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11 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids (Printables)

Are you excited to get started with the fun Halloween activities for kids? During the Halloween season, kids of all ages can have a fun time while engaged in learning, sensory activities, and pumpkin crafts.


Halloween Learning Activities

Whether you’re a parent looking for fun Halloween learning activities to do at home, or a kindergarten teacher looking for centers and classroom games, here are some of the best ideas! On Little Learning Corner, you’ll find everything you need to cover your Halloween activities and printables for kids. At the end of this post, you will find links to more Halloween activities and crafts, plus a set of FREE Halloween task cards.


Fun Halloween Activities for Counting

Let’s start with some fun Halloween math activities for prek, kindergarten, and first grade. The following activities are great for in the classroom, or to do with your own children at home.


Halloween Numbers to 10 Clip Cards

Did you know clip card activities are a great interactive learning activity for Halloween fun? They are a fun way to reinforce academic skills while also building fine motor skills.

This engaging clothespin Halloween math activity builds Counting and Cardinality skills numbers to ten.

Your kiddos count the objects on the card, then clip the answer using a clothespin. As they use their little fingers to squeeze the clothespin, they are also strengthening their fine motor muscles in their hands.

To make this a self-checking game, put a small sticker on the back of the card – behind the correct answer. This way, the kids can turn their card over after clipping a number and see if they got the correct answer.



Get your Halloween Clip Cards, HERE.


Halloween Task Cards Numbers to 10

Next, these Halloween task cards printable recording sheet are a great way to get the kids into the Halloween spirit while also practicing math.

The kids count “how many” Halloween objects are on the task card, and write the number on the recording sheet.



Get your Numbers to 10 Halloween Task Cards, HERE.


Task cards are great to use as scoot games, write the room math activity, small group math intervention, interactive take-home activities, Halloween scavenger number hunts, with a math tutor or parent volunteer, or as a whole class math lesson for Halloween.


Halloween Number Cards 0-120

Halloween number cards can be used for number identification, number assessments, counting sets and matching numbers, ordering or sequencing numbers, missing number games on a pocket chart, a number line, 100’s chart, in a math center, or put on a small binder ring and keep on the board for parent volunteers to review with the kids, or as a quick time filler when lining kids up at the door. Endless uses!


Favorite Halloween Activities for Language Arts

Let’s take a look at the best Halloween activities for writing, reading fluency, concepts of print, vocabulary, and language building. 


October Making Words

First, the October Making Words resource is a huge collection of vocabulary cards and printable worksheets to engage kids in early literacy skills.

With 10 October vocabulary worksheets and word cards, this resource can be spread out over a few weeks. Choose 2-4 Fall vocabulary words you’d like to focus on for the week.

Place the no-prep Making Words worksheets in a center, and refresh with new words the follow week(s).




The vocabulary word cards can be left in the Making Words center, in a writing center, on a themed word wall, or use them with letter manipulatives in a word work center, such as lacing letters on strings to make October words. How fun!


Write the Room Halloween Activities for Kids

Hang these Halloween vocabulary cards around the room, give them a clipboard and a recording sheet, and watch as they quickly want to become independent writers.

The best thing about this Halloween resource for young children is it’s already leveled. To help you differentiate, I have included 2 levels in the Halloween Write the Room resource.

Take time to discuss the Halloween picture cards before sending students off to write the room. This scaffolding is important to build their vocabulary and confidence to complete the task.



The kids will have friendly spooky fun during the month of October with this resource. They will learn Halloween themed vocabulary words such as Halloween candy, Halloween costumes, owls, bats, mummy, and more! You can also use the cards for Halloween scavenger hunts with the kids.


Level 1: Students find a card on the wall, locate the matching picture on their recording sheet, then copy the word from the word card.

Level 2: Students find a card on the wall, locate the letter on their recording sheet that represents the beginning sound, then writes the word using inventive spelling. This level does NOT have the word printed on the cards.




I Have Who Has Halloween Alphabet

I Have Who Has games are so popular with the kiddos. Use this fun game as a whole class game, in small groups, or as a quick game to play during transitions.



Get your Halloween I Have, Who Has, HERE


Halloween Alphabet Letter Cards

Small Halloween letter cards can be used is SO many ways.

These small printable Halloween letter flashcards can be used for name building, matching capital to lowercase, pairing with objects to practice beginning sounds, fluency, letter and sound assessments, or sent home as flashcards to practice letters at home.



Get your Halloween alphabet cards, HERE



Building Sentences Pumpkin Facts

Next, to keep learning fun during the spooky season, I created this Building Sentences Pumpkin Facts resource.

Perfect for your non-fiction pumpkin lessons, these Building Sentences worksheets build concepts of print, writing, and illustrating skills based on 10 pumpkin facts for kids. Differentiation is a breeze – 2 levels are included in this pumpkin writing center!


 Grab your Pumpkin Facts Building Sentences, Here. 


Halloween Poem and Pocket Chart Activity

Build a Poems are my absolute favorite reading centers for kindergarten, first, and second grade. If you’re new around here, you will quickly learn about my passion for teaching poems for kids.

Hang the colorful Halloween poem near a pocket chart center. The kids build the poem, sequencing the large print word cards. When done, the students LOVE to retell or sing the poem to the class – great for a shared reading activity.



Get your Halloween pocket chart poem, HERE.


I’m a Little Pumpkin Poem

Sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”, the kiddos love to sing this pumpkin poem for kids.


Get I’m a Little Pumpkin, HERE.



Halloween Sticker Charts

Each Halloween sticker chart has 10 squares with black and white Halloween graphics inside. Choose from orange, black, purple, green, navy blue, and yellow polka dot backgrounds. They are narrow so they don’t take up much space on their desks or as a wall display.

Positive reinforcement is key to success. Great for personal goal setting with a visual model, homework, reinforcing positive behavior, classwork, team or class rewards, RTI data, conferences, etc. You may also be interested in my blog post, 5 Ways to Use Sticker Charts.



Get your Halloween Sticker Charts, HERE



FREE Printables for Halloween

This is a FREE BONUS included in the Halloween activities for Kindergarten Bundle. These bright and colorful Fives Frames Task Cards are perfect for your Halloween themed math center. Students count how many Halloween objects are within the fives frame, and write the number on their recording sheet. A number line is at the top of the recording sheet for extra support. 



Get your FREE Halloween Fives Frames when you purchase the bundle below.

Combine these fun learning activities with pumpkin activities, trips to pumpkin patches, a spooky spider craft, and a sensory activity, and watch as they have so much fun!


Stop spending your free time trying to plan out fun Halloween centers! This Bundle has everything you need for Halloween activities for kids. You will have writing centers, vocabulary cards, word work centers, letter and number recognition, whole class or small group games, multiple math centers, and super engaging poetry activities. Save time and money when you purchase the Halloween Bundle for Kindergarten…plus get a bonus Halloween printable shown above!


Use code LEARNING at checkout to get 10% off your Halloween Bundle of Activities



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