Young children will love talking about their favorite color with these color poems for kids.

Whether it’s National poetry month, or you need a single color poem to teach your young readers, you’ve come to the right place.


Color Poems for Kids

These original color poems are a great way to teach color words using a visual comparison in PreK, kindergarten, and first grade.

Enjoy these new poems, as I chose to write my own color poems for the kids to add to their poetry collection. 

Red Poem

When talking and drawing pictures about red, I often see kids draw apples, small flowers, fire, and red popsicles.

Color experts say this particular color attracts attention and is associated with love.

R-E-D, red.

Red like stop signs.

Red like a strawberry.

Red like an apple.

Red like a cherry!

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Before introducing the red poem, a great read aloud book for children would be Red Sings from Treetops: A Year in Colors, by Joyce Sidman.

In this Caldecot honor book, Joyce combines unexpected word pairs to mix the different sense of smell, sight, sound, and taste.

The sensory details will engage and encourage kids to explore colors on a deeper level.

As a follow up craft, you could paint poppy’s red, do apple stamping, or let the kids draw and paint a bowl of red fruit.

Orange Poem

On the day when we add the orange poem to our poetry notebook, I bring a basketball into the classroom.

Letting the touch the ball, hear the ball bounce, and take turns playing with it activates their senses.

This simple technique, along with the poem, will help them quickly learn the color word orange.

O-R-A-N-G-E, orange.

Orange like a carrot.

Orange like the leaves in the Fall.

Orange like a pumpkin.

Orange like a basketball.

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Yellow Poem

Yellow is my favorite color. It’s a common color of happiness and cheer. However, it’s also a color that can lead to frustration.

I’m not sure how, because the color yellow puts a smile on my face all the time.

From lemons and flowers, to pineapple and Goldilocks golden hair, this is a memorable color.

Y-E-L-L-O-W, yellow.

Yellow like a lemon.

Yellow like the flowers.

Yellow like a pineapple.

I could look at yellow for hours.

Get the printable color poems, HERE or on TPT

Green Poem

When I think of green, I think of grass. Then,  I visually picture a fresh cut lawn.  Did you know one of my all time favorite smells is fresh cut grass?  What’s yours?

G-R-E-E-N, green.

Green like an apple.

Green like a tree.

Green like a turtle,

let him be.

Get the printable color poems, HERE or on TPT

Blue Poem

It’s time to go for a nature walk. Get the kids outside, and let them experience blue in a natural world setting.

The sky, blue jays, pretty blue wild flowers, or a blue car.

There is another activity suggestion, below, to integrate sensory learning when introducing the color blue.

B- L-U-E, blue.

Blue like the sky.

Blue like the ocean.

Blue like a bird,

I will watch him fly!

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Let kids work together in small groups to paint a beautiful sky or ocean scene on a large poster board.

Setting out picture books about colors will give them inspiration, and encourage them to play with different shades of blue.

Purple Poem

P-U-R-P-L-E, purple.

Purple like grapes.

Purple like a crayon.

Purple like an eggplant.

Purple like an onion.

Get the printable poems HERE or on TPT

Brown Poem

B-R-O-W-N, brown.

Brown like a monkey.

Brown like a bear.

Brown like a cow.

Brown like my hair.

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Black Poem

Teachers may associate the color black with frustration, because they’re likely always running out of black ink.

That was meant to be funny, yet here I am needing to refill the ink in my printer. Clearly, I do an excellent job with poetry writing, and not so much with jokes.

B-L-A-C-K, black.

Black like a cat.

Black like a bat.

Black like a snake.

Black like the sky,

When it’s getting late.

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White Poem

When teaching white, I first hand each kids a blank piece of white paper. Then, we talk about what they feel when looking at that specific color.

It’s pretty interesting to hear young children talk about their feelings related to colors. A perfect book about that is My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.

W-H-I-T-E, white.

White like a stone.

White like a cloud.

White like a bone.

White like an owl.

Get the color poems HERE or on TPT

Pink Poem

P-I-N-K, pink.

Pink like the berries.

Pink like the juice

made of cherries.

Pink like a fresh rose.

Pink like the fuzzy

rug under my toes.

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Picture Books about Colors

Help the kids become inspired by colors by exposing them to color books.

Having a beautiful book of colors on display is like a visual feast for the kids’ eyes.

Keep them out year long and inspire the kids to tap into their creative side.  You can see the collection of 30 Best Color Books, here.

Color Songs

These types of poems are great for a young reader. They can keep a collection of their own poems, and refer to a simple color poem any time.

If your kids, however, love music, you may be interested in playing songs about different colors.

A fun song and a printable poem go a long way to the young people trying to learn colors.


I hope you enjoyed set of color word poems.

I know there are many preschool songs and poems to choose from, and I appreciate you taking time to look over mine.

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