35 Fun Books About Fall

If you are looking to build your collection of books about Fall, you’ve come to the right place! Throughout my 17 years of teaching, I have quite the collection of Fall books for kids, and would love to share them with you!



Fall Books for Kids

Some of the most common signs of Fall are pumpkin patches, leaves changing colors, field trips to the apple orchard, squirrels gathering nuts for the winter, and scarecrows popping up in everyone’s front lawn decor.

To help you find the Fall books you are looking for, I have put them into categories: books about pumpkins, books about apples, Johnny Appleseed books, Scarecrow books, and books about the Fall season.


Books About Pumpkins

Let’s get the kids outside for a fun field trip to a pumpkin patch!  Just imagine all of the learning and fun they could have.



Before going to your local pumpkin patch, read a book about Fall, or a  pumpkin poem, to get them interested in pumpkins.  Once they touch and see the pumpkins, they will be more interested in learning about the pumpkin life cycle.  Another fun way to teach kids about pumpkins is the interactive writing activity shown in the video below.  Pumpkin Facts for Kids Building Sentences activity is a must have Fall printable for kids. 

Heidi H said: “Thank you for creating this activity! It has been a great activity for this time of year! Sentence structure is a big struggle for some of my guys and this fun activity is just the thing to keep them engaged! Thank you!”



Books About Apples

Pick your finest apples, and be ready for some apple tasting fun!  Here are some of my students favorite books about apples.  After all, your collection of books about Fall wouldn’t be complete without these fun selections…




Speaking of fun apple activities; have you heard about the Ten Little Apples Build a Poem activity?  Watch the short video below as the kids work together to build the poem, 10 Little Apples



Johnny Appleseed Books For Kids

Kids of all ages enjoy learning about Johnny Appleseed.  They are curious about his adventure, and deciphering if he is a fictional character or not.  Here are 5 fun books about Johnny Appleseed for kids. 





Scarecrow Books for Kids

Here are some cute books about scarecrows your kiddos will love.  One of my favorite memories with my Grandma is decorating for the holidays.  She loved having us kids help her build a scarecrow.  Take your kiddos to the local thrift store to find a flannel and overalls, gather some straw, and let the fun Scarecrow craft begin!



Books About Fall

Whether you refer to this season as Autumn or Fall, you will love these books about leaves, squirrels, and the cool, crisp, weather.






Thanks for taking time to look over this collection of books about Fall.  I hope you found the fun stories and non-fiction books you were hoping for.


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