115 Awesome Gifts for Kids Under $10


This list of gifts for kids under $10 will be your go-to guide when looking for a great gift idea on a limited budget.

Whether you are looking for inexpensive gifts for stocking stuffers, or birthday gifts for a little girl or little boy, there are plenty of cheap gifts in this list that are so much fun.

So, without further ado, the collection of gifts for kids under $10 for any time of year are categorized by the following:

  • Gift Ideas for Little Kids 
  • Cheap Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages
  • Fidget Toys
  • Board Games and Card Games for Kids
  • Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Gift Ideas for Little Kids

If you have smaller ones running around, or you are needing to purchase gifts for extra tiny hands, this section is ideal for younger children – ages 6 and under. 

Simple games, board books, puzzles, and bat sets are affordable toys that great for the first years of childhood.  

Coming up with something thoughtful that is also within your budget can be stressful. There are an endless amount of sites and stores to look through. For the fun gifts in this article, I gathered ideas from Amazon, Target, the Dollar Tree just to name a few. Continue down the list of gifts for kids under $10 for some of the most popular toys of the year.  


Cheap Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

While most of these gifts are perfect for any age, some may be most useful for 6 and older. Be sure to check the appropriate age on the item’s product page.

  • Flying Helicopter Pull Toy – While these are incredibly inexpensive, they are also hours of fun for all ages. Let them pull the lever and watch how high it will spin!
  • Bubble Pop Sensory Fidget Toy 
  • Sculpture Paint Set – This art supplies set comes with paint, brushes, and sculptures to decorate how they would like.
  • Snow Fort Block Maker – This snow block or brick maker can help any age put together their own snow fort or igloo with the help of a parent.
  • Rainbow Scratch Art – These appear completely colorless at first, but when the user starts scratching, they reveal an assortment of colors and designs. This comes with both the scratch paper and the utensil for scratching. Even the big kids like scratch art.
  • STEM Interlocking Construction Toys – These colorful sticks come with interlocking holders that allow little learners to build any contraption or structure they want.
  • Cat Groomer LEGO Set 
  • Panda Air Dry Clay Set – For a budding artist, getting to create is an ideal way to spend an afternoon. Whether they want to follow the instructions and put together a clay panda or they want to create something straight from their mind, this clay set can help them do that. No kiln required.
  • Wildlife Rescue LEGO Set – A LEGO set for those who love animals and dream about saving the world someday.
  • Rainbow Puzzle Ball – This ball is perfect for those who need a little help focusing and settling down.
  • Crayola Scribble Animal Play Set – This set of imaginary animals and coloring utensils lets you color them any way you want AND wash them clean when you are finished so you can start again and create something new.
  • Magnetic Fishing Toy – This fishing set come with a variety of magnetic fishes and fishing poles, so little ones can get their catch of the day.
  • Balloon Powered Car Launcher 
  • Foam Dart Blaster – Much like a NERF gun, this is a pocket size way to practice launching foam darts.
  • Take Apart Dinosaur Toy – This dinosaur toy comes with the tools you need to put together an entire dinosaur from beginning to end. Then, take it apart, and start over again.
  • Turtle Bean Bag Toss Game – Hand eye coordination? Check. This bean bag toss game is great to get kids up out of their seats for a friendly sea creature themed game.
  • Forest Waterfall LEGO Set – Future travelers will love putting together and exploring with this LEGO set.
  • LEGO Submarine Set – Perfect for future marine biologists or scientists.
  • Lite Brite Mini – Put together whatever shape or design you want and watch this miniature version of a classic toy light it up.
  • Mentos and Soda Science Experiment Kit


Fidget Toys Under $10



Board Games and Card Games for Kids



Great Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Being small does not guarantee something being inexpensive or within a certain budget. Stocking stuffers are ideal when they are both small and under $10. Every holiday gift guide should come complete with stocking stuffer ideas.

  • Finger Crayons
  • Binocular Set  – Kids of all ages can appreciate the fun of binoculars. 
  • Water Growing Sea Creatures – This package comes with different sea creatures, including a baby shark, that kids of all ages can watch grow as they submerge.
  • Pop-It Bracelets
  • Sequence Slap Bracelets – These slap bracelets do not require an actual slap. Just lightly tap them on your wrist and they wrap around nicely.
  • Santa Lollipop Holders –  Candy is always the perfect way to top off a stocking and these Santa lollipop holders are the perfect way to do so.
  • Rainbow Counting Toys
  • Need something to do on a long trip or plane ride? These activity books are perfect and filled with plenty of tasks to keep anyone busy.
  • Rainbow Jacks Set – A classic childhood game that could and should never go out of style.
  • Silly Putty –  Silly putty is a favorite and comes with its own case to put it away when not in use.
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Gift Cards to their favorite stores or restaurants 


Thanks for stopping by to see the list of gifts for kids under $10. I hope you found the perfect gift at a great price!


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