We have put together a list of writing numbers worksheets for kindergarten students to help build upon early math skills.

Whether your kids are getting ready for kindergarten, are attending full-day kindergarten, or need support before moving onto the next grade, these kindergarten math worksheets are great for extra practice.


Tips for Helping Kids with Number Writing

Helping young children learn how to write numbers can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are five tips to assist you in this process:

1. Start with the Basics:

Begin by teaching children to write numbers from 1 to 10 before progressing to higher numbers.

Ensure they understand the concept of quantity associated with each number.

Encourage them to count objects and practice writing the corresponding numerals.

2. Provide Visual Aids:

Use visual aids such as number charts, flashcards, or writing worksheets to help children recognize and memorize the shapes of the numbers.

Incorporate colorful and engaging materials to make learning enjoyable.

3. Encourage Proper Form:

Emphasize correct pencil grip and posture to ensure children develop good writing habits from the start.

Demonstrate how to properly form each number, starting from the top and moving in the appropriate direction.

Encourage them to trace over dotted lines before attempting to write independently.

4. Make it Interactive:

Integrate interactive activities and games into the learning process. For example, use sandpaper numbers or sensory tray math mats for tactile learning experiences.

Incorporate technology through educational apps or online resources that offer interactive number writing exercises.


5. Practice, Patience, and Praise:

Encourage regular practice sessions but keep them short and engaging to prevent frustration.

Be patient and offer positive reinforcement and praise for their efforts, even if their writing is not perfect initially.

Celebrate their progress and achievements to boost their confidence and motivation.

Number Words Practice

In kindergarten, the kids are expected to learn now to write number words 0-10.

This is a different skill than number recognition and number formation.

Instead of writing the digit number, kindergarten age children are expected to write “one” when asked to write the number word for 1, and so on.

Some consider these to be a part of the kindergarten sight words.

At the bottom of the post, I will add a link for more ways to practice sight words, and more free kindergarten worksheets.

Here are a few printable kindergarten worksheets to practice writing number words:

  • Making Words: Numbers 0-10 (free worksheets to practice building number words with cut and glue activities, writing skills, and drawing number sets)

  • Write the Room Numbers (Includes two skills: writing number words and counting sets of objects. Great as a math center or activity to do at home)


Writing Missing Numbers

To conquer the skill of finding missing numbers, a kindergarten teacher will first spend a lot of time on rote counting.

Rote counting is an important skill to lays the foundation for a solid number sense.

It’s important to know, rote counting is not the same as giving a quantity of objects, or identifying numbers.  


Instead, this is an early childhood math skill where the kids learn to recite numbers in sequential order from memory.

Once the students know how to rote count and identify numbers, they begin to notice when numbers are missing in a set of sequential numbers.

Number Worksheets for Number Recognition and Ways to Count Objects

Kindergarten and first grade common core standards require the students to count objects and write numbers to 20 fluently.

Counting objects, writing numbers, and identifying numbers are a skill practiced throughout the elementary grades.

Here are some printable activities and worksheets to practice those skills:

Free Worksheets for Tracing Numbers and Number Formation

The following is a collection of free printable worksheets to get plenty of number writing practice.

You can download the pdf file for each of the following number writing worksheets.

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