The Best Counting to 20 Songs, Books, and Worksheets

Get your kiddos counting to 20 with these fun songs, worksheets, tracing pages, books, and printable activities.


Counting to 20 Song

Every day, during our kindergarten morning meeting, we would sing a song about counting and numbers.

Depending on the kids’ energy, I would change it up from time to time.  Some days, I would play a rote counting song.  Whereas other days, to get the kids going, I would play a counting to 20 song with movement.

Using music as a tool to teach is like magic!  Teaching with music creates a learning environment that inspires and motivates the kids.  In fact, music is a key component to brain based learning.

While studying to get my Doctorate in Education, I focused my time researching brain based learning.  One of the brain-based learning guru’s is Eric Jenson.  As stated on the Jenson Learning website, “Music is a powerful classroom tool that enhances cognition, improves memory, energizes sluggish learners, and makes lessons fun for students of all ages.”


Counting to 20 Worksheets

Depending on who you ask, using worksheets to teach numbers may or may not be a good tool.  Personally, from my 17 years teaching experience, I believe worksheets are a great supplemental tool to use when teaching any subject.  I believe there needs to be a balance.  Teach and allow kids to learn through exploration.  Then, use worksheets to reinforce and assess the student’s progress.

Here are some of the printable Counting to 20 Worksheets and activities you can find in the Little Learning Corner store and on amazon.



Numbers 1 to 20 Tracing

Number writing can be a bit difficult for the younger kiddos.  The teen numbers, especially, take extra practice before mastery.  To help you have what you need to teach writing numbers to 20, I have gathered a collection of free resources from other amazing teacher authors.  As you teaching counting to 20, use these printable tracing sheets to build their number recognition and number writing skills.

Free numbers 1 to 20 tracing worksheets



Counting Books for Kids

Stock your kids’ library with these fun counting books from amazon.



Tens Frame Printable

As you’ve seen above, there are so many ways to practice counting to 20.  The next numbers to 20 activity is a tens frame printable that your kiddos can keep and refer back to as often as needed.

This Tens Frame Book focuses on teen numbers – numbers 10-20.

Each page has a numeral, a visual representation of objects (stars), two sets of tens frames, a place to write the number using place value, and an area for you to check off their work.  You can check whether they can deconstruct numbers and write the numbers correctly.

Your kiddos can practice building numbers 10-20 in the tens frames with:


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