you ever wear your clothes backwards?
  • Would you ever go into space?
  • Would you ever eat a bug?

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