Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for easy pumpkin crafts for kids, or a great idea to kick off the Fall season?  You’ve come to the right spot, because I have put together a list of creative pumpkin crafts kids of all ages will enjoy!

During this time of year. some families celebrate Halloween, while others may not.  There is nothing saying you have to do Halloween crafts during the month of October.  In fact, I think it’s a great time to celebrate Fall harvest, or Autumn.  To do that, you can have fantastic fun learning about the change of seasons, from Summer into Fall, and craft with all the things pumpkin.  




Let’s take a look at these pumpkin craft ideas great for young children or the whole family to do together.  At the end of the post, you will find a list of pumpkin books and videos you can incorporate into your pumpkin theme. 


Easy Pumpkin Crafts

When you think of doing easy crafts, simplicity comes to mind.  To make these adorable pumpkin crafts, you will need basic supplies.  You likely have most of the materials at home, such as paint, rocks, toilet paper rolls, and pinecones.   The other materials, such as orange crafting sticks, green pipe cleaners, orange yarn, and perhaps pumpkin spice, you may need to purchase.  


Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Magnet

These pumpkins made out of orange crafting sticks are adorable.  Simply lay the sticks out to the size of pumpkin you would like. Around 10 popsicle sticks is a great amount. 

Then, you will want to zig-zag their placing to avoid a square pumpkin.  Once in place, simply glue the sticks together, add a green pipe cleaner as a stem, then add a face out of adhesive foam paper (optional).  If you’d like to display this cute pumpkin, simply add a piece of magnetic tape to the back, and hang it on the refrigerator.  


easy pumpkin crafts for kids popsicle sticks 



Pumpkin Apple Stamps

My daughter and her friend loved doing the apple stamping.  So, why not try the same activity with orange paint? 

This easy pumpkin craft is even toddler approved.  When they use their little hands to grasp the apple, they are also working on their fine motor skills. 


Pinecone Pumpkin Craft

Fall is the perfect time to visit the nature store.  Have you been there?  It’s right outside your door!   Go on a nature walk around your home, and collect pinecones. 

You will paint just the tips of the pinecone orange, and add green pipe cleaners at the top to resemble a pumpkin stem.  Look at this adorable pine cone pumpkin craft from Glued To My Crafts. 

pine cone pumpkin craft for kids 

Tissue Paper Pumpkins 

This tissue paper pumpkin craft is so much fun for the kids.  Visit your local craft store and grab orange tissue paper. 

You will simply let the kids fill an orange template with tissue paper, and color the stem green.  This pumpkin craft is great for preschooler and kindergarteners.  


Yarn Pumpkins

Let your kids wrap a cardboard pumpkin with orange yarn.  As they hold onto the pumpkin, and wrap the yarn with the other hand, it is a great way to build fine motor skills. 


Pumpkin Rocks

As I mentioned above, go for a nature walk around your home, and soak up the beauty of Fall.  While looking at the beautiful leaves fall from the trees, let the kids start a collection of rocks.   

Painting rocks to look like pumpkins is a fun craft that even two year olds can do. 


Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

With just a little Fall themed fabric, a couple sticks, and twine, this easy peasy pumpkin craft is a whole lot of fun! These cute fabric pumpkins were made by Lilly on InstruPix.


Pumpkin Pie Play Dough

Add a little pinch of pumpkin spice to any recipe, and Fall gets a whole lot better!  I found a good pumpkin spice playdoh recipe on Little Learning Club’s website, here


Lace and Stuff Pumpkin

This was an easy craft I found at Joanne’s.  You can see this, and more Halloween crafts, here. 




Crafts with Real Pumpkins

It’s the perfect time to take your family on a trip to a pumpkin patch.  The kids will have lots of fun with all of the different pumpkin activities.  Some of our favorites include the hay ride to the pumpkin patch, the pumpkin bowling, and the pumpkin slingshot.  

I suppose the slingshot is the fastest way to see the inside of a pumpkin, if you don’t want to experience the traditional carving experience – which I highly suggest.  

Before you leave, get a collection of little pumpkins, big pumpkins, and all sizes in between.  They will come in handy for fun pumpkin crafts on a crafty morning over the weekend.  




Button Pumpkin

This craft, using real pumpkins, is great for the whole family.  There are a few ways you can do this pumpkin craft with your kids. 

The traditional way is to cover a cardboard pumpkin template with orange buttons

The other way to make a button pumpkin is to let your kids use a hammer toy and toothpicks to hammer buttons onto a real pumpkin.  I first saw this on my friend, Jessica’s blog, The Primary Parade.  

button pumpkin craft 


Pumpkin Paper Crafts

Pumpkin art doesn’t have to be elaborate, cost a lot of money, or be complicated to make.  The kids have fun with the simplest crafts.  Here are some more easy pumpkin crafts for kids everyone will love.  


Pumpkin Cotton Balls

When you go to the craft store, grab a bag of orange cotton balls, or pom-poms, and a bag of googly eyes.  After you cut out your free pumpkin template, let the kids fill in the space with the orange pom-poms and glue! 


Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

This is the easiest pumpkin paper craft – perfect for toddlers.  To make these paper plate crafts, you will need either white or orange paper plates, glue sticks, and black markers or black construction paper. 


Pumpkin Suncatcher

This cute pumpkin craft makes a fun Fall activity for kids and families to do together.  

Cut out the center of an orange paper plate, use markers to color a coffee filter, spray the coffee filter with water, and let dry.  After it dries, attach a green stem, and color a face to look like a jack o lantern craft.  


Construction Paper Pumpkin

This is an easy paper pumpkin craft for preschoolers.  You only need orange paper, and a free pumpkin template to make these easy paper pumpkins.

free pumpkin template After you print off your free pumpkin template, let the kids tear orange construction paper into small pieces.  Then, using either a glue stick or bottle glue, cover the pumpkin with the paper.  When done, let them color the pumpkin stem green.  



These easy pumpkin crafts for kids will make a cute bulletin board display, or turn the playroom into a display of Fall artwork.  

What are your favorite pumpkin crafts? Share your fun ideas in the comments below!



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Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Kids