End of year school activities are so much fun!  It’s a way to celebrate all the kids have learned, and get them ready for Summer.

Once again, I’ve teamed up with some amazing teacher authors to bring you a collection of 69 free summer resources you can use to celebrate the end of the year with the kids.

These printable and digital activities would also be great for Summer learning activities to send home to avoid the Summer Slide. 


The Summer slide is when kids show a decline in literacy and math skills from not being in school during the Summer months.

Use the activities below (link is at the end of the blog post) for the last two weeks of school, or to do with your kids at home.

End of the Year School Activities

  • Last Day of School Crowns (Perfectly Purple Classroom)
  • End of the Year ABC Countdown (Sweet n Sour Firsties)
  • Ocean Playdoh Mats (The Alternative Way to Pre-K)
  • Preschool Summer Activities (The Primary Parade)
  • Summer Preschool Binder Activities (Perfectly Preschool)
  • Popsicle Emotion Cards (Pencils in Prek)
  • Color Sharks Adapted Book (Teaching Future Leaders)
  • Bugs Color by Code Math and Literacy (The Homeschool Style)
  • Summer Color by Code Math and Literacy (The Homeschool Style)
  • Going on a Bug Hunt (Mrs. Perez Teaching Tools)
  • Kindergarten Summer Review Activities (The Suburban Teacher)
  • End of the Year Kite Craft (Sunshine and Rainbows in Teaching)
  • Summer Find and Color (Learning Lots with Love)

End of Year Teacher Resources

  • Seasonal Self Care Lists for Teachers
  • End of the Year Digital Review for Families (Perfectly Purple Classroom)
  • No Biting Social Story (Spectaco Kids)
  • My Summer Feelings (Music City Counselor)
  • Sun Emoji Clipart Set (The Itsy Bitsy Classroom)
  • Rainbow Alphabet Moveable Clipart Set (The Itsy Bitsy Classroom)

End of Year Literacy Activities

  • Ice Cream Word and Name Building (Perfectly Purple Classroom)
  • Editable Name Practice (The Kinder Life)
  • CVCE Digital and Printable Word Work (Espresso Little Minds)
  • Personal Word Wall (Coloring in Cardigans)
  • Summer Letter Sound Find and Cover (KC Kindergarten)
  • Pineapple Letter Hunt (Glitter and Glue and PreK Too)
  • Summer Zoom In Game and Writing Activities (Elev8 Tiny Humans)
  • Summer Consonant Blend Matching Game (Sweet for Kindergarten)
  • Alphabet Animals Dot Review (Mrs. Preschool)
  • Summertime Alphabet Matching Cards (Little Mrs. M)
  • Ice Cream Truck Alphabet Race and Trace (AC from AZ)
  • Summer Built the CVC Words (Create It Simple)
  • Pirate Stretch the Sound Digital Phonics Activity (Kinder Shenanigans)
  • Beach Walk Write the Room (Play Create Learn)
  • Letter Matching Boom Cards (Create It Simple)
  • Summer Letter Recognition Bingo (Miss Karley’s Classroom)
  • Lemonade Letters Literacy Matching Game (Playroom PreK)
  • Summer Positional Words Book (KC Kindergarten)
  • Construction CVC Word Digital Activity (Kinder Shenanigans)
  • Summer Sentence Building (Pencils in PreK)
  • Summer Decoder Writing Prompts (The Curious Hippo)
  • Lemonade Syllable Sort (Poltak Preschool)


Summer Math Activities

  • Let’s Make 10 with Friends Boom Cards (Engaged Little Learning)
  • Weather Addition and Subtraction Logic Puzzles (Heaps of Firsts)
  • Summer AABBAA Patterns (Easy as ABCD)
  • Summer Shapes Sensory Bun (Live Laugh Love Kindergarten)
  • Palm Tree Digital Ten Frames (Latte Fun in PreK)
  • Summer Number Talks (Kre8tive Klassroom)
  • Fishbowl Counting Cards #1-10 (Teacher of Superheroes)
  • Ocean Animals Task Cards #1-10 (Teacher of Superheroes)
  • Summer Shapes Boom Cards (Engaging Early Learners)
  • Ocean Animals Mystery Numbers (Playroom PreK)
  • Summer Addition for Seesaw (Kathleen G’s Kindergarten)
  • Summer Subtraction for Google Slides (A Sunny Day in First Grade)
  • Number Sense #0-20 Popsicle Puzzles (Fairy Poppins)
  • 2D Shapes Playdoh Mats (Fairy Poppins)
  • Summer Fun Measuring Length Math (Exceptional Playground)
  • Summer Lemonade Ten Frames #0-20 (Running Turtle Resources)
  • Sunny Shapes Roll and Graph (Up and Away in PreK)
  • Sorting Shapes File Folder Game (Simply Visual)
  • Picnic Counting Task Cards #0-20 (Mrs. Jackson’s Little Learners)
  • Solve and Drag Donut Addition (Create it Simple)
  • Pizza Counting Boom Cards #0-10 (Perfectly Purple Classroom)
  • Beach Ten Frame Counting Mats (The Homestead Teacher)
  • Sunflower Ten Frames (Learning by the Pound)
  • Count and Color Popsicles (Positively Bright)
  • Popsicle Size Sorting (Teaching PreK)
  • Summer Cuties Graphing (Little Journey Early Childhood Resources)
  • Summer Count and Clip Cards #1-20 (Mrs. Preschool)
  • First Grade Daily Math Talk (Little Learning Corner)

How To Get the Free Resources

You can get your free end of year school activities, HERE.   

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End of Year School Activities