It’s that time of year when we rush to find cute end of the year songs and graduation poems. 

No need to stress.  Here, you will find an end of year poem from the teacher to the student, prek, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade poems. 


At the end of the post, you will also find a small collection of gift ideas for students at the end of the year.  

End of Year Poem from Teacher

Send your students off with this free poem from the teacher at the end of the year!

poem to kids from teacher

Preschool Graduation Poems and Songs

The end of year program for preschool is a deeply memorable occasion, treasured by both children and their families.

As the academic year culminates, preschoolers eagerly showcase their growth and newfound skills through charming songs, delightful dances, and heartwarming performances.

Their faces light up with excitement and pride as they take to the stage, demonstrating their confidence and development.

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 For parents and teachers alike, witnessing these young learners’ journey from hesitant beginners to confident performers is truly heartening.

The preschool end-of-year celebration not only marks the conclusion of a significant chapter but also serves as a joyous testament to the achievements, camaraderie, and limitless potential of each child.

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Kindergarten Graduation Poems

When you think of the perfect kindergarten end of the year songs for school, you’re probably thinking about showing off learning their ABC’s. 

After all, learning the alphabet in kindergarten is a big deal.  It’s the foundation of learning how to read. 

 This ABC kindergarten graduation song is perfect for your end of the year celebration in kindergarten.

abc kindergarten graduation song
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This cute and short poem for kindergarten graduation is great as an alphabet rap. 

The kids will shout out their letters in a short sequence, followed by a short sentence. 

The Kindergarten graduation rap is also great for highlighting the kids’ rhyming skills.

kindergarten graduation alphabet rap
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I’ve save my favorite for last on the list of end of year poems for kindergarten. 

“We Will Rock You” is such a fun song for a kindergarten graduation program.

kindergarten graduation song
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First Grade Graduation Songs

First grade teachers, I haven’t forgotten about you.  If you are doing an end of the year celebration in first grade, your kids will love this. 

“We Will Rock You” first grade graduation is great for a virtual celebration or parent program at the school.  All kids should celebrate their accomplishments – regardless of age.

first grade graduation poem
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Get this poem HERE 

7 End of the Year Gift Ideas to Students

Print out the end of year poem from teachers, and give them a small, inexpensive, gift to end the year and kick off the summer break!

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