15 Fun Shape Worksheets, Books, and Activities Kids Love

This month’s blog hop has free shape worksheets and activities your kids will love!  I have joined other awesome teacher-authors to put together a collection from playdoh mats and clip cards to interactive poems about shapes to help you teach 2D and 3D shapes.  In this post, you will also find additional shape resources to use with the kids.  A complete list if the free shapes activities are listed at the end.


Shape Poem

You wouldn’t be on Little Learning Corner if you didn’t find poems for kids.  So, naturally, I’m starting this blog post off with a shape poem called 3D Shapes.


This isn’t just any poem about shapes, this is a Build a Poem.  If you haven’t heard about Build a Poems, yet, click on the video below to see a quick demonstration.

Free Shape Poem

Assuming you watched the video, and you’ve seen how fun and interactive Build a Poems are, let’s take a look at the free shape poem and pocket chart activity I have created for you.

In preschool,  learn how to identify and describe shapes and their attributes, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.  Thankfully, this 3D Shapes Build a Poem is a perfect activity to tie in both math and language arts standards.


When you sign up for the Little Learning Corner newsletter, you will get a free download with your 3D Shapes Build a Poem.  You can also purchase this resource from my TPT store, HERE.

All of my Build a Poems come with a colorful printable poem, along with word cards.  The words are printed in large text to support early readers, and the cards all have corresponding clipart.  This is a great feature to help you stay organized.  Let’s be real.  Sometimes kids will place items where they don’t belong, and we don’t discover them until months later. With the corresponding clipart on each word card, you’ll know exactly which set the word card belongs with.

I love storing my Build a Poem cards in the colorful storage containers, and the printable poems go into a file folder with the other poems.



Whether at home or in the classroom, use a pocket chart or clear off an area on your rug, and let the kids have fun building their 3D shapes poem.  They can build the poem independently, with a partner, or in a small group.  You can also do a cloze reading activity.  Simply have the kids fill in the missing shape based on the description in each sentence.  This is a great way to extend the learning beyond shape worksheets.

Get your FREE Shape Poem HERE.



Shape Worksheets and Vocabulary Cards

To keep a variety of activities at your fingertips, here are some interactive shape worksheets for your collection.  You may be asking how worksheets can be in interactive.  With these Making Words: Shapes worksheets, your kiddos will cut and paste, write, and draw all about shapes.


Use the illustrated shape vocabulary cards, and the printable shape worksheets, as a center or an activity to do at home with the kids.  Plus, you can easily differentiate with this activity.  For example, if a kiddo is just learning to write, and needs to work on letter formation, simply have them copy the shape word after they build it using the letter tiles.  For a challenge, simply ask the kids to write a sentence using the shape word.

Enter code LEARNING to get 10% off when you purchase this set from my Little Learning Corner store above.



I Have Who Has Shapes

This I Have, Who Has Shapes (Superheroes) is a fun, looping, kindergarten math game to practice 2D and 3D shapes. Play as a whole group or assign to small groups in math stations.


The I Have, Who Has shapes game includes 3 sets! 2D shapes, 3D shapes, and mixed.

Students quickly learn the pattern of this game, and get excited to call out their card. “I have _____, Who has____?” – Saying what shape they have at the top of the card, then asking who has the shape at the bottom of the card, next to the colorful superhero.

The best part…the kids can’t argue who goes first, and you don’t have to make that decision! A starting card, and ending card are included.


Get your I Have, Who Has shapes game, HERE.


Write the Room Shapes Activity

Excellent for your active, visual, and kinesthetic learners. PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade kids will love to read and write the room, recording the shapes on their record sheet.

Differentiated, leveled, record sheets are included!  Just post the shape cards around the room, distribute the record sheet that best meets their level, and they do the rest.

Included in the Write the Room shapes activity are:

  • Student Record Sheet (Level 1) Students color the shape on the record sheet to match the color on the shape card.
  • Read the Room Center Sign (Level 2) with student directions
  • Student Record Sheet (Level 2) Students writes/copies the shape word as posted on the shape cards.
  • 10 Colored Shape Cards Shapes and shape names

write-the-room-shapes-coverEnter code LEARNING to get 10% off Write the Room, HERE.

Shape Books

  1. All Shapes Matter
  2. Mouse Shapes
  3. Tangled: A Story About Shapes
  4. Round is a Tortilla
  5. Shape by Shape
  6. Shapes, Shapes, Shapes
  7. Snippets: A Story about paper shapes
  8. The Shape of Things
  9. Brown Rabbit’s Shapes


More Free Shape Worksheets and Activities

As a thank you for stopping by, and reading this far, here are more shape worksheets for your to enjoy!



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