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185 Fun Questions of the Day Kids Love

I’ve put together everything you need to start a Question of the Day kids love!

Asking new questions is a great way to build confidence, increase classroom participation, promote conversation starters, nurture receptive and expressive language skills, and introduce opinion writing in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.


If you love these questions and want to try them out with your kids, there is a Question of the Day FREEBIE at the end of this blog post.  


Question of the Day Examples

With 185 questions cards and digital slides inside the Question of the Day resource, you’ll have yes or no questions for the entire school year!

Here are some of the popular list of questions with one-word responses:

  1. Have you been to an apple orchard?
  2. Have you ever dipped your apples in peanut butter?
  3. Do you like to swim?
  4. Have you jumped off a diving board?
  5. Is there a TV in your room?
  6. Have you ever climbed a tree?
  7. Would you live in a treehouse?
  8. Have you been to a pumpkin patch?
  9. Have you ever made s’mores?
  10. Do you eat at the dinner table?
  11. Have you ever had a pillow fight?
  12. Would you put a snowball in your pocket?
  13. Have you built a snowman?
  14. Have you seen Santa Claus?
  15. Do you see the color, or color word, red?
  16. Have you made a card for a friend?
  17. Favorite ice cream: chocolate or vanilla
  18. Do you have a piggy bank?
  19. If you found a pot of gold, would you share it?
  20. Would you want to be a giant?
  21. Which is better; macaroni and cheese or pizza?
  22. Would you let Goldilocks in your house?
  23. Would you live in a castle by yourself?
  24. Have you had a pillow fight?
  25. Would you swim in a lake that has fish?
  26. Did you ride the bus to school today?
  27. Would you want to be an elephant?
  28. Do you play video games?
  29. Would you go hiking in the dark?
  30. Would you like Harry Potter?
  31. Who is your favorite from Toy Story: Buzz or Woody?
  32. Favorite dessert: ice-cream or cookies
  33. Do you like pancakes?
  34. Would you want to be a shark?
  35. Do you play games with your best friend?
  36. Have you seen a rainbow?
  37. Would you want a pig for a pet?
  38. Have you wrapped a present all by yourself?
  39. Do you like PE?
  40. Would you play in the rain?
  41. Do you brush your teeth before bed?
  42. Would you sit on a brick wall with Humpty Dumpty?
  43. Have you been on an elevator?
  44. Do your clothes have pockets?
  45. Have you ever touched a worm?
  46. Would you want to be a giraffe?
  47. Do farmers like the rain?
  48. Do you like clowns?
  49. Have you caught a lightning bug?
  50. Would you sleep in a tent by yourself?


How To Start Question of the Day

Getting started with, and finding time for, the Question of the Day isn’t as difficult as you may think! There are a range of ways in which you can integrate Questions of the Day in a fun way.

For example, in the classroom, you could do this during arrival, as an attendance board, during morning meeting, or a cool-down activity after recess.  You could also use it as a time filler throughout the day, or an activity to do during dismissal with the kids. If the kids are having a bad day, ask a funny question. Young children always think it’s the funniest thing if you mention bodily functions, but maybe that’s not appropriate for the school day.

You can have meaningful conversations with simple questions at home, too. Ask the question of the day in the morning, before breakfast, or every night during dinner.  These questions would be great conversation starters for family members to do with kids. The best thing about these interesting questions is that the kids cannot have wrong answers. One-word responses, such as yes or no, is the best way to take the pressure off of young children. To get started with Question of the Day for kids, you will need the digital or printable cards (below), name cards, and yes/no labels (included) for their answer choice.


When you are ready to start Question of the Day in the classroom, find your favorite place to hang where the kids will record their one-word answers.

