If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas from kids, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are a teacher, caregiver, or parent, you will love these easy and affordable Mother’s Day gifts from kids.

Easy Mothers Day Crafts from Kids

🌸 HANDPRINT FLOWER BOUQUET: Create a beautiful bouquet by tracing and cutting out handprints on colorful paper, then arranging them as flowers in a vase.

🌸 “HANDPRINT POEM” CARD: Print a sweet poem alongside a child’s handprint on a card to make a heartfelt keepsake for Mom.

Get this free printable poem HERE

🌸 TISSUE PAPER FLOWER CARDS: Craft vibrant flower cards using tissue paper petals and green construction paper stems.

🌸 PAPER PLATE FLOWER WREATH: Cut out the center of a paper plate and let kids paint and decorate the outer ring with colorful flowers.

🌸 “LOVE YOU TO PIECES” PRINTABLE: Let the kids tear construction paper into little pieces to form a heart and say “I Love You to Pieces!”

Get the I Love You to Pieces printable HERE.

🌸 FINGERPRINT HEART MAGNETS: Press kids’ fingerprints onto heart-shaped magnets and add a loving message for Mom.

🌸 BUTTON BOUQUET: Glue colorful buttons onto green pipe cleaners to create a vibrant bouquet that lasts forever.

🌸 “COUPON BOOK” FOR MOM: Help kids create a booklet of coupons offering hugs, chores, or special activities for Mom to redeem.

🌸 HANDPRINT BUTTERFLY CARD: Trace a child’s handprint onto colored paper and decorate it as a butterfly, then write a message inside.

🌸 PAPER PLATE HANDPRINT FLOWER: Paint a child’s handprint onto a paper plate and add construction paper petals to create a cheerful flower.

🌸 “YOU’RE MY SUNSHINE” SUN CARD: Cut out a yellow paper sun and add a smiling face with a message like “You’re My Sunshine, Mom!”

🌸 SALT DOUGH HANDPRINT KEEPSAKE: Make salt dough, press a child’s handprint into it, bake, and paint for a lasting keepsake.

🌸 POM-POM BOUQUET: Glue colorful pom-poms onto green pipe cleaners to create a vibrant and fluffy bouquet.

🌸 “I LOVE YOU BECAUSE…” BOOKLET: Help kids create a booklet listing reasons why they love Mom, accompanied by drawings or photos.

🌸 “MOM” PICTURE FRAME: Decorate a picture frame with beads, sequins, and glitter to spell out “Mom,” then insert a cherished photo.


🌸 HEART-SHAPED SUNCATCHERS: Cut out heart shapes from colored tissue paper and laminate them to create beautiful suncatchers for Mom.

🌸 “YOU’RE A SUPER MOM” CAPE: Decorate a plain cape with fabric paint or markers and add a “Super Mom” logo for Mom to wear proudly.

🌸 BUTTON HEART ART: Glue assorted buttons onto a heart-shaped piece of cardboard to create a lovely piece of art for Mom’s wall.

🌸 “BEST MOM” AWARD: Create a certificate or medal declaring Mom as the “Best Mom Ever,” complete with glitter and ribbon.

🌸 FELT FLOWER BOOKMARK: Cut out flower shapes from felt and attach them to a ribbon or strip of cardstock to make a colorful bookmark for Mom’s favorite book.

🌸 PAPER PLATE MOM PORTRAIT: Have kids draw or paint a portrait of Mom on a paper plate and write “Best Mom Ever” around the edges.

🌸 POM-POM MOTHER’S DAY CARD: Decorate a card with fluffy pom-poms and add a heartfelt message inside to show Mom how much she’s loved.

🌸 HANDPRINT FLOWER POT: Paint a child’s handprint onto a clay flower pot and plant Mom’s favorite flowers inside.

This Mother’s Day poem is the perfect addition to your flower pot craft.

Mothers Day poem for kids

Top Amazon Mothers Day Gift Ideas From Kids

If you don’t have time to for homemade Mother’s Day gifts from kids, here are some of the Top Amazon selections any mom would love.

Flower Planting Kit

Jewelry Making Kit – This would be a great project to either give your kids and let them create their own special gift, or as a project to do together.

Pottery Kit – Let your kids use this pottery kit for beginners to make a special keepsake Mother’s Day gift.   I suggest some adult supervision.

Indoor Herb Garden

Coffee and Espresso Machine

Tickled Pink Gift Basket

Bird Feeder – This bird feeder was rated Top Year-Round Bird Feeder on amazon.  My husband recently put a bird feeder outside my office window, and I LOVE IT! He added the songbird seed mix so I could see the yellow finches.

Family Birthday Hanger

You Are My Sunshine Music Box

Mom of 2 Infinity Necklace

Step Mom KeyChain

Personalized Ring Dish

Leather Wrap Bangle Bracelet

6 Boho Stacking Bracelets

Woven Tapestry Wall Hanging


Bath Spa Kit

DIY Candle Making Kit

Spring Flowers

Woven Hanging Baskets

Backpack Purse

Key Ring Bracelet

Cushionaire Sandals

Bathing Suit Cover Up

Beach Hat

Hatch Sound Machine Alarm Clock

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