Free Fruit Worksheets, Poems, and Activities

Keep your kids informed and inspired to eat healthy with these fruit worksheets and activities.

I have teamed up with some of my favorite teacher bloggers to bring you a collection of free fruit and vegetables printable activities.

When asked to participate, I couldn’t help but get excited over the opportunity to write a new poem.  Writing and finding poems for kids is so much fun for me, because I know kids become truly engaged in language and reading with fun rhymes.

Free Fruit Poem

When thinking about what kind of poem about fruit I should create for you, I chose to not go the silly non-sense route.  Instead, I wanted to help you integrate your lessons about fruit with early reading skills.  For example, with this fruit poem, The Colors of Fruit, you can easily integrate sight words and color words.

When done reading the poem about fruit, you can do a “favorite fruit” graph with the kids.  They can vote on their favorite two from the ones listed on the poem.  Then, make a picture graph, or bar graph, so the kids can count and compare the different types of fruits.  To make your fruits and vegetables lesson even more fun, you can do a taste testing activity with kids.

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Fruit Worksheets

Looking for more free fruit worksheets and activities? No problem.  I’ve teamed with several teacher content creators to bring you lots of freebies.

Use the links below to check out hands-on fruit activities and printable fruit worksheets.  For example, you will find pom-pom mats to practice counting, sentence scramblers to build concept of print, and sight word games.  You’ll also find activities to practice syllables, fruit number flashcards, and a digital resource to use with remote learning.  So many goodies.



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Colors of Fruit Poem // Little Learning Corner

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Pineapple Sight Word Game // The Primary Post

Comparing Digital Resource // Recipe for Teaching

Syllable Activities // Fairy Poppins


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