  • Arrival – The kiddos enter the classroom, hang up their coats and bookbags, turn in their folders, and begin working on morning work.
  • Morning Work – While they are doing morning tubs, or review work, my helper of the day calls a table over answer the question of the day.  He/she reads the question, and each student answers by placing their name card under yes or no.  When done, my helper gets the next table of kiddos.  This process takes about 10-15 minutes total, which is a perfect time filler while we are waiting for the breakfast eaters to straggle in.
  • Morning Meeting – Now that the most time consuming part is already done, morning meeting is where all of the learning takes place.  I review the Question of the Day, either by reading it myself, or calling on a student to read it.  We then quickly do a count and comparison of each answer.  The kiddos can answer “how many”, “which has more/less”, and “how many more do we need to make yes equal to no (vice versa)”.


After doing a count and compare with the answer graph, I call on a few students to explain their answer using a complete sentence.  For example, Abby might say “No, I would not climb a beanstalk, because there might be a giant at the top.”.

I like to call on a student from each answer.  While Abby said yes, Colt said “Yes, I would climb a beanstalk, because there might be a cool castle at the top.”. Having the different points of views expands the kiddos perspectives, and is an opportunity to teach them about respecting others opinions – even when they are different from our own.


Daily Conversation Starters 

It’s true, the yes or no questions inside the Question of the Day digital and printable resource are not open-ended questions. However, these simple, funny questions are actually thoughtful questions that can work as daily conversation starters. They are also good questions for journal writing topics.

How can a close-ended question lead to a fun conversation? Next time you ask a child if they would live in a castle all by themselves, let them first respond with yes or no. Then, lots of questions can be asked based on their response. Start with asking why they said yes or no. It’s a excellent way to build language within a classroom community or the whole family.



Question of the Day Kids love


Printable and Digital Questions of the Day Kids Love

If you are teaching online, tutor through virtual learning, or teach remote learning, you will LOVE the awesome questions on the digital slides as conversation starters. You will not need a special mobile app for this fun activity. The digital version included in the Question of the Day resource will be the ultimate list of great questions for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Question of the Day kids also expands on math and writing lessons. For example, simply by answering the questions, your kiddos create a personalized graph that is all about them.  This, friend, is where the magic happens!

When the kiddos see that you want to know more about them, they are more than happy to share their thoughts and own feelings. Once they share their thoughts, and realized they have a visual representation (the completed graph), they instantly become eager to count and compare.

Now, you are suddenly the rock star teacher leading them through a math lesson that they didn’t see coming.  Better yet, you have now inspired them to read, talk, and write or draw about that same topic!




Check out how Ms. Pennell uses this Question of the Day in her classroom.

She cut her PreK kids’ pictures out, added magnetic tape to the back, and has them move their picture under the yes/no section of the board.  You can see she has her question cards hanging on a command hook off to the side.

Teacher Reviews of Question of the Day

Here are just a few of the hundreds of 5-star reviews I have received for this printable and digital Question of the Day resource.

  • “I love Yes/No questions. Easy for all kids to answer, even the really shy ones! They still feel like they’re participating!” (Beth P.)
  • “Super way to engage students!” (Anne R. – Believe to Achieve)
  • “My students are using the this first thing when they walk in. I like having something simple to get their brains working and they are excited to answer the question of the day. Thanks for sharing.” (Donna E)
  • “Great way to get students sharing each day.” (Lori S.)
  • “Was needing ideas for Question of the Day. Easy to just use one of these & not try to think every morning when I’m rushing around getting ready for the kids to come in.” (Pamela R. S.)
  • “Just what I needed, and pictures are great!” (Connie F.)


Questions of the Day for the School Year

No need to rush around last minute and think of what to ask the kids today.  This Question of the Day resource does the work for you!  Simply turn the card, or scroll to the next slide, each morning.  Now, in the updated version, you will get both DIGITAL and PRINTABLE slides!

Don’t forget to enter the promo code LEARNING to get 10% off your entire order 🙌


Free Question of the Day Sample

Now that you got a look at some of the best yes and no questions to ask kids, you can try them out with your kids.  Download your free questions, HERE, when you join the Little Learning Corner email crew!



